An Exhibition of Success: The 2024 Events and Exhibitions Awards Winners and Finalists

The 2024 Events and Exhibitions Awards have showcased an impressive array of talent and creativity. This year, we celebrate the events industry pioneers who have transformed challenges into spectacular experiences, pushing the boundaries of creativity, excellence, and community impact, setting standards across diverse aspects of event planning and execution.

Our 2024 Events and Exhibitions Awards Winners

Emerge Events, crowned as Event Planner of the Year, excels in transforming each client’s vision into perfectly executed events. Their commitment to personalised service and exceptional planning is evident in every detail, from venue selection to final execution. This dedication ensures that each event not only meets but exceeds client expectations, setting them apart as leaders in the event planning industry.

Julie Farr, founder of Emerge Events

Affinity Devon Outlet Shopping stands out with dual wins in Best Fundraising Event and Best Charity Event categories. Their events, particularly the “Summer of Fun” initiative, cleverly integrate entertainment with meaningful fundraising, offering a series of engaging activities designed to appeal to families and community members. These events not only provide delightful experiences but also significantly contribute to local causes, enhancing community ties and support.

The “Summer of Fun” initiative showcases Affinity Devon’s innovative event planning. This six-week on-site activation was designed to support the local community during the school holidays by providing free, accessible events that not only entertained families but also boosted footfall and sales at the centre. Partnering with local suppliers, Affinity Devon offered a range of activities from climbing walls and mini-golf to themed activity schools, creating a vibrant, community-driven atmosphere. The initiative’s impact was substantial, raising over £1,000 for a local children’s charity and generating a wealth of positive feedback from the community.

At Barnham Broom, crowned for Best Event Catering, their approach merges traditional flavours with innovative presentations to create dishes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. Their commitment to local sourcing not only enhances the dining experience but also supports the community, making every meal a testament to sustainable practices.

The Escape Key wins Most Innovative Event Technology with their groundbreaking use of augmented reality that turns ordinary events into extraordinary adventures. Their technology invites attendees to interact with the environment in ways that blur the line between virtual and reality, making each event unforgettable.

Mocean, celebrated for Best Brand Activation Event, has consistently delivered campaigns that not only capture attention but also resonate on a deeper level with audiences. Their creative strategies ensure that each brand they represent shines distinctly in crowded marketplaces.

Noble Events has been awarded for Best Corporate Event due to their flawless orchestration of complex logistics and their ability to maintain a high level of elegance and professionalism, setting them apart in the corporate world.

Creating immersive environments that transport attendees to carefully crafted alternate realities, OneTwo captures the prize for Best Themed Event. Their attention to detail and ability to engage all senses ensure a cohesive and captivating experience.

Aures London, recognised for Most Culturally Diverse Event, has celebrated diversity through events that not only entertain but educate and connect different cultures, enriching the fabric of our social landscape.

Aures London uses a fully-immersive digital art, events and exhibition space to deliver engaging experiences

Emma McCarthy-Duffy, founder of Go Book It, shines as our Events & Exhibitions Rising Star. Their innovative direct booking platform connects event planners, with independent event suppliers, eliminating agency fees and hiked pricing, to revolutionise the booking process with transparency at its core.

Luxor Events Ltd is honoured for Best Client Experience. Their meticulous approach to client relations ensures every event is reflective of the client’s vision, backed by unparalleled support throughout the planning process.

IHDC earns the accolade for Best Virtual Event, demonstrating exemplary skill in crafting online experiences that rival live events in engagement and interactivity. Their flagship GAconf leverages advanced streaming technology and interactive elements to create an accessible, inclusive environment, allowing participants from around the globe to connect seamlessly. By incorporating real-time captioning, sign language interpretation, and adaptive user interfaces, IHDC sets a benchmark for virtual event accessibility, ensuring every participant enjoys a fully immersive experience.

2024 Events and Exhibitions Awards Finalists

  • Barnham Broom – Event Planner of the Year
  • My Furniture Hire – Events & Exhibitions Rising Star
  • The Escape Key – Best Themed Event
  • Mocean – Best Corporate Event
  • Aures London – Best Virtual Event, Most Innovative Event Technology, Best Brand Activation Event
  • EEL ASSOCIATION – Most Culturally Diverse Event
  • Bespoke DJ Services – Best Client Experience
  • Feenans Kitchen – Best Event Catering
  • IHDC – Best Corporate Event
  • EPH Creative – Best Themed Event, Most Culturally Diverse Event

Wrapping Up

As we reflect on the 2024 Events and Exhibitions Awards, we’re inspired by the dedication and creativity of our winners and finalists. Their contributions not only enhance the events industry but also set inspiring examples of innovation, excellence, and community focus. We eagerly anticipate their future projects and the continued evolution of the events and exhibitions landscape.

Congratulations once again to all our distinguished winners and finalists. Here’s to a year of continued innovation and exceptional experiences in the events and exhibitions sector!

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