How to write a submission for a business award

5 Simple Steps to Writing an Award-Winning Submission

As a small business owner, you are probably always looking for ways to increase your visibility and stature in the eyes of your customers, potential investors, and other industry leaders. Awards entries can be a great way to achieve this – by submitting entries that demonstrate excellence in your field and demonstrate why you deserve a particular award. In this Hub article, we’ll outline simple steps that will help you write an award-winning awards submission. Whether you’re writing for a business category or a very specific award, these tips will help you write a winning submission that will put your business – or you – in the spotlight.

What are awards entries?

Awards submissions are a great way to tell your story and highlight the achievements of your company or organization. They can be a powerful marketing tool, and allow you to convey values that truly represent your business. Before you start writing, make sure to identify the award that best represents your business’ ethos or mission. This will help you write a compelling narrative that showcases why your organization deserves the award.

5 Tips on writing successful awards entries

Awards submissions can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of preparation and effort, the process can be simplified significantly. Before you start writing, make sure to develop a clear and concise idea for your submission. This will help you write with clarity and precision. Additionally, keep the length of your submission short – 2000 words should be more than enough. Editing is essential for a successful awards submission – make sure to proofread and edit as necessary to ensure that your award submission is error-free and captures the reader’s attention. Then, pass it to someone who can do the same, as this may highlight errors you missed!

1. Stay on topic.

It is important to stay on topic when submitting content for awards. This way, your submissions will be easily accepted and won’t get marked as spam. Writing in a clear, concise and easy-to-read manner helps make the process quick and painless. Keep your entries short – no more than 2,000 words – to avoid dragging down the quality of the entire submission batch. And lastly, be creative! There are countless award categories out there that can accommodate any kind of writing or storytelling idea you might have up your sleeve!

2. Write offline.

When it comes to writing a submission for COP 26, the process can be made much easier if you use templates or get help from an expert. This will save time as you won’t have to spend hours trying to come up with the perfect wording on your own. Instead, use a word processing application such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages and prepare your document accordingly. Once you are familiar with the application, using it offline will make writing submissions much faster and more efficient!

3. Tell the truth.

Writing an award submission can be a daunting task, but it’s important that you always keep in mind the goal of telling the truth. This means avoiding any embellishments or false claims and sticking to the facts. When writing your award submission, make sure to focus on what makes your company stand out from its competitors – this is where strong storytelling comes in handy. Use powerful words and images to capture reader interest and attention, making sure all information is accurate before submitting!

4. Quantify the results.

There is no doubt that hard facts and data makes a difference – quantifying the results of your efforts is essential in order to prove it. Numbers and figures should be used to illustrate your points, making sure you are clear and concise at all times. In fact, examples from your industry can help make an even stronger case for your submission. Above all, keep a positive outlook – even if some of the data doesn’t suggest things are all that positive! Focus on what has worked and why.

How to win a business award

5. Don’t miss the awards deadline!

Submitting early will give you a better chance at winning! However, it’s always best to contact the organization in advance and get any specific instructions or questions answered. Sending an award submission can be a big job to undertake, but using the tips provided here will make the process much easier. Getting feedback from an expert can also help you hone your submission into a winning piece – so, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance! 

More tips

  • Choose a tone that matches your business – professional, relaxed, funny etc..
  • Write a clear and concise introduction.
  • Outline the award-winning accomplishments of your organization in detail.
  • Offer testimonials from past clients or customers.
  • Wrap up with a triumphant statement about the future of your organization.


Awards entries can be difficult, but with some forward planning and a little help, you can ensure that your submission is top notch and worthy of winning an award. Make sure to read through the tips carefully and apply them to your own submission. Good luck!

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