2023 Care Awards

Above and Beyond the Duty of Care: Spotlighting the Winners and Finalists of the 2023 Care Awards

We are absolutely delighted to unveil the standout winners and deserving finalists of the 2023 Care Awards. These accolades shine a light on the unwavering dedication, innovation, and significant contributions of trailblazers in the health and social care sector.

Celebrating Healthcare Excellence: 2023 Care Award Winners

Leading the way in care consultancy with over a decade of expertise, Corner Stone Care Solutions Ltd has rightfully earned the Best Leadership accolade. Their in-depth understanding of CQC and CIW reviews and hands-on approach to enhancing care homes solidifies their esteemed position.

Deservedly recognised as Britain’s top provider of support for carers, Crossroads Care Rotherham has bagged awards for Best Staff Training and Development as well as Best Not For Profit Care Provider. With an expansive network and steadfast commitment, they’ve transformed the care support landscape.

Crossroads Care Rotherham Award Winners

Earning accolades for Best Care Company To Work For and Best Outside Agency Liason, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals serve a vast population. Their spectrum of healthcare services and dedication to excellence in patient care and inter-agency communication are truly commendable.

Recognised for their groundbreaking Best Clinical Management System, Nexus Digital Technology Limited is on a mission. Their commitment to promoting lifelong health and wellbeing using innovative digital solutions marks them as pioneers in healthcare technology.

In the realm of technological advancements in care, Suffolk County Council stands out. Their innovative digital care service, Cassius, has not only been a game-changer for thousands of residents but has also secured them the Best Use of Technology award.

Clinching the Best Newcomer Home Care Provider award, A&R Priority Healthcare offers a fresh perspective in the home care landscape. Their unique home visiting service and dedication to responsive healthcare are setting new benchmarks.

Honouring Healthcare Innovators: Our 2023 Care Award Finalists

Both Cornerstone Care Solutions and Crossroads Care Rotherham have showcased excellence in fostering partnerships, making them top contenders for Best Outside Agency Liason. Reflecting an organisational ethos that’s second to none, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals were shortlisted for Best Leadership. With a drive for seamlessly integrating tech into patient care, Nexus Digital Technology Limited received a nod for Best Use of Technology. Lastly, celebrating a stellar work environment and unparalleled dedication to their employees, Oxvue Healthcare stood out as a finalist for Best Care Company To Work For.

A Bright Horizon: Reflecting on Healthcare Innovations and Aspirations

The culmination of the 2023 Care Awards offers a moment of reflection on the collective strides made in the health and social care sector. It’s evident that our winners and finalists are not merely responding to the challenges of the present but are proactively shaping the future. Their innovations, whether through digital solutions that empower individuals or holistic approaches to wellbeing, signal a shift towards more personalised and effective care.

Their combined efforts underscore a vital truth: the path to excellence in healthcare is paved with collaboration, innovation, and a deep-rooted commitment to community welfare. As we look forward to the subsequent editions of the Care Awards, we’re reminded of the profound impact that dedicated professionals can make, and we’re filled with optimism for the transformative changes on the horizon.

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