2023 Business Consultancy Awards Results

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Congratulations to all Winners and Finalists!

You can find a full list of category Winners and Finalists below.

Congratulations once again from the Business Awards UK team!

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CategoryCompanyIndividualWinner / FinalistWebsite
Biggest Digital TransformationAkeno LtdWINNERhttps://www.akeno.co.uk/
Most Innovative Business SolutionsAkeno LtdFINALISThttps://www.akeno.co.uk/
Best Newcomer Business ConsultancyAztec AlliancesWINNERhttps://aztecalliances.com/
Best Business Consultancy For MarketingAztec AlliancesFINALISThttps://aztecalliances.com/
Best Newcomer Business ConsultancyAztec AlliancesFINALISThttps://aztecalliances.com/
Best Business Consultancy For MarketingBillionaires in BoxersWINNERhttps://billionairesinboxers.com/
Rising Star Award – IndividualBillionaires in BoxersPhil PeluchaWINNERhttps://billionairesinboxers.com/
Industry Leader In International Business ConsultancyBillionaires in BoxersFINALISThttps://billionairesinboxers.com/
Biggest Commercial ImpactBoard AssistWINNERhttps://board-assist.co.uk
Industry Leader In UK Business ConsultancyBoard AssistFINALISThttps://board-assist.co.uk
Fastest Financial GrowthBrighter Consultancy LimitedWINNERhttps://brighterconsultancy.co.uk
Industry Leader In International Business ConsultancyBrighter Consultancy LimitedWINNERhttps://brighterconsultancy.co.uk
Best For Customer FocusBrighter Consultancy LimitedFINALISThttps://brighterconsultancy.co.uk
Fastest Growing TeamBrighter Consultancy LimitedFINALISThttps://brighterconsultancy.co.uk
Best Internal Leadership DevelopmentBritliftWINNERhttps://britlift.com
Social Value And Sustainability AwardCarsis ConsultingWINNERhttps://www.carsis.consulting
Lone Wolf Business ConsultancyCarsis ConsultingWINNERhttps://www.carsis.consulting
Chartered Business Consultant Of The YearCopacetic Business Solutions LtdWINNERhttps://www.copaceticbusinesssolutions.co.uk/
Biggest Digital TransformationExos Systems LimitedFINALISThttps://exos-systems.com
Most Intelligent SoftwareFoodbWINNERhttps://Foodb.co.uk
Best Use of TechnologyFoodbFINALISThttps://Foodb.co.uk
Best Financial Business ConsultancyFoodbFINALISThttps://Foodb.co.uk
Best Use of TechnologyKSB TechnologiesWINNERhttps://ksbtechnologies.co.uk
Industry Leader In UK Business ConsultancyKSB TechnologiesFINALISThttps://ksbtechnologies.co.uk
Best Financial Business ConsultancyLiqueoWINNERhttps://liqueo.com
Fastest Growing TeamLiqueoWINNERhttps://liqueo.com
Fastest Financial GrowthLiqueoFINALISThttps://liqueo.com
Most Innovative Business SolutionsNetrevWINNERhttps://www.netrev.com
Lone Wolf Business ConsultancyThe People Park LtdFINALISThttps://thepeoplepark.com
Biggest Commercial ImpactThe Small Business HandbookFINALISThttps://thesmallbusinesshandbook.net
Social Value And Sustainability AwardThe Small Business HandbookFINALISThttps://thesmallbusinesshandbook.net
Best For Customer FocusTribalHRWINNERhttps://tribalhr.co.uk
Chartered Business Consultant Of The YearTribalHRFINALISThttps://tribalhr.co.uk
Rising Star AwardWhitecap ConsultingWINNERhttps://whitecapconsulting.co.uk
Industry Leader In UK Business ConsultancyYour Tender Team LtdWINNERhttps://yourtenderteam.co.uk

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