2023 Recruitment Awards

2023 Recruitment Awards

The 2023 Recruitment Awards have closed, visit the new Recruitment Awards page for further entry and information

Effective 19th May 2023: All awards will be launched with a new fee structure. Your Award Acceptance Fee will be a single, “flat fee”. If you are selected as a Winner, you will only pay one single fee regardless of how many awards you win, and 1x Winner Trophy is included in this fee. Additional trophies can still be purchased.

This has been made possible thanks to our new sponsors and partners, who have enabled us to pass our cost savings on to winners. All entries are still FREE for all sectors.

Before You Enter: What You Need To Know

Free entry in all sectors and categories

We know that many small business owners, entrepreneurs and larger organisations don't like to pay up front for awards, where fees range from £99 to more than £250 per category. With us, all your entries are free.

You only pay a fee if you win an award

Unlike other programmes, you only pay a fee if you are selected as a winner. There's only one Award Acceptance Fee to pay regardless of how many awards you win, and 1x personalised Winner trophy is included*!

Publicity Package

As a winner or finalist, you get credible industry recognition & publicity from National press releases, Google and Yahoo! News features, content marketing and case studies.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing is important for all businesses, which is why we announce your accolades on social platforms, and regularly engage with you and your followers.

Interviews & PR

We can create quality, in-depth content with your team, making you a trusted voice in your industry, and highlighting the achievements & success of your business or enterprise**.

Publicity and PR Package


Was £425
Was £425
£375 +VAT
(Award Acceptance Fee)
(Free Forever)
£99 +VAT
(per additional trophy)

* Trophy included: The Award Acceptance Fee includes 1x Winner’s trophy only. If you win multiple awards, additional trophies may be purchased at £99 +VAT.

** Interviews & PR: We will contact you regarding all publicity and PR opportunities based on the options you select in the entry form

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UK Business Experts

Our judging panel are business experts with a wealth of knowledge in various industries. They lend their experience and business acumen to the many award sectors we cover.

Our panel consists of dozens of private & public guest judges; below are a few of our business experts who will be selecting shortlists, winners and finalists in our awards!

Interested in being a guest judge? Contact us here.

