2023 LGBTQ+ Business Awards

2023 LGBTQ+ Business Awards

Celebrate diversity with the 2023 LGBTQ+ Business Awards. Business Awards UK is here to spotlight businesses that make a difference. Embrace this chance to shine by entering today.

Effective 19th May 2023: All awards will be launched with a new fee structure. Your Award Acceptance Fee will be a single, “flat fee”. If you are selected as a Winner, you will only pay one single fee regardless of how many awards you win, and 1x Winner Trophy is included in this fee. Additional trophies can still be purchased.

This has been made possible thanks to our new sponsors and partners, who have enabled us to pass our cost savings on to winners. All entries are still FREE for all sectors.

Before You Enter: What You Need To Know

Free entry in all sectors and categories

We know that many small business owners, entrepreneurs and larger organisations don't like to pay up front for awards, where fees range from £99 to more than £250 per category. With us, all your entries are free.

You only pay a fee if you win an award

Unlike other programmes, you only pay a fee if you are selected as a winner. There's only one Award Acceptance Fee to pay regardless of how many awards you win, and 1x personalised Winner trophy is included*!

Publicity Package

As a winner or finalist, you get credible industry recognition & publicity from National press releases, Google and Yahoo! News features, content marketing and case studies.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing is important for all businesses, which is why we announce your accolades on social platforms, and regularly engage with you and your followers.

Interviews & PR

We can create quality, in-depth content with your team, making you a trusted voice in your industry, and highlighting the achievements & success of your business or enterprise**.

Publicity and PR Package


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Was £425
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£99 +VAT
(per additional trophy)

* Trophy included: The Award Acceptance Fee includes 1x Winner’s trophy only. If you win multiple awards, additional trophies may be purchased at £99 +VAT.

** Interviews & PR: We will contact you regarding all publicity and PR opportunities based on the options you select in the entry form

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UK Business Experts

Our judging panel are business experts with a wealth of knowledge in various industries. They lend their experience and business acumen to the many award sectors we cover.

Our panel consists of dozens of private & public guest judges; below are a few of our business experts who will be selecting shortlists, winners and finalists in our awards!

Interested in being a guest judge? Contact us here.

Our Judges

LGBTQ+ Business Awards Categories

TypeAward/categoryDescription / Criteria
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ BrandingCelebrating a business that has demonstrated exceptional creativity, authenticity, and inclusivity in their branding efforts, effectively representing and connecting with the LGBTQ+ community.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Marketing CampaignCelebrating a business that has developed an outstanding marketing campaign targeting the LGBTQ+ community, promoting inclusivity and resonating with the intended audience.
PrimaryBest Youth Support And DevelopmentHonouring an organisation that has demonstrated outstanding dedication and impact in empowering LGBTQ+ youth through programmes, resources, and support, fostering their personal growth and success.
PrimaryTriumph Over AdversityRecognising an LGBTQ+ business that has displayed exceptional resilience, determination, and success in overcoming challenges and obstacles to achieve remarkable progress and inspire others.
PrimaryBest Newcomer LGBTQ+ BusinessRecognising a recently established LGBTQ+-owned business that has made a remarkable entry into the market, showing promise, innovation, and potential for future success in their industry.
PrimaryDiversity and Inclusion ChampionRecognising a business that has made significant efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within its organisation, including LGBTQ+ representation at all levels.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Business NetworkRecognising a business network or association that has successfully connected and supported LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and professionals, fostering collaboration and growth within the community.
PrimaryBiggest Social ImpactHighlighting a business that has actively worked towards creating positive social change for the LGBTQ+ community, whether through philanthropy, volunteering, or charitable initiatives.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Friendly RetailerAcknowledging a business that consistently provides exceptional service and demonstrates a commitment to serving the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Friendly VenueRecognising a venue that has shown outstanding commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community, providing a safe and affirming environment for all patrons.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Business AllyHonouring an individual, organisation, or business that has shown exceptional support and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, even if they are not LGBTQ+ owned or operated.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Mental Health InitiativeHighlighting a business that has implemented innovative programmes or initiatives to address mental health challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, promoting mental well-being and support.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Media RepresentationHonouring a media outlet that has consistently showcased accurate and positive representations of LGBTQ+ businesses, contributing to increased visibility, acceptance, and understanding within the wider business community.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Aging And Elder CareHighlighting a business that has developed innovative solutions, services, or programmes to address the specific challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in the ageing and elder care process.
PrimaryBest LGBTQ+ Family Friendly BusinessRecognising a business that has actively created an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ families, providing services, products, or facilities that cater to the unique needs of LGBTQ+ parents and their children.
PeopleLGBTQ+ Rising Star AwardRecognising an emerging LGBTQ+ entrepreneur or professional who has shown exceptional talent, ambition, and potential, making significant contributions and demonstrating a promising future in their respective field.
PeopleBest Company To Work ForHonouring a business that has fostered an inclusive and supportive work environment, championing LGBTQ+ rights, equality, and diversity, and promoting employee well-being and satisfaction.
PeopleLGBTQ+ Inspirational LeadershipRecognising an LGBTQ+ leader who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, inspiring others through their vision, advocacy, and positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.
PeopleOutstanding Personal Achievement In BusinessCommending an LGBTQ+ individual who has shown remarkable personal growth, overcoming challenges, and achieving significant success in their business endeavours, becoming an inspiration to others.
PeopleBest LGBTQ+ Lone Wolf In BusinessCelebrating an exceptional LGBTQ+ individual who has achieved remarkable success as a solo entrepreneur, demonstrating innovation, resilience, and a trailblazing spirit in their business journey.
LocationMost Positive Community ImpactHonouring a business that has made significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community through initiatives, projects, or philanthropy, creating a lasting and positive impact on individuals and the community as a whole.

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