2024 Fintech Awards: A Showcase of Innovation and Leadership in Finance

At Business Awards UK, we are excited to celebrate the extraordinary talent and achievements of the winners and finalists in the 2024 Fintech Awards. This year’s awards recognise the outstanding innovations and leadership displayed by individuals and companies within the fintech sector. From cutting-edge technologies to transformative financial services, each awardee has significantly contributed to their field, setting new benchmarks of excellence.

2024 Fintech Awards Winners

GoCardless stands out as our Fintech Business of the Year, a significant accolade that underscores their pivotal contributions to the fintech industry. Their dedication to building an exceptional bank payment network is making payments faster, cheaper, and more secure. This achievement, combined with their innovative use of open banking, cements their status as a leading force in the fintech sector. Additionally, GoCardless is honoured with the Fintech Innovation Award, recognising their pioneering efforts in developing advanced payment solutions that align with the modern financial world’s needs.

Pat Phelan, Chief Customer Officer & Managing Director of UK&I at GoCardless said this:

“We’re delighted to be named as winner of the Fintech Business of the Year and Fintech Innovation categories. It’s wonderful to be recognised for the momentum we continue to build in the market and our continued efforts to help businesses of all sizes to access easier and faster ways to collect their payments.”
GoCardless, Winners of Fintech Business of the Year and the Fintech Innovation Award for 2024.
Image Credit: GoCardless

As the Fintech Startup of the Year, Creditspring offers a novel approach to lending. By turning traditional credit models on their head, they provide a transparent and risk-free alternative for managing unexpected expenses, aligning with the financial well-being of their members.

Andre Santos, Head of Marketing at Creditspring, said this:

“It is an honour to have been voted Fintech Startup of the Year by Business Awards UK. It’s a true testament of the hard work from all our Springmates but also shows how desperately change is needed in the the short-term lending space.”
Watch our interview with Andre Santos, Head of Marketing at Creditspring

Winning Best Cryptocurrency Tech, CryptoProcessing has revolutionised the fintech landscape with its leadership in cryptocurrency tech, providing unparalleled blockchain payment solutions. Their innovative approach has opened up new possibilities for seamless and secure digital transactions in the iGaming and betting industries.

Verifone stands at the forefront of B2B technology, and are honoured with the Best B2B Tech award. Their products and services are integral in modernising payment processes, making them a trusted partner for retailers and financial institutions globally.

James Lotz, Managing Director at Verifone, said this:

“We’re honoured to win the B2B Tech’ award at the UK Business Awards 2024! This recognition highlights our commitment to empowering businesses with innovative payment solutions. At Verifone, we believe in more than just technology; it’s about fostering growth, innovation, and support every step of the way.
A heartfelt thank you to our exceptional team for their relentless dedication and to our valued clients for entrusting us with their commerce needs. We’re thrilled to continue our journey of shaping a brighter future for businesses worldwide.”

Our RegTech of the Year is REGnosys, who have distinguished themselves with a forward-thinking approach to data and reporting in financial markets. Their dedication to simplifying complex regulatory processes has garnered the attention and partnership of leading banks and law firms.

Imaginera has been awarded InsurTech of the Year for its innovative underwriting systems that empower insurance and reinsurance teams. Their technology focuses on enhancing efficiency and providing user-focused platforms for a seamless underwriting experience.

Recognised for the Best Fintech App, ACE Money Transfer has made significant strides in remittance services. Their global reach and commitment to facilitating easy and efficient international transactions have set them apart in the fintech world.

As the Fintech Employer of the Year, Capitalixe has demonstrated exceptional growth and client service in the financial consultancy sector. Founded by Ivan Kovachev and Lissele Pratt, their focus on quality and bespoke solutions has solidified their position as a leader in financial services.

YouLend shines in the LendTech category with its groundbreaking embedded finance solutions. Their platform has successfully extended substantial funding, showcasing their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in financial lending. They take the LendTech of the Year award.

Good Lioness is our 2024 winner in Best Investment Tech, transforming the investment landscape with their cutting-edge algorithms. Their approach to investment analysis and strategy has been a game-changer, offering clients innovative solutions for portfolio management.

For Best AML/KYC Solution, First AML takes the win for its work to limit criminal exploitation in financial transactions. Their customer-centric and compliance-focused approach has redefined the standards for Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer processes.

R3 has earned its win in Best Blockchain Tech by leading the transformation of digital finance. Their commitment to creating trustworthy and efficient multi-party solutions has significantly impacted how regulated businesses operate.

MillTechFX, awarded for Best Trading Tech, has been instrumental in democratising the FX industry with their end-to-end FX-as-a-Service solution. Their innovative approach has enabled corporates and fund managers to access transparent multi-bank FX rates, ensuring best execution on transactions.

MillTechFX, Winners of Best Trading Tech

Recognised for Best Customer Experience, Ruleguard delivers advanced regulatory compliance solutions tailored for the global financial services sector. Their expertise in navigating the regulatory landscape has made them a go-to solution for financial institutions seeking to manage compliance effectively.

