Bedfordshire’s Finest: Celebrating Our 2023 Award Winners

In the heart of England, Bedfordshire’s business landscape has once again demonstrated its vibrant and dynamic nature. The 2023 Bedfordshire Business Awards bring into focus the innovative spirit and resilience that characterise this region’s enterprises. As we unveil this year’s winners, we not only celebrate their individual achievements but also recognise the collective drive that continues to propel Bedfordshire’s economy forward.

Recognising Outstanding Businesses

In the category of Car Sales Business of the Year, the prestigious award goes to Manton Car Sales. Their exceptional service, unmatched expertise, and passion for the automotive industry have earned them this well-deserved recognition.

Moving on to the ILP of the Year, the coveted title is bestowed upon Geopace Training. With their dedication to providing cutting-edge training services and unwavering commitment to education, Geopace Training truly stands out.

For the Residential Cleaning Service of the Year, the spotlight shines on My Window Cleaner Central Beds. Their dedication to delivering impeccable cleaning services to homes in Central Bedfordshire has earned them the highest praise.

In the vital category of Recycling and Waste Management Company of the Year, the award goes to none other than B & W Waste Management. Their tireless efforts in sustainable waste management have not only made a positive impact on the environment but have also set a shining example for the industry.

We are immensely proud to share the achievements of these outstanding businesses. Each of them has demonstrated excellence in their respective fields, showcasing how businesses can drive innovation and contribute to the prosperity of Bedfordshire.

Let’s applaud these stories of dedication, innovation, and success – the cornerstones of Bedfordshire’s business community.

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