2024 Small Business Awards: Celebrating the Heart of the UK Economy

At Business Awards UK, we take immense pride in acknowledging the innovation, resilience, and impactful contributions made by the winners and finalists of the 2024 Small Business Awards. This year’s awards was a testament to the vital role small businesses play in fostering economic growth and strengthening the fabric of our communities. From trailblazers in digital innovation to leaders in compassionate care services, each winner has significantly advanced their sector, demonstrating the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship.

2024 Small Business Awards Winners

As the Small Business Of The Year 2024, KSB Technologies is crowned for its pioneering digital solutions, showcasing the transformative impact of technology in enhancing business operations and customer service.

The Pizza Post is honoured as the Mid-Sized Business of the Year, recognised for their dedication to providing high-quality, Naples-inspired pizzas at events. Their commitment to delivering an exceptional culinary experience, alongside their focus on sustainability and community engagement, highlights the significant contribution of small businesses to the catering sector. The success of The Pizza Post demonstrates how a family-run venture can achieve commendable recognition through a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Pizza Post, Winners of Mid-Sized Business of the Year
Image Credit: The Pizza Post

The Micro Business of the Year award was deservedly won by Rubik, for their strategic use of data to drive business growth, highlighting the importance of informed decision-making in securing business success.

Harrison College, celebrated as the Small Business Disruptor Of The Year, has reshaped post-16 education with a curriculum that challenges traditional norms, demonstrating their commitment to leading students towards remarkable achievements.

Best Work Environment went to Eximius Live In Care, whose dedication to providing personalised care services enables clients to live fulfilling lives, showcasing a supportive and caring work culture.

With the Most Positive Impact / CSR award, Paycare was recognised for their comprehensive approach to well-being, offering services that significantly improve physical, mental, and financial health, serving as a model for corporate social responsibility.

Recognised as the Fastest Growing Small Business, Canvas Offices has distinguished itself through its exceptional business growth in London’s dynamic flexible office space industry. Their innovative and personalised workspaces have been instrumental in meeting the evolving needs of modern businesses, fostering creativity, collaboration, and most importantly for this award: growth.

Canvas Offices, Winners of Fastest Growing Small Business
Image Credit: Canvas Offices

Inflow Partnership Limited, awarded Small Consultancy of the Year, has excelled in fostering professional relationships through their adaptive recruitment solutions, setting a benchmark for excellence in consultancy services.

The Sustainability and Environment award was given to WeKleen® Waterless for their water conservation and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, marking a commitment towards sustainable business practices.

WeKleen® Waterless Co-Founder & CEO Laura Romanin and their waterless cleaning solution. Winners of the Sustainability and Environment award.

Quayside Medical Practice is our winner in the Triumph Over Adversity Award, recognising their exceptional resilience and innovative strategies in overcoming challenges within the healthcare sector. Despite facing numerous obstacles, Quayside Medical Practice has persevered, demonstrating unwavering dedication to patient care and service excellence. Their swift adaptation and implementation of online innovations have significantly enhanced patient access to care, setting a commendable standard for healthcare providers.

Recognised for providing the Best Customer Service, Mastering Mindsets highlights the transformative power of personal development in effecting positive change in individuals’ lives and careers.

TNG Designs Group champions diversity and inclusion through its commitment to inclusive design. Founded by Tanya Grant, the company integrates diversity into all aspects of its operations, reshaping societal narratives and fostering innovation. Through strategic branding initiatives and global collaborations, TNG Designs amplifies underrepresented voices, setting a precedent for inclusivity and empowerment in the industry.

The Best Newcomer CEO / Director award was earned by Proper Property Mag, making an impressive debut. Their innovative approach to real estate information has filled a crucial gap in the market, providing up-to-date insights and designs that cater to the dynamic needs of both businesses and consumers. Their commitment to excellence is setting new standards in the property magazine sector.

Lift Social LTD wins Best Social Media Marketing, thanks to their tailored marketing work for the dental industry. Their expertise in engaging content and audience interaction demonstrates the power of niche marketing strategies, significantly enhancing online visibility and patient engagement for dental practices.

