2023 Cybersecurity and Resilience Awards

2023 Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards – Saluting the Leaders of UK’s Digital Defence

We are thrilled to share the line-up of winners and finalists of the 2023 Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards. We take immense pride in acknowledging the strides of these companies and organisations, tirelessly working to enhance the cybersecurity landscape. These awards are a testament to our appreciation for the audacious efforts, innovative approaches, and the relentless perseverance shown by these entities who are revolutionising the cybersecurity industry. Join us in celebrating those who are not just shaping their own futures, but are building new paths for others to follow.

Meet the Winners of the 2023 Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards

An incredible achievement for the ever-dedicated Censornet, earning the Best Client Support – Cybersecurity award. Their commitment to their clients and the quality of their service in the cybersecurity industry is unparalleled.

Next up, West Kent Housing Association took the Best Cyber Resilience Strategy award and also took an award for being the Best Cybersecurity Training provider. Their effective strategies and resilience in the face of cyber threats have left an indelible impression in their field.

Lucidica Best Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign award

The impressive work of Lucidica Limited garnered the Best Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign award. Their innovative work in promoting cybersecurity awareness is a beacon of inspiration for the industry.

Censornet also secured the Best Cybersecurity Company award. Their commitment to providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions has earned them well-deserved recognition.

The accolade for the Best Cybersecurity Innovation was bestowed on Loxada Limited for their outstanding achievements. A remarkable future awaits this rising star in the cybersecurity industry.

DigitalXRAID Best Post-Attack & Remedial Service and Best Public Sector Cybersecurity Solution awards

Next, we have DigitalXRAID, sweeping the Best Post-Attack & Remedial Service and Best Public Sector Cybersecurity Solution awards. Their compelling strategies and effective solutions have shaped a new narrative in cybersecurity work.

Meet the Finalists of the 2023 Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards

Our 2023 Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards did not stop at recognising just the winners. It was equally thrilling to celebrate the finalists; the professionals who gave the winners a run for their money with their sheer brilliance and undeterred efforts.

Nominated for the Best Cyber Resilience Strategy, we have the ingenious Digital Insights Consultancy Ltd. Their dynamic skill set saw them shortlisted for this award, amplifying their proficiency in cybersecurity.

The exceptional Bridewell, was also a finalist for the Best Cybersecurity Company and Best Cybersecurity Innovation awards. Their substantial contribution to the cybersecurity arena is truly commendable, reflected in these prestigious nominations.

Our triple award-winner, the remarkable DigitalXRAID, was also on the shortlist for the Best Cybersecurity Company and Best International Cybersecurity Service awards. Their relentless dedication towards providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions earned them this well-deserved recognition.

Finally, we have Censornet, a beacon for innovation in the cybersecurity industry. While Censornet took home two awards, they were also a deserving finalist for the Best Cybersecurity Innovation award.

These finalists, like our winners, serve as shining examples of the tenacity, creativity, and entrepreneurial prowess that thrive in the cybersecurity industry. Each of their stories is an inspiration, reflecting the enormous potential and diversity that these companies and organisations bring to the table.

We are immensely proud to share the achievements of these outstanding professionals. Each of them has rewritten the rulebook, exemplifying how companies and organisations can redefine industries and the future of work. We look forward to seeing their growth and success in the coming years. Here’s to celebrating these stories of talent, tenacity, and triumph – the cornerstones of cybersecurity success.

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