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We are very proud to be partners with UK company, AddStars, and share their service with our clients as sponsors of Business Awards UK. AddStars is a company that provides immense value to the many small to medium businesses we work with, who share our philosophy that all businesses should be able to celebrate their accolades, no matter their size.

What Do AddStars Do?

AddStars is a review aggregation solution that lets you easily collect your reviews from around the web and display them on Google results.

AddStars is not a review platform like TrustPilot or Feefo, and it’s not a plugin for your website. AddStars is different!

AddStars is the only tool that exclusively collects your reviews from multiple review platforms, bundles them together, and displays them as a total on Google Search results.

Who Are AddStars?

AddStars Ltd is a progressive independent company which has developed a simple idea with a huge benefit. 

AddStars won’t try to baffle you with endless technical mumbo jumbo. Instead, they prefer to stick to straight-talking and explanations in simple terms that are easy to understand and even easier to put in place.

That’s why everything AddStars does is focused on the needs of small to medium businesses. Their mission is to provide the most affordable way of getting your hard-earned reviews working even harder for you on Google, and driving more prospective customers your way.

How It Works

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