Buckinghamshire’s Best in Business: 2023 Award Winners

From the bustling streets of Milton Keynes to the historic charms of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire’s diverse business community is a force to be reckoned with. In the 2023 Buckinghamshire Business Awards, we celebrate the exceptional achievements of those who have not only excelled in their fields but also contributed to the county’s economic vitality.

These accolades reflect our deep appreciation for their entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and dedication to excellence. Let’s come together to celebrate these outstanding businesses and leaders who are not only setting new standards but also shaping the future of business in Buckinghamshire.

Recognising Outstanding Businesses and Leaders

In the category of Best Pet Grooming Business, the spotlight shines on Premier Paws Dog Grooming. Their exceptional pet grooming services have made tails wag in Buckinghamshire, and their dedication to furry clients is truly commendable.

Next, we acknowledge the exceptional achievements of My Fit Pod Ltd, our Newcomer Sports and Fitness Facility. Their innovative approach to fitness and well-being has quickly gained popularity in Buckinghamshire.

For Residential Cleaning Service of the Year, the award goes to My Window Cleaner (Buckingham) Ltd. Their dedication to providing sparkling clean windows in Buckinghamshire homes is evident in their work, and they continue to shine in their field.

In the category of Young Business Leader of the Year, we applaud the visionary leadership of Syed Daniel Kamal Shah from Hilton Car Supermarket. Syed’s financial acumen and leadership skills make him a rising star in Buckinghamshire’s business community.

The title of Restaurant of the Year belongs to Melis Restaurant. Their exceptional cuisine and dining experience have made them a cherished destination for food enthusiasts in Buckinghamshire.

We are immensely proud to share the achievements of these outstanding businesses and leaders. Each of them has demonstrated unwavering commitment and excellence in their respective fields, showcasing how businesses and individuals can drive innovation and contribute to the prosperity of Buckinghamshire.

Let’s applaud these stories of dedication, innovation, and success – the cornerstones of Buckinghamshire’s thriving business community.

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