Our Judges

2023 Recruitment Awards Categories

TypeCategoryDescription / Criteria
PrimaryRecruitment Agency of the Year – TemporaryThis award is for the agency achieving excellence in placing high-quality temporary staff, exemplifying adaptability, speed, and understanding of diverse needs.
PrimaryRecruitment Agency of the Year – PermanentIn recognition of the agency outstanding in securing permanent roles for candidates, showcasing commitment, long-term vision, and alignment with client objectives.
PrimaryBest Candidate CareAn accolade for the agency providing the highest level of care to its candidates, displaying empathy, communication, and a commitment to candidate success and satisfaction.
PrimaryBest Client SupportFor the recruitment agency providing exemplary client service, demonstrating understanding of client needs, responsiveness, and consistent delivery of high-quality candidates.
PrimaryBest Workplace EnvironmentWhy is your agency so awesome to work for? Why are others drawn to it? GlassDoor links are always welcomed
PrimaryDiversity & Inclusion ChampionHow do you ensure diversity and inclusion across the organisation?
PrimaryBest Staff TrainingDo you go out of your way to ensure new team members are given the best possible start?
PrimaryBest Candidate TrainingHow do you maximise the chances of candidates performing well at interviews?
PrimaryBest Recruitment PartnershipDid you create the ultimate alliance? Takes through how you made it happen and the benefits you get as a result.
PrimaryBest Newcomer AgencyFor agencies trading for up to 2 years at the time of entry
PrimaryBest Flexible Work StrategyRecognising firms prioritising work-life balance with effective, innovative flexible working policies, enabling higher productivity and staff satisfaction levels.
SizeRecruitment Agency of the Year – Start-UpUp to 5 FT staff
SizeRecruitment Agency of the Year – Micro5 – 10 FT staff
SizeRecruitment Agency of the Year – Small10+ FT staff
SizeRecruitment Agency of the Year – Medium20+ FT staff
SizeRecruitment Agency of the Year – Large30+ FT staff
SpecialistBest Finance Recruitment AgencyCelebrating the top agency expertly matching financial sector candidates to roles, demonstrating superior industry knowledge, relationships, and success rate.
SpecialistBest Private Equity Recruitment AgencyAn award for agencies specialising in placing top-tier talent in private equity roles, showcasing expertise and commitment to industry best practices.
SpecialistBest Engineering Recruitment AgencyThis award is for agencies demonstrating an unswerving dedication to sourcing and placing engineering talent, and contributing to sector growth.
SpecialistBest IT/Technology Recruitment AgencyIn recognition of the agency achieving excellence in technology recruitment, sourcing high-quality candidates and serving the industry’s ever-evolving needs.
SpecialistBest Professional Services Recruitment AgencyAn accolade for the agency adeptly placing candidates in professional services roles, demonstrating understanding of a broad range of sectors.
SpecialistBest Public Sector Recruitment AgencyShowcasing agencies excelling in public sector recruitment, exhibiting deep understanding of the sector’s unique needs, dynamics, and requirements.
SpecialistBest Third Sector Recruitment AgencyFor the recruitment agency that shows outstanding commitment to the third sector, effectively sourcing candidates for vital non-profit roles.
SpecialistBest Sales & Marketing Recruitment AgencyThis award is for agencies that have proven their prowess in matching top-tier sales and marketing talent to exciting industry opportunities.
SpecialistBest Specialist Recruitment AgencyIn recognition of the agency excelling in a niche or specialised field, with a record of successfully filling unique, hard-to-source roles.
Tech & MarketingBest Recruitment Agency Marketing CampaignCelebrating the most effective, innovative recruitment marketing campaign, demonstrating superior creativity, execution and measurable results.
Tech & MarketingBest International Recruitment CampaignAn award for the agency running the most successful global recruitment campaign, exemplifying excellent reach, diversity, and impact.
Tech & MarketingBest Hyperlocal Recruitment CampaignShowcasing the agency executing the most effective localised recruitment campaign, demonstrating deep community understanding and impact.
Tech & MarketingBest Candidate AttractionIn recognition of the agency using innovative techniques and tools to attract top talent, leading to a robust, high-quality candidate pool.
Tech & MarketingBest Recruitment Agency WebsiteFor the agency with the most user-friendly, informative, and engaging website, enhancing client and candidate experiences, and driving success.
Tech & MarketingBest Job BoardWe’d love to celebrate purposeful job boards that stand out for any number of weird and wonderful ways.
Tech & MarketingBest use of Technology in RecruitmentTell us how you’re getting the most out of your technology, SaaS or custom solutions
Tech & MarketingMost Innovative Recruitment AgencyThis does not necessarily relate to technology. Innovation can come in many forms.
IndividualsRecruitment Industry Leader of the YearDoes your agency have amazing leadership worth shouting about? We want to her about them.
IndividualsBest Individual Recruiter – TemporaryThis award is for amazing temp recruiters whose individual achievements need to be celebrated.
IndividualsBest Individual Recruiter – PermanentThis award is for amazing perm recruiters whose individual achievements need to be celebrated.
IndividualsBest Individual NewcomerJoined the sector up to 2 years ago. Why are you the new kid on the block and why should others take notice?
IndividualsHR Director of the YearWhy is your HR director nominee exceptional?
IndividualsBest Employee Training, Learning & Development StrategyWhy is your learning & development strategy outstanding for employees?
IndividualsBest Health & Wellbeing StrategyHow does your strategy look after the health & wellbeing of staff?
LocationBest Local Recruitment AgencyCelebrating the agency that excels in connecting local businesses with top-tier talent, demonstrating a deep understanding of local market dynamics and needs.
LocationBest National Recruitment AgencyAn award for the agency effectively serving clients across the UK, showcasing extensive network, market understanding, and a proven track record of success.
LocationBest International Recruitment AgencyRecognising the agency with a global reach, demonstrating exceptional skill in sourcing candidates across borders and navigating international recruitment nuances.

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2023 Recruitment Awards

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