2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Supporting Self-Care

The 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards are back to shine a light on companies and individuals leading the way across an array of categories highlighting the duty of care that we all owe to our peers, our employees and most of all, ourselves. This year’s winners have not only set new standards of excellence but also showcased the diverse ways in which health and wellbeing can be enhanced and celebrated. Here, we take a closer look at each winner and their contributions to a healthier tomorrow.

A Tribute to the Winners

Personal Group took home the Best Use Of Technology award, revolutionising how employee benefits and wellbeing services are delivered. Their innovative Hapi platform exemplifies the significant positive impact technology can have on employee engagement and overall wellbeing.

The Rising Star Award was bestowed upon Santou Carter of Grief Support Services Global, whose compassionate approach to grief support provides a much-needed bridge for those navigating the complexities of loss. Carter’s work emphasises the importance of tailored support during times of grief, underscoring the profound effect of empathy and understanding in the healing process.

Portrait photo of Santou Carter of Grief Support Services
Santou Carter of Grief Support Services – Winner of the Rising Star Award 2024 for Health & Wellbeing.

Catalyst Counselling was recognised with the Most Positive Community Impact award for their exceptional counselling services. Their commitment to accessibility and quality care for the communities in Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, and Waveney highlights the critical role of mental health support in community wellbeing.

Minds in Session received the Exceptional Customer Satisfaction award, reflecting their commitment to fostering growth and transformation through psychologically informed conversations. Their services are a testament to the power of dialogue in promoting mental health and resilience.

The Best Company To Work For title was awarded to Vita Health Group, illustrating their holistic and integrated approach to health services. Vita’s dedication to both physical and mental health services sets standards for comprehensive care in the workplace.

Holidays with Heart Limited was honoured with the Best Wellbeing Retreat award for their ethical and immersive retreats in Morocco. Their approach to responsible tourism and wellbeing through travel is pioneering in the industry, offering transformative experiences that cater to the mind, body, and spirit. Find out more about Holidays with Heart from the video below.

Holidays with Heart, Winners of Best Wellbeing Retreat

HEK FITNESS LIMITED was named Best UK Gym, celebrating their unique approach to fitness and community. Their dedication to supporting members through every step of their fitness journey embodies the true spirit of a supportive gym family.

Ripon Physio Co. clinched the Best Customer Experience award for their exceptional physiotherapy services. Their patient-centric approach and commitment to excellence in care set a benchmark for therapeutic support.

The Best Mental Health Support Service went to UMO, acknowledging their innovative mental health mentoring and coaching. UMO’s personalised support mechanisms are vital in addressing mental health challenges, offering a pathway to wellbeing and resilience.

Sol Gilbert at SGUT-MX Trading as SGUT was awarded Personal Trainer of the Year, showcasing his transformative impact on personal fitness. Gilbert’s SGUT system and holistic approach to training exemplify the pinnacle of personal training excellence.

Team HH received the Best Health And Wellbeing Coach award, recognising their exceptional coaching services. Their belief in sustainable results and individualised coaching strategies highlights the importance of tailored approaches in achieving health and wellbeing goals.

Watch our interview with Team HH, winners of Best Health and Wellbeing Coach

Recognising the Finalists

The awards also celebrated the achievements of numerous finalists, each contributing significantly to the health and wellbeing sector. Their innovations and dedication continue to inspire and make a positive impact across various communities.

Reflections on Excellence

The Health and Wellbeing Awards aim not only to recognise the outstanding achievements of our finalists and winners but also to highlight the sector’s vital role in fostering a healthier, more vibrant society. From technological innovations to exceptional personal coaching, each winner has contributed uniquely to the advancement of health and wellbeing in the UK.

As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to the continued innovation and dedication of the winners and finalists, whose work is instrumental in shaping a healthier future for all.

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