Greenrock Pest Control received the Best Live Support System award for their comprehensive pest management services. Their family-run business ensures prompt and effective solutions for pest control, emphasising customer safety and satisfaction through reliable support and expertise.

Receiving the Best National Small Business award, PestFix demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality pest control products and services. Their family-operated ethos and focus on customer-centric solutions have solidified their reputation as a trusted provider in the pest control industry.

PestFix, Best National Small Business award winners.
Image credit: PestFix

Winning the Best Use Of Technology award, Omni Management Ltd showcases their innovative energy management solutions. Their work in sustainability and efficiency is helping UK businesses minimise costs and achieve their green goals, showcasing the impactful role of technology in promoting environmental responsibility.

The Small Family Business of the Year award goes to The Hideout Cafe and Bar, a family-run gem. Located in Compass Gardens, Skegness, their dedication to creating a welcoming and enjoyable space for the community exemplifies the warmth and personal touch small family businesses bring to the hospitality industry.

Named the Best Newcomer Small Business, Viable Placemaking excels in town planning consultancy. Their focus on creating accessible and economically viable developments showcases their innovative approach to urban planning and community enhancement.

For its Most Innovative Small Business award, Phonely has revolutionised how we stay connected, offering digital voice technology that combats fraud and scams. Their commitment to security and user-friendly services is making significant strides in ensuring safe communication for all.

Celebrated for the Best Small Business Transformation, SBR (Southbourne Rubber) showcases adaptability and excellence. A combination of growth, expansion and development across their team and facilities to earn their award.

Jem’s Bees has flown to the top as the Lone Wolf Business of the Year. Showcasing a sustainable and creative approach to beekeeping and product diversification, their dedication to low-impact living and passion for nature conservation shines through their unique business model. Watch our interview with Jem below:

Jem’s Bees, Winner of the Lone Wolf Business of the Year

Awarded Best Small Business Website, South West Kustom & Restoration exemplifies mastery in vehicle customisation and restoration. Their online presence not only displays their craftsmanship but also serves as an inspiration to automotive enthusiasts, highlighting the artistry and dedication inherent in their work.

Taking the spotlight for the Best Mobile Site award is Optimal Events Hire. Their comprehensive party hire solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction have made them a go-to choice for event planning, enhancing celebrations across East Central Scotland with quality and reliability.

AMT Homecare Group is celebrated as the Best Local Small Business, illustrating the significant impact of property maintenance and care services in the North West. Their dedication to client satisfaction and community service has made them a pillar in their local economy, underlining the vital role of small businesses in maintaining and improving our living spaces.

Awarded the Rising Star Award, Jamie Pidgley of Zappie Communications is recognised for his visionary leadership in telecommunications. His innovative approach to customer communication solutions has set new industry standards, highlighting the transformative power of technology and strategic vision in connecting businesses with their audiences.

Broadstone Risks, the Small Business Leader of the Year, has redefined the security and intelligence service landscape with its cutting-edge solutions. Their approach to modern threats with advanced technologies and expertise underscores the critical importance of security in today’s digital world.

True Talent emerges as the Best International Small Business, showcasing the global impact of connecting talent with brands. Their dedication to creating memorable collaborations emphasises the power of networking and the far-reaching effects of a well-executed partnership.

2024 Small Business Awards Finalists

Honouring Small Business Excellence

This year’s 2024 Small Business Awards underscore the diverse capabilities and adaptability of the UK’s small business sector. From innovative digital solutions by KSB Technologies to True Talent‘s global outreach, each winner has carved a unique path in their field, underlining their commitment to innovation, quality, and community engagement.

The awards illuminate the crucial role of small businesses in the UK economy, showcasing their ability to innovate and impact communities positively. The varied achievements across sectors demonstrate the dynamic nature of the small business community, continually striving for excellence with vision and determination.

We eagerly anticipate the future contributions and successes of the UK’s small business sector, a foundational pillar of economic resilience and innovation, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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