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A Deep Dive into the 2023 Business Training & Education Awards: The Champions and Trailblazers

It’s that time of year again where we shine a spotlight on businesses that have shown exceptional commitment to training and education. The Business Training & Education Awards serve as an annual benchmark, honouring companies that invest significantly in the development and career growth of their employees. This year’s awards have been a platform for sharing inspirational stories and impressive achievements.

The Torchbearers: Celebrating the Winners

The awards this year have highlighted a range of talent and innovation across various sectors. Amicus Recruitment have outdone themselves by winning ‘Best Technical Training Program’ and ‘Best New Employee Onboarding’. Their innovative approaches to technical training and employee onboarding have set new industry standards, making them deserving winners in these categories. Founded in 2017, Amicus Recruitment has quickly emerged as a leading provider of tech talent across technologies like Python, Golang, and Machine Learning. Their client roster is as impressive as their accolades, boasting partnerships with global brands like Twitter and SkyScanner.

Clinching the ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion Training’ and ‘Best Leadership Development’ awards, Anna Daphna Coaching Ltd has displayed a stellar commitment to inclusive learning and leadership growth. The founder, an ADHD and executive function coach with qualifications in teaching and psychology, has over 18 years of experience and more than 10,000 coaching hours to her credit. She has also been honoured in the Brainz Magazine Brainz 500 Global, further solidifying her reputation as a top leader in the field.

Recognised as the ‘Best Upskilling Provider’, Eden Smith Group stands as a beacon for continuous professional development in the data realm. Eden Smith Group offers a unique blend of personal services to maximise an organisation’s potential.

With an accolade for the ‘Best Learning and Development Strategy’, Hot Source Creative has proven their prowess in curating a robust plan for holistic employee development. Their approach is not just about strategy; it’s about aligning objectives and working alongside clients for mutual success. They focus on solid strategic planning, creative digital implementation, and serious persistence.

Earning the titles of ‘Best Online Training Service Provider’ and ‘Training Program of the Year’, Mindcanyon is doing outstanding work advancing the digital landscape in mental health training. Founded and directed by Steve Carr, a seasoned mental health and suicide first aid trainer, Mindcanyon combines a unique blend of professional expertise and lived experience. With over eight years of dedication to the field, Steve Carr is committed to empowering individuals and organisations to recognise and respond to mental health crises – inspiring work deserving of recognition.

Nationally accredited educators Reeves Training Solutions Ltd made a lasting impact this year by winning ‘Business Training Manager of the Year’, ‘Best Internal Training Management System’, and ‘Best Employee Development Program’. Their comprehensive approach to internal training management has set a benchmark for others to follow. Offering a wide range of accredited training courses, including First Aid, Fire Safety, Health & Safety, and specialized training in Plumbing & Drainage, they are committed to meeting diverse business needs.

Accredited in leadership and technical training, Sarah Artistry has gained well-deserved recognition this year. As a world-class, regulated, private institute of learning, they are one of the UK’s leading private beauty qualification providers. Working with top brands, Sarah and her team have garnered techniques used by leading celebrity makeup artists and aestheticians, which they pass on to their students. With locations in London and Dubai, their variety of courses in makeup, skincare, and aesthetics cover a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Winning the ‘Best Online Course Provider’ award, Social Care TV has set a gold standard for online training in the health and social care sector. As the online arm of Mulberry House Ltd, they bring over 20 years of expertise in high-quality video-based training resources to the table. Recognising the growing demand for online training as early as 2006, they have consistently innovated to meet the sector’s needs. Their passion for innovative training solutions has made them a crucial asset in the industry.

Clinching the ‘Best Dental Training Provider’ award, UK.Dental has established itself as a preeminent platform for dental professionals, especially those qualified outside the UK. As an award-winning one-stop platform, they offer a plethora of services, from training and CPD courses to career guidance and GDC registration. Their comprehensive range of offerings makes them a pivotal resource for anyone in the dental profession seeking to further their career, ensuring they are well-deserving of this prestigious award.

Last but not least, scoring the ‘Best Leadership Training Program’, The Academe has made its mark as an indispensable resource for leaders looking to build self-confidence and trust within their teams. Although they describe themselves as ‘small but mighty’, their impact is anything but diminutive. On a mission to create confident humans, they offer award-winning corporate packages skilfully designed for leaders and teams. Their individual packages also aim to silence the inner critic, making them a comprehensive solution for building self-confidence.

The Vanguard: Honouring the Finalists

Being a finalist in the 2023 Business Training & Education Awards is no small feat. Companies like Amicus Recruitment and Anna Daphna Coaching Ltd not only won in their respective categories but were also finalists in others, showcasing their versatility in corporate training.

Career Smart Ltd stood out as a finalist for ‘Best Customised Training’ and ‘Best Online Training Service Provider’, marking them as a company to watch in the future.

Furthermore, Hot Source Creative was in the running for multiple categories, including ‘Business Training Provider of the Year’, ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion Training Program’, and ‘Best Employee Development’. Their comprehensive approach to training makes them a strong contender for future awards.

It’s inspiring to see such a wide array of talent and expertise, and each finalist has played a part in elevating the industry standards.

The Ripple Effect: The Lasting Impact of the Awards

The 2023 Business Training & Education Awards serve as a catalyst, inspiring a ripple effect of positive change across the corporate training and education landscape. These awards do more than celebrate the present; they shape the future, challenging every participant to continually strive for excellence. We eagerly await the next edition, certain that it will bring even more innovation and excellence to the forefront.

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