Advancing Dental Excellence: The 2023 Dentistry Awards Winners and Finalists

All of us at Business Awards UK are delighted to shine a light on the exceptional talent and dedication of the winners and finalists of the 2023 Dentistry Awards. This year’s awards have celebrated the dental professionals who have excelled in providing exceptional patient care, innovative treatments, and made significant contributions to the field of dentistry.

The 2023 Dentistry Awards Winners

An outstanding achievement for Dr. Nabila Shamsan Azim of Face Studio Clinic, who has been awarded Dental Hygienist of the Year. A University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry alumnus, Dr. Azim is not only a skilled Dental Surgeon but also an Advanced Facial Aesthetic Practitioner. Renowned for her holistic approach and meticulous attention to detail, she ensures natural results and patient comfort by integrating the latest advancements in aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

Portrait photograph of Nabila Shamsan Azim, winner of Dental Hygienist of the Year
Dr. Nabila Azim of Face Studio Clinic, Winner of Dental Hygienist of the Year

Worcester Street Dental Practice stands out as the Dental Practice Team of the Year. Based in Stourbridge, they provide high-quality private dental care, offering the latest cosmetic and restorative procedures alongside traditional dental techniques.

For the Patient-Centred Dental Care Award, York House Dental Practice is recognised for their long-established family dental practice, caring for the local community’s dental needs for more than 30 years with genuine enthusiasm, warmth, and commitment to quality.

York House Dental Practice, Winner of the Patient-Centred Dental Care Award

Iconic Smiles has been recognised with our Digital Dentistry Innovation Award. With a philosophy of integrating Dentistry and physical well-being, they have experience in smile rejuvenation, transforming worn, tired teeth into bright, beautiful smiles.

Iconic Smiles, Winners of Digital Dentistry Innovation

Winning Orthodontist of the Year, Monton Green Dentistry & Orthodontics Ltd is celebrated for their up-to-date dental care in modern, well-equipped surgeries and their belief in listening to patients to understand their desired aims of treatment.

Nabeel Jamil, The Invisalign Dentist is honoured as the Cosmetic Dentist of the Year. An award-winning cosmetic dentist with a focus on restorative and aesthetic dentistry, Nabeel Jamil is dedicated to transforming smiles and starting patients on their smile journey.

Andover Advanced Dental Centre clinches the Dentist of the Year Award. This modern practice is highly experienced in providing excellent dental care for patients in and around Hampshire, priding themselves on their outstanding level of dental care, sanitation, and cutting-edge technology.

Andover Advanced Dental Care, Winners of Dentist of the Year

And last but certainly not least, winning the title of Best Dental Practice, is Tower Hill Dental Practice. Located in the heart of Sowerby Bridge, they provide great patient care and affordably priced general and cosmetic dental treatment, with a focus on preventative techniques and maintaining a healthy mouth.

Honouring the Finalists

The 2023 Dentistry Awards also celebrated an array of talented finalists, each showcasing remarkable proficiency and commitment to the dental sector:

In conclusion, the 2023 Dentistry Awards have not only celebrated the pinnacle of dental professionalism and patient care but have also recognised the ingenuity, passion, and dedication that these dental professionals bring to their crafts. Their influence extends far beyond their practices, shaping both the healthcare system and culture, and setting the highest standards of excellence in the dentistry community. We look forward to their continued contributions and the vibrant future they will shape in the world of dental healthcare.

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