2024 Cybersecurity and Resilience Awards Shortlist

Congratulations to all shortlisted companies!

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Congratulations once again from the Business Awards UK team!

Company / NameAward
Aspire IT Services LtdBest Cyber Resilience Strategy
Aspire IT Services LtdBest Cybersecurity Training
Benefex LtdBest Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign
Benefex LtdBest Cybersecurity Training
CensornetExceptional Customer Satisfaction
CensornetBest Client Support – Cybersecurity
CensornetCloud Security Pioneer
cysmo Cyber Risk GmbHBest International Cybersecurity Service
cysmo Cyber Risk GmbHRising Star Award
EvalianBest Cybersecurity Training
EvalianBest Cyber Resilience Strategy
Fractal.aiData Privacy Protector
G6S Security LimitedBest Public Sector Cybersecurity Solution
G6S Security LimitedBest Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign
G6S Security LimitedBest Zero Trust Solution or IoT Solution
HornetsecurityCloud Security Pioneer
HornetsecurityBest Cybersecurity Innovation
HornetsecurityCybersecurity Company of the Year 2024
IBMRising Star Award
Akshay ChandrasekaranBest Client Support – Cybersecurity
Akshay ChandrasekaranRising Star Award
ISMS.onlineBest International Cybersecurity Service
KeepitBest Cybersecurity Backup Service
KeepitCloud Security Pioneer
LinkshadowThreat Detection and Response Excellence
Net Primates LtdBest Zero Trust Solution or IoT Solution
NetaceaCybersecurity Company of the Year 2024
NetaceaThreat Detection and Response Excellence
NetaceaExceptional Customer Satisfaction
North Infosec Testing LtdBest International Cybersecurity Service
North Infosec Testing LtdCybersecurity Company of the Year 2024
Panoptic Cyber LtdData Privacy Protector
Panoptic Cyber LtdBest Cybersecurity Backup Service
SocuraBest Public Sector Cybersecurity Solution
SocuraBest Cybersecurity Innovation
TechForce CyberBest Client Support – Cybersecurity
TechForce CyberExceptional Customer Satisfaction
ThreatAwareBest Cybersecurity Innovation

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