Watch our interview with Ruleguard

The Best AI/ML Tech award is won by Trading Central. As a one-stop solution for investment decision support, they merge AI analytics, user-friendly interfaces, and expert insights, aiding investors in making informed and successful financial decisions.

finova takes the title of Best Banking Tech for its comprehensive suite of modular, SaaS-based open-architecture software. They are redefining the lending and brokerage landscape by enhancing application processes and operational efficiencies.

In the Business Growth Award category, MLabs Ltd wins for its secure and innovative software solutions. Their focus on mission-critical software development using Haskell and Rust has made them a key player in the industry, solving complex problems with cutting-edge technology.

The Rising Star Award goes to Vertice for their transformative impact on SaaS and cloud spending. Their commitment to developing a fair and transparent platform for managing these expenses has made them a trailblazer in optimising modern business spending.

In Best B2C Tech, @Taxd is leading the change in tax accounting and takes home the trophy. Their vision of a technology-driven solution for tax accounting addresses the complexities of the field, offering a user-friendly and efficient approach to managing taxes.

@Taxd, Winners of the Best B2C Tech award

Digis, awarded Director of the Year, showcases resilient and innovative leadership. Their strategic direction and the development of the Smart Outsourcing Automation Paradigm have positioned them as a leader in IT service innovation and performance enhancement.

Fintuity Ltd., as the winner for Best Personal Finance Tech, stands out for its unique approach as a digital Independent Financial Adviser. They offer a wide range of financial advisory services through a secure online platform, bringing traditional IFA services into the digital era.

Claire Maillet of Ziglu has been exemplary in promoting fairness and inclusivity, and her win of the Diversity & Inclusion Award stands as a testament to her impact on both the financial crime space and the broader industry. Over her 10-year tenure, Claire has risen from Analyst to Director, while navigating the challenges of being a female leader with an invisible disability. Her dedication to diversity and inclusion, particularly around issues of disability, has sparked tangible change within her workplace and beyond. Claire’s advocacy extends to reshaping recruitment processes and providing crucial training on interacting with individuals who stammer, leveraging her own experiences to educate and effect positive change. Claire’s win is not just a recognition of her individual achievements, but a celebration of her tireless advocacy for inclusivity and her transformative impact on the industry.

2024 Fintech Awards Finalists

The awards also showcased the achievements of the finalists, each contributing significantly to their respective areas in fintech:

  • Hazy – Finalist for Best AI/ML Tech
  • REGnosys – Finalist for Fintech Business of the Year
  • Imaginera – Finalist for Fintech Employer Award
  • ACE Money Transfer – Finalist for Best Customer Experience
  • Ruleguard – Finalist for RegTech of the Year
  • Trading Central – Finalist for Best Trading Tech
  • Hokodo – Finalist for LendTech of the Year
  • Cashflows – Finalist for Best AI/ML Tech
  • MLabs Ltd – Finalist for Diversity & Inclusion Award
  • Red Flag Alert – Finalist for Rising Star Award
  • Creditspring – Finalist for Best Personal Finance Tech
  • Payrow – Finalist for Best AML/KYC Solution
  • Vertice – Finalist for Fintech Startup of the Year
  • @Taxd – Finalist for Fintech Startup of the Year
  • SDK.finance – Finalist for Best B2B Tech
  • Digis – Finalist for Business Growth Award
  • Tiller Technologies – Finalist for Best Fintech App
  • Fintuity Ltd. – Finalist for Best B2C Tech
  • Worldpay – Finalist for Best Blockchain Tech
  • Trading Central – Finalist for Best Investment Tech
  • Cashflows – Finalist for Fintech Innovation Award
  • MLabs Ltd – Finalist for Best Customer Experience
  • Red Flag Alert – Finalist for Director of the Year
  • Creditspring – Finalist for LendTech of the Year
  • Payrow – Finalist for Best B2B Tech
  • Tiller Technologies – Finalist for Director of the Year
  • Worldpay – Finalist for Best Cryptocurrency Tech

These finalists have demonstrated resilience, strategic thinking, and a commitment to innovation. They represent the diverse array of talents within the fintech sector, from blockchain technology to digital banking solutions.

Celebrating Innovation and Leadership

The winners of the 2024 Fintech Awards are not just leading in their respective fields but are also paving the way for future innovations in financial technology. Their creative solutions, strategic leadership, and commitment to excellence significantly contribute to the evolution and diversity of the fintech landscape.

Their achievements extend beyond business success; they signify the growing impact of fintech in shaping efficient, secure, and inclusive financial systems. The diversity of innovations and strategic leadership displayed by these professionals underlines the importance of embracing new technologies and ideas in the ever-changing world of finance.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the 2024 Fintech Awards. Their ongoing contributions are essential for driving further innovation and growth in the fintech sector. We eagerly anticipate the continued impact and new trends they will set, fostering a dynamic and inclusive financial environment.

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