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2024 Health & Safety Awards: Championing Innovations and Leadership in Health & Safety

The 2024 Health & Safety Awards have once again illuminated the crucial role of health and safety within the workplace, celebrating the organisations and individuals dedicated to creating safer working environments. This year’s accolades recognise the remarkable efforts in innovation, leadership, and excellence across various sectors, contributing to significant advancements in health and safety practices.

Our 2024 Health & Safety Awards Winners

Hugh Wilkins, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in Health and Safety, is celebrated for his pivotal role in medical safety, particularly in the ethical use of radiation. With a career beginning in physics, extending through significant volunteer work, and evolving into medical physics, Wilkins has made profound contributions in both the UK and abroad. Notably, his whistleblowing on NHS digital x-ray imaging system risks underscored his dedication to patient safety. Post-NHS, he’s been instrumental in promoting a safety culture within healthcare, marked by his leadership in radiological science and advocacy for transparent communication. This award recognises Wilkins’s enduring commitment to health and safety, showcasing his significant legacy in the medical field.

The Lifeways Group, awarded for Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management, excels in personalising support for individuals with complex needs across the UK. Their commitment to empowering nearly 5,000 people to live independently and pursue their goals is unmatched. Lifeways’ specialised services in supported living, residential care, and mental health rehabilitation embody their dedication to quality care. This recognition underscores their impactful work in Positive Behaviour Support and you can read more about Lifeways’ award win their win in their own article here.

Awarded for Health and Safety Technology Innovation, the solutions from Safepoint have set new standards in protecting lone workers. Their integration of advanced apps, wearables, and a comprehensive monitoring system addresses safety across various industries. Notable for their collaboration with ADT and recognition as the “Best Lone Worker App in 2023,” their approach combines innovation with a steadfast commitment to safety. The technology not only offers immediate emergency support but also facilitates effective team management, exemplifying their impact on enhancing workplace safety and their ongoing dedication to pioneering new safety solutions.

A Safepoint wearable on a lanyard
Safepoint, Winners of Health and Safety Technology Innovation for 2024

Earning the Best Family Business award, Proud2bSafe Ltd stands out for turning personal tragedy into a powerful movement for workplace safety. Founded by Jason Anker and now led by his daughter Abbi Taylor, the company has evolved over 12 years from sharing Jason’s life-changing workplace accident story to fostering a culture of safety and wellbeing beyond compliance. With the launch of Proud2beSpeakers, they’ve broadened their impact, partnering with inspirational speakers to drive safety and wellbeing in companies nationwide. Their approach not only aims to protect employees but also to enrich their lives, reflecting a deep commitment to transforming workplace culture.

Jason Anker MBE, Founder of Proud2bSafe

Ripples Wellbeing receives the Occupational Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme award for transforming personal tragedy into a beacon of support, particularly within the rugby community and beyond. Initiating with the memory of Jen, a fellow rugby player, their services now extend to counselling, Mental Health First Aid, and innovative workplace wellbeing programs. Their impactful approach includes providing accessible counselling and promoting mental health awareness, demonstrating a commitment to nurturing a culture of support and resilience.

Greenlink Interconnector wins the Workplace Safety Initiative of the Year for embedding health, safety, and environmental excellence in their operations. Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders and a strong focus on ESG principles, they’ve notably enhanced workplace safety and environmental stewardship. Their initiatives, including emergency drills and mental health programs, underscore a commitment to comprehensive safety and sustainability, setting a high standard for industry-wide practices.

For their innovative safety video project, highlighting the crucial role of collaboration in enhancing road safety, the 2024 Health and Safety Team of the Year award goes to RAC. Tackling the dangers of breakdowns on high-speed roads, the initiative was sparked by the real-world frustrations experienced by patrol teams. Through a creative partnership between the HSEQ team, patrol colleagues, and the marketing department, they produced a video offering clear, life-saving advice to motorists. This collaborative project has not only elevated safety awareness but also showcased how diverse departments can unite to make a significant impact on customer and community safety. The video’s extensive use within RAC’s services demonstrates its ongoing contribution to safety education.

RAC, Winners of 2024 Health and Safety Team of the Year

Bowen Safety receives the Small Business Health and Safety Award for their effective work in changing perceptions of health and safety within industries. By clarifying complex safety management systems, they’ve improved collaboration between safety professionals and businesses. Their commitment to better workplace safety, coupled with support for community initiatives, highlights their holistic approach to health and safety. This award recognises their practical and impactful contributions to enhancing safety standards across various sectors.

Awarded the Safety Training Provider of the Year, The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety stands out for their targeted personal safety training, especially designed for vulnerable groups. Since 1997, they have developed a range of courses addressing the needs of those who have faced violence, bullying, or harassment. Their work significantly contributes to building confidence, reducing anxiety, and promoting social re-engagement, thereby improving life quality. Recognition from various awards underscores their commitment to diversity and inclusion in safety education. With a track record of aiding over 9,000 individuals through a dedicated team of volunteer instructors, their contribution to personal safety and well-being is both profound and inspiring.

The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety, Winners of Safety Training Provider of the Year

Ambutech Pre-Hospital Care earns the Healthcare Safety Award for outstanding patient care, environmental commitment, and staff excellence. They set industry benchmarks with carbon-neutral initiatives and rigorous staff training, ensuring high levels of safety and competence. Their dedication is reflected in modern facilities and a responsive approach to healthcare needs, marking them as leaders in pre-hospital care excellence.

