2023 Property Awards Results

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Congratulations to all Winners and Finalists!

You can find a full list of category Winners and Finalists below. Congratulations once again from the Business Awards UK team! Interested in entering next time? visit the Property Awards Page for more information and award entry.

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CategoryCompanyIndividualWinner / FinalistWebsite
Best Regional Estate AgentACDC Sales & Lettings Ltd WINNERhttps://www.acdcsalesandlettings.co.uk/
Innovation AwardKPA Property Ltd WINNERwww.kpa.co.uk
Best Property Management Estate AgentMy House Online WINNERwww.kingslynnproperty.co.uk
Best Workplace AwardUpperKey WINNERhttps://www.theupperkey.com/
Best Lettings Estate AgentWright Letting and Management Ltd WINNERhttps://www.wrightletting.co.uk/
Best Residential Estate AgentNoel Harris Home Sales Limited WINNERwww.noelharris.co.uk
Best Marketing CampaignConway Christie Estate Agency WINNERwww.conwaychristie.com
Best Mid-Sized Estate AgentHouse Fox WINNERwww.housefox.co.uk
Sustainability & EnvironmentOsborne Energy WINNERwww.osborneenergy.co.uk
Best Small Estate AgentDavis & Lund Ltd WINNERwww.davislund.co.uk
UK Estate Agent of the Year 2023Advantage Investment WINNERhttps://advantageinvestment.co.uk/
Best International Estate AgentAdvantage Investment WINNERhttps://advantageinvestment.co.uk/
Best Use of TechnologyAdvantage Investment WINNERhttps://advantageinvestment.co.uk/
Leadership AwardProperty Entrepreneurs Club WINNERhttps://www.tannerhhicks.com/
Rising Star AwardHarbour Property Group WINNERwww.harbourproperty.group
Best Social Media CampaignKath Wells WINNERhttps://kathwells.com/contact/
Best New Estate AgentCarters Estate Agents Ltd WINNERhttps://carters-estateagents.co.uk/property-list
Best Young Estate AgentOliver Howard Real Estate LTD WINNERohre.co.uk
Best New Estate AgentOxford Family EstatesFINALISThttps://www.oxfordestates.co.uk/
Best Lettings Estate AgentSwansea West Sales & LettingsFINALISTwww.swanseawestsalesandlettings.co.uk
Rising Star AwardReal London EstatesFINALISTwww.reallondonestates.com
Best Hybrid Estate AgentACDC Sales & Lettings LtdFINALISThttps://www.acdcsalesandlettings.co.uk/
Best Workplace AwardKPA Property LtdFINALISTwww.kpa.co.uk
Rising Star AwardBrighton HomesFINALISTwww.brighton-homes.com
Best International Estate AgentUpperKeyFINALISThttps://www.theupperkey.com/
UK Estate Agent of the Year 2023BartramsFINALISTwww.bartrams.co.uk
Best Workplace AwardHames Estates LtdFINALISTwww.hames-estates.com
Best Social Media CampaignConway Christie Estate AgencyFINALISTwww.conwaychristie.com
Best Mid-Sized Estate AgentBASE RESIDENTIAL LTDFINALISThttps://www.baseresidential.co.uk/
Best Social Media CampaignNormie Estate AgentsFINALISTwww.normie.co.uk
Best International Estate AgentPanda Residential LimitedFINALISThttps://panda-residential.com/
Best Young Estate AgentHills Property ConsultantsFINALISTwww.hillspc.co.uk
Best Marketing CampaignKath WellsFINALISThttps://kathwells.com/contact/
Best Small Estate AgentCarters Estate Agents LtdFINALISThttps://carters-estateagents.co.uk/property-list
Best Regional Estate AgentAlexander Russell Estate Agents LimitedFINALISThttps://alexander-russell.co.uk
Best New Estate AgentOliver Howard Real Estate LTDFINALISTohre.co.uk
Best Small Estate AgentEezee Estate AgentsFINALISTwww.eezee.uk
Leadership AwardReal London EstatesFINALISTwww.reallondonestates.com
Best Property Management Estate AgentKPA Property LtdFINALISTwww.kpa.co.uk
Best Lettings Estate AgentBrighton HomesFINALISTwww.brighton-homes.com
Leadership AwardConway Christie Estate AgencyFINALISTwww.conwaychristie.com
Best Property Management Estate AgentBASE ResidentialFINALISThttps://www.baseresidential.co.uk/
UK Estate Agent of the Year 2023House FoxFINALISTwww.housefox.co.uk
Best Use of TechnologyNormie Estate AgentsFINALISTwww.normie.co.uk
Best Photography and PresentationAlexander Russell Estate Agents LimitedFINALISThttps://alexander-russell.co.uk
Best Photography and PresentationOliver Howard Real Estate LTDFINALISTohre.co.uk
Best Mid-Sized Estate AgentEezee Estate AgentsFINALISTwww.eezee.uk

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We are proud to introduce our letting agent sponsors, Cozee.

They are London letting agents with a focus on offering a premium, efficient service. Let’s face it, those associated with business awards often transfer their money to property as their business does well.

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Their numbers speak for themself. For just a 6% letting fee, around 40% of properties managed with Cozee are rented above market price with 200+ landlords who’ve been helped.

Cozee keeps the business owner in mind, simplifying management and being so good at what they do that 94% of landlords are currently brought in by referrals. Their expert tenant referencing service and their network of high quality, international tenants are some of the reasons why landlords love Cozee.

Business owner landlords can maximise the return from their portfolio, with the least amount of headache. Saving time for what matters in their business and personal life.

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