2022 Creator & Influencer Awards Results

Congratulations to all Winners and Finalists!

You can find a full list of category Winners and Finalists below.

Congratulations once again from the Business Awards UK team!

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CategoryCompany / NameWinner / Finalist
Rising Star AwardCurtis PadleyFINALIST
Best Storytelling AwardCurtis PadleyFINALIST
Best Creator AwardCurtis PadleyFINALIST
Best Creator AwardHarrison Taylor-OldhamWINNER
Big Impact Awardinfosec.liveWINNER
Solo Creator Awardinfosec.liveFINALIST
Best Use of Affiliate MarketingMarketoGuysWINNER
Best Group Award MarketoGuysFINALIST
Best Small Budget ProjectMarketoGuysFINALIST
Most Creative ContentMarketoGuysFINALIST
Big Impact AwardMarketoGuysFINALIST
Educational Creator AwardMarketoGuysFINALIST
Best Production AwardMarketoGuysFINALIST
Best Use of Short Form VideoMarketoGuysFINALIST
Outstanding Collaboration AwardMarketoGuysFINALIST
Solo Creator AwardMarketoGuysFINALIST
Best Storytelling AwardMatt TizzardWINNER
Best Use of Short Form VideoMatt TizzardWINNER
Best Small Budget ProjectMotion Videos UKWINNER
Most Creative ContentMotion Videos UKWINNER
Solo Creator AwardMotion Videos UKWINNER
Best Production AwardMotion Videos UKWINNER
Best Storytelling AwardMotion Videos UKFINALIST
Big Impact AwardMotion Videos UKFINALIST
Newcomer AwardMotion Videos UKFINALIST
Best Use of Short Form VideoMotion Videos UKFINALIST
Best Creator AwardMotion Videos UKFINALIST
Outstanding Collaboration AwardPepper StudioWINNER
Rising Star AwardPepper StudioWINNER
Best Group Award Pepper StudioWINNER
Rising Star AwardPoshNoshNoDosh.comFINALIST
Best Social Commentary ContentTechNotice – LauriWINNER
Outstanding Collaboration AwardValley2ViewFINALIST
Educational Creator AwardWh1zzrr_WINNER
Newcomer AwardWh1zzrr_WINNER
Newcomer AwardWhat MovieFINALIST