A Toast to the Winners: The 2024 Hospitality Awards Results Announced

The 2024 Hospitality Awards have closed and the results revealed. As we announce our winners and finalists, we’re thrilled to toast those who are not just participating in but setting the pace for excellence and innovation in hospitality.

Our 2024 Hospitality Awards Winners

Bawtry Hall, awarded Hospitality Business of the Year 2024, impresses with its commitment to providing exceptional experiences against the beautiful backdrop of its historic estate, perfect for both grand events and intimate gatherings. Their tailored approach ensures each event is both unique and memorable, reflecting the individuality of each guest.

Hospitality Business of the Year 2024, Bawtry Hall

At Hatherley Manor Hotel & Spa, which clinched the Best Wedding Venue award, the blend of historical ambiance and modern luxury creates unforgettable experiences. The manor’s dedication to maintaining its historical integrity while delivering exceptional service makes it a deserving winner of this accolade. Celebrated for their impeccable customer service and stunning settings, they ensure every event is nothing short of magical.

The Langham London won the Most Positive Community Impact award, a testament to their profound engagement with local and global communities. Their proactive initiatives from supporting the London Feeding Project to promoting environmental sustainability illustrate a model of responsible hospitality that impacts far beyond their doors.

The Most Innovative Business award went to Creams Cafe. Known for its dynamic dessert innovations and ability to adapt to consumer trends, Creams Cafe’s influence on the UK dessert scene is both trendsetting and deliciously inspiring. Their constant innovation not only satisfies sweet tooths but also sets trends in the food industry.

Most Innovative Business winner Creams Cafe

Auden Hospitality, the Hospitality Industry Leader, transforms food and beverage operations with strategic brilliance and operational excellence, setting a high benchmark in the sector. Their visionary approach in enhancing dining experiences elevates customer satisfaction and drives business success.

ClubTogether Hospitality Ltd received the Business Transformation Award for revolutionizing health and wellness travel with their bespoke itineraries, underlining their dedication to enhancing client well-being through personalized experiences. Their innovative programs not only cater to health and relaxation but also integrate cultural immersion, setting them apart in the wellness tourism sector.

The Crafty Egg, our Rising Star Award winner, has quickly become a beloved part of the Bristol community by offering a unique cafe bar experience, thriving on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a vibrant atmosphere that brings people together. Their innovative menu and community-focused events have made them a standout addition to the local culinary scene.

2024 Hospitality Awards Finalists

  • Albert Hall Manchester – Best Wedding Venue
  • Auden Hospitality – Most Innovative Business
  • Luxor Events – Business Transformation Award
  • The Ironmongers Boutique – Most Positive Community Impact, Rising Star Award
  • ClubTogether Hospitality Ltd – Hospitality Industry Leader
  • Albert Hall Manchester – Hospitality Business of the Year 2024

Reflecting on Our Achievements

As we wrap up the 2024 Hospitality Awards, we are invigorated by the incredible impact each winner and finalist has had within their communities and the broader hospitality landscape. Their commitment to excellence not only enhances their customer’s experiences but also pushes the entire industry forward.

This year’s awards underline the importance of innovation, community engagement, and sustainability within hospitality. Our winners exemplify what it means to lead with integrity, creativity, and passion for service. Here’s to another year of outstanding achievements and inspiring the next generation of hospitality leaders!

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists. Here’s to continuing to elevate the standards of hospitality!

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