Calson Solutions is honoured with the Environmental Health and Safety Award for their outstanding service in health and safety consultancy. Founded from the merger of two firms in November 2022, they have swiftly set new benchmarks in safety standards and service expansion. With a team of seasoned professionals, Calson Solutions delivers a broad array of services, including CDM project management and comprehensive training solutions. Their commitment is underscored by notable accreditations and strategic partnerships, showcasing their dedication to excellence and innovation in fostering safer work environments. This award recognises Calson Solutions’ rapid growth and significant contribution to their clients’ well-being.

Calson Solutions, Winners of the Environmental Health and Safety Award for 2024

Easy Medical Centre, awarded the Exceptional Customer Satisfaction accolade, stands out for its dedication to patient care, especially during demanding times for healthcare. Operating a private testing clinic in Crewe, Cheshire, they’ve offered affordable access to essential health checks and tests, quickly providing results and peace of mind to their clients. Their efforts are reflected in a 5-star review rating, underscoring their success in achieving outstanding customer satisfaction.

Ferns 1st (Ferns Safety Solutions) is honoured with the Best Occupational Health Training Programme award for enhancing workplace safety with their advanced training and technology. Their commitment to safety goes beyond compliance, effectively reducing accidents and fostering a culture where safety is a shared responsibility. This approach positions Ferns 1st as a leader in occupational health practices.

The Aurora Group, awarded the Safety Culture Excellence Award, has significantly enhanced its health and safety management across educational and care services. By transitioning to internal management and introducing innovative practices like a new auditing system and a near-miss reporting project, they have fostered a culture where safety is everyone’s responsibility. This approach led to tangible improvements, such as a notable increase in near-miss reports, which has directly contributed to safer environments for children, young people, and adults in their care. Their efforts have not only improved compliance and safety outcomes but have also actively involved students in safety practices, demonstrating a comprehensive commitment to creating a responsible safety culture.

ERM (Environment Resources Management) receives the 2024 Health and Safety Manager of the Year for transformative leadership by HSEQ Director Rebecca Williams. Williams’ strategic initiatives, including a new communication strategy and digital tools for risk assessments, have significantly enhanced ERM’s safety culture. These efforts have engaged employees in a proactive approach to safety and well-being, contributing to ERM winning the ROSPA Gold President’s award in 2023. This recognition highlights ERM’s excellence in health and safety under Williams’ guidance.

Securing the Rising Star Award, Your Choice Fire & Security showcases growth and innovation in the fire and security industry. Their expansion in 2023, including significant team growth and new department additions, highlights their ascendancy in a competitive field. Taking on substantial projects like the widespread implementation of fire alarm systems for Ladbrokes and innovative security solutions at the Grimsby Heritage Fishing Centre, they’ve demonstrated exceptional service and ingenuity. Their collective achievements, from participating in charity events to contributing to local communities, emphasise their emergence as a leading force, marrying technical excellence with a commitment to social responsibility.

Your Choice Fire & Security, Winners of the Rising Star Award

Recognising the Finalists

The finalists of the 2024 Health & Safety Awards also deserve commendation for their significant contributions to the field. Each has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing health and safety within their respective areas, from technology innovation to occupational health and mental wellbeing. Their efforts collectively advance the industry, setting new standards for safety and excellence.

  • Hugh Wilkins – Safety Culture Excellence Award
  • The Lifeways Group – Workplace Safety Initiative of the Year
  • Safepoint – Healthcare Safety Award, Environmental Health and Safety Award
  • Proud2bSafe Ltd – Lifetime Achievement Award in Health and Safety
  • Ripples Wellbeing LTD – Rising Star Award
  • Bodytrak – Health and Safety Technology Innovation
  • Broadstone Risks – Lifetime Achievement Award in Health and Safety
  • Greenlink Interconnector Ltd. – 2024 Health and Safety Manager of the Year, Occupational Mental Health and Wellbeing Program
  • First For Safety Oxfordshire Ltd – Safety Training Provider of the Year, Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Supportive Solutions Ltd – Safety Training Provider of the Year
  • M Bull Training Solutions – Small Business Health and Safety Award, Rising Star Award
  • EOSH LTD. – Best Occupational Health Training Programme
  • Calson Solutions – 2024 Health and Safety Team of the Year, Excellence in Risk Assessment and Management
  • Tetra Working at Height – Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Amber Valley Dental Practice – Healthcare Safety Award
  • Easy Medical Centre – Best Family Business
  • Ferns 1st [Ferns Safety Solutions] – 2024 Health and Safety Manager of the Year, Occupational Mental Health and Wellbeing Program
  • The Aurora Group – Workplace Safety Initiative of the Year
  • ERM (Environment Resources Management) – 2024 Health and Safety Team of the Year, Safety Culture Excellence Award

In Closing

The 2024 Health & Safety Awards serve not just as a celebration of individual and organisational achievements but as a reflection of the health and safety industry’s ongoing evolution. Through their leadership, innovation, and dedication, the winners and finalists exemplify the critical importance of health and safety in today’s working environments.

As we acknowledge these achievements, we look forward to the continuous progress and commitment of all those within the health and safety sector. Their work is invaluable in fostering safer, healthier workplaces and communities, inspiring further innovations and best practices in health and safety management.

The journey of each winner and finalist is a success story for the industry, illustrating the profound impact of dedicated health and safety practices. As we celebrate their achievements, we also anticipate the future advancements they will lead, ensuring the well-being of workers and the general public for years to come.

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