2023 Small Business Awards Results

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Congratulations to all Winners and Finalists!

You can find a full list of category Winners and Finalists below.

Congratulations once again from the Business Awards UK team!

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CategoryCompanyIndividualWinner / FinalistWebsite
Best Small Business TransformationAlternative Vision LtdWINNERhttps://altvision.co.uk
Best Marketing CampaignAlternative Vision LtdWINNERhttps://altvision.co.uk
Lone Wolf Business of the YearAmbitions Travel Recruitment and eLearningWINNERhttps://ambitionstravelrecruitment.com
Triumph Over Adversity AwardBlue Bull Recruitment LtdWINNERhttps://bluebullrecruitment.co.uk/
Rising Star AwardBlue Bull Recruitment LtdPhillipa NicholsonWINNERhttps://bluebullrecruitment.co.uk/
Best Newcomer Small BusinessBlush medical aestheticsWINNERhttps://blushmedicalaesthetics.co.uk
Mid-Sized Business of the YearFraser Dove InternationalWINNERhttps://fraserdove.com/
Best National Small BusinessGeopace TrainingWINNERhttps://geopace.com
Small Consultancy of the YearHJH Commercial Consultants LtdWINNERhttps://hjhcommercialconsultants.com/
Best Newcomer DirectorsHJH Commercial Consultants LtdDaniel Harris, Kieran Holland & Dylan JohnsonWINNERhttps://hjhcommercialconsultants.com/
Most Innovative Small BusinessInfraFit StudioWINNERhttps://infrafit.co.uk/
Small Business Leader of the YearJet Social LtdWINNERhttps://jetsocial.co.uk
Sustainability and EnvironmentLayerTreeWINNERhttps://layertree.co.uk
Small Family Business of the YearLyfeguardWINNERhttps://lyfeguard.com
Small Business Disruptor Of The YearMagnetar ITWINNERhttps://magnetarit.co.uk/
Best Work EnvironmentMitchell & StonesWINNERhttps://mitchellandstones.com/
CRM / Communication AwardMusic Workflow AcademyWINNERhttps://musicworkflowacademy.com
Best International Small BusinessNavigatorWINNERhttps://navigator.tech
Best Customer ServicePrecision Management ConsultingWINNERhttps://precisionmc.co.uk/
Diversity and Inclusion ChampionRacing MentorWINNERhttps://racingmentor.com
Best Use of TechnologySapienceWinnerhttps://www.sapiencecommunications.co.uk
Fastest Growing Small BusinessSealantonlineWINNERhttps://sealantonline.co.uk
Micro Business of the YearThe Nutrition Consultant LtdWINNERhttps://thenutritionconsultant.org.uk
Most Positive Impact / CSRThe Small Business HandbookWINNERhttps://thesmallbusinesshandbook.net
Small Business Of The Year 2023Thumbsie LtdWINNERhttps://thumbsie.co.uk
Best Local Small BusinessSouth West Removals LtdWINNERhttps://swremovals.co.uk
Lone Wolf Business of the YearAyre Property ServicesFINALISThttps://ayrepropertyservices.co.uk
Fastest Growing Small BusinessAyre Property ServicesFINALISThttps://ayrepropertyservices.co.uk
Best Customer ServiceAyre Property ServicesFINALISThttps://ayrepropertyservices.co.uk
Small Business Of The Year 2023Blue Bull Recruitment LtdFINALISThttps://bluebullrecruitment.co.uk/
Best Social Media MarketingBlue Bull Recruitment LtdFINALISThttps://bluebullrecruitment.co.uk/
Fastest Growing Small BusinessBlush medical aestheticsFINALISThttps://blushmedicalaesthetics.co.uk
Best Newcomer Small BusinessBlush medical aestheticsFINALISThttps://blushmedicalaesthetics.co.uk
Best Small Business TransformationBond HRFINALISThttps://bondhr.uk/
Best Newcomer CEO / DirectorBond HRPaul BondFINALISThttps://bondhr.uk/
Best National Small BusinessBond HRFINALISThttps://bondhr.uk/
Best Local Small BusinessCrafts by mamaFINALISThttps://crafts-by-mama.sumupstore.com/
Small Business Disruptor Of The YearDigiaFINALISThttps://digia.co.uk/
Rising Star AwardDigiaMaisie TrelfaFINALISThttps://digia.co.uk/
Rising Star AwardFabrik Invest LtdDale AndersonFINALISThttps://fabrikinvest.com
Best National Small BusinessGeopace TrainingFINALISThttps://geopace.com
Best International Small BusinessGLOW&beFINALISThttps://glowandbecosmetics.co.uk
Small Business Leader of the YearHJH Commercial Consultants LtdFINALISThttps://hjhcommercialconsultants.com/
Best Newcomer Small BusinessInfraFit StudioFINALISThttps://infrafit.co.uk/
Micro Business of the Yeariota-MLFINALISThttps://iota-ml.com
Best Small Business WebsiteLayerTreeFINALISThttps://layertree.co.uk
Best Local Small BusinessLayerTreeFINALISThttps://layertree.co.uk
Best Social Media MarketingM&K ImaginariumFINALISThttps://mkimaginarium.co.uk
Best Small Business TransformationM&K ImaginariumFINALISThttps://mkimaginarium.co.uk
Most Positive Impact / CSRMAK25 London LimitedFINALISThttps://mak25.co.uk/
Best Training and DevelopmentMAK25 London LimitedFINALISThttps://mak25.co.uk/
Most Innovative Small BusinessMasterteck Repair LtdFINALISThttps://masterteckrepair.com
All Round HeroMasterteck Repair LtdFINALISThttps://masterteckrepair.com
Triumph Over Adversity AwardMusic Workflow AcademyFINALISThttps://musicworkflowacademy.com
Most Positive Impact / CSRMusic Workflow AcademyFINALISThttps://musicworkflowacademy.com
Micro Business of the YearMusic Workflow AcademyFINALISThttps://musicworkflowacademy.com
Best Marketing CampaignMusic Workflow AcademyFINALISThttps://musicworkflowacademy.com
Best Use Of TechnologyNavigatorFINALISThttps://navigator.tech
Best Work EnvironmentOff The Wall Creative LtdFINALISThttps://otwc.co.uk
Mid-Sized Business of the YearPurple Story LtdFINALISThttps://purplestory.co.uk/
Best Work EnvironmentRedimeerFINALISThttps://redimeer.com
Sustainability and EnvironmentSoap CreativeFINALISThttps://soapcreative.co.uk/
Best Customer ServiceSoap CreativeFINALISThttps://soapcreative.co.uk/
Most Innovative Small BusinessSouth West Removals LtdFINALISThttps://swremovals.co.uk
Best International Small BusinessThumbsie LtdFINALISThttps://thumbsie.co.uk
Small Business Disruptor Of The YearVault DataFINALISThttps://vaultdata.io
Small Business Of The Year 2023White Horse EnergyFINALISThttps://whitehorseenergy.co.uk/

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