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2023 Driving Tuition Awards

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Driving Tuition Awards

The 2023 Driving Tuition Awards have now closed, please visit the new Driving Tuition Awards page for further entry opportunities.

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Driving Tuition Awards Categories

Award/categoryDescription / Criteria
Driving Instructor of the YearRecognises the driving instructor who has demonstrated exceptional teaching skills, professionalism, and a commitment to producing safe and confident drivers.
Best New Driving InstructorCelebrates the outstanding performance of a newly qualified driving instructor who has made a significant impact in a short period, showcasing exceptional teaching methods and student results.
Driving School of the YearAcknowledges a driving school that consistently delivers high-quality tuition, exceptional customer service, and excellent pass rates, setting a benchmark for excellence in driving education.
Newcomer Driving School of the YearRecognises a recently established driving school that has quickly gained a reputation for delivering exceptional instruction, innovative approaches, and excellent student satisfaction.
Best Driving Theory Test Preparation ProviderCommends the organisation that offers the most effective and comprehensive resources to help learners prepare for their driving theory tests, ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge.
Special Needs Driving Instructor of the YearHonours the instructor who has shown exceptional dedication and expertise in providing driving tuition to individuals with special needs, ensuring inclusivity and independence.
Intensive Driving Course Provider of the YearRecognises the driving school or instructor who excels in delivering intensive driving courses, enabling learners to achieve their driving goals efficiently and effectively.
Advanced Driving Instructor of the YearAcknowledges the driving instructor who specialises in advanced driving techniques, equipping learners with the skills needed to become confident and responsible drivers.
Most Trusted Driving InstructorCommends the driving instructor who has earned the trust and confidence of learners through their exceptional teaching skills, professionalism, and commitment to learner success.
Best Road Safety InitiativeHonours the individual, organisation, or campaign that has implemented an outstanding road safety initiative, raising awareness, promoting safe driving practices, and reducing accidents.
Lifetime Achievement Award in Driving TuitionPays tribute to the driving instructor who has dedicated their career to excellence in teaching, demonstrating exceptional expertise, mentorship, and a lasting impact on the industry.
Diversity and Inclusion ChampionAcknowledges the driving instructor or school that actively promotes diversity and inclusion within the driving tuition sector, ensuring equal access and opportunities for all learners.
Excellence in Online Driving SimulationsCommends the organisation that offers the most immersive and effective online driving simulations, providing learners with a realistic and safe virtual environment for practice.
Most Innovative Use of Technology in Driving TuitionRecognising a driving school or instructor that excels in integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance learning outcomes, including the use of simulators, apps, online platforms, or virtual reality to improve driver education and safety.
Under 25 Young Driving Instructor of the YearCelebrates the exceptional achievements of a young driving instructor under the age of 25, who has demonstrated outstanding teaching skills, professionalism, and a commitment to road safety.
Family Run Driving School of the YearHonouring the family-run driving school that stands out for its exceptional instruction, customer service, and community involvement, demonstrating a commitment to producing safe and confident drivers.
Innovation in Driving TuitionHighlights the individual, organisation, or initiative that has introduced innovative approaches, technologies, or methodologies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of driving tuition.
Eco-Friendly Driving Instructor of the YearRecognises the driving instructor who promotes eco-friendly driving techniques, emphasising fuel efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, and environmentally conscious practices.
Driving Tuition Rising Star AwardAwarded to an individual instructor or driving school showing remarkable innovation, instructional quality, and impact in the field of driving tuition, marked by rapid growth or significant achievements.
Best Client SatisfactionAcknowledging a dental practice that achieves the highest levels of patient satisfaction through superior care, communication, and service.

Entry Form

Driving Tuition Awards

Entries Closed: Deadline Reached

If you need any assistance completing this form, please contact us:

Award winning entries typically provide over 500 words providing meaningful and relevant details related to the categories they have entered. Telling us why you are entering these particular categories tends to help. Be specific: for example, if the category is Fastest Growing Company, provide details of how your company has grown and include basic revenue figures (eg. YoY £/%) so we can get a feel for the business growth you’re experiencing. Where possible and relevant to do so, including links to reviews/testimonials and digital assets to support your entry will also help.

Example Entry in Travel Awards:

Best Travel Company – Adventure Holidays

Excursionists UK is a travel company that specialises in adventure holidays designed to challenge and inspire our customers. Our range of adventure activities, including mountaineering, trekking, skiing, and scuba diving, are carefully curated to offer unique and unforgettable experiences.

At Excursionists UK, we believe that adventure holidays should be about more than just adrenaline-fueled activities. Our approach to adventure travel is to provide immersive and authentic experiences that connect our customers with local communities, cultures, and environments.

One of our standout adventure holiday packages is our Everest Base Camp Trek. This 14-day trek takes you through the stunning Khumbu region of Nepal, with expert guides and porters on hand to help you navigate the challenging terrain. Along the way, you will experience traditional Sherpa culture, visit ancient monasteries, and enjoy panoramic views of the world’s highest mountain.

Another popular adventure holiday package is our Arctic Expedition Cruise. This 8-day cruise takes you on a journey through the icy waters of the Arctic, with opportunities to see polar bears, walruses, and other Arctic wildlife up close. You will also have the chance to visit remote Inuit communities and learn about their way of life.

At Excursionists UK, we are committed to providing high-quality adventure holidays that are safe, sustainable, and responsible. We work closely with local communities and conservation organisations to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the environment and the people who live there.

Our commitment to providing high-quality adventure holidays has been recognised with previous accolades including the Best Adventure Travel Company award at the 2020 British Travel Awards and the Best Small Tour Operator award at the 2021 Adventure Tourism Awards.

Rising Star Award:

Samantha Jones, Sales Manager at Excursionists UK

Samantha Jones is a dynamic and innovative sales manager who has helped to establish Excursionists UK as a rising star in the travel retail industry. Her commitment to personalised travel planning and sustainable travel has set her apart and made her a strong candidate for the Travel Retailer Rising Star Award.

Samantha’s innovative approach to travel retail, including her personalised travel planning service, has helped to increase revenue for Excursionists UK. By offering tailored travel solutions that meet the specific needs and interests of our customers, Samantha has been able to drive repeat business and attract new customers, ultimately contributing to our bottom line.