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Making Business Awards accessible to all

Free entry on all awards

Most of the awards out there charge an entry fee (anything up to £500) per category.

This significantly reduces the number of entries and means companies with deep pockets are disproportionately represented.

We only charge the companies who win the awards which means more organisations can apply and only the ones who actually benefit will pay. This means there's zero risk in taking part.

Quick and easy to apply

We make the process sleek and simple so you don't spend hours on each application.

Quickly select the categories you're interested in and complete a 15 mins submission form.

No need to register.

Apply for as many categories as you like using the same simple form by selecting multiple categories.

No costly awards ceremony

We hold no award ceremony as this is typically used as a way to cash in on the nominees.

In traditional awards, many of the nominated companies struggle to afford the event itself (typical costs around £199 per person). They also find challenging to take time out to send representatives and pay for their travel expenses.

Optional trophy

If you can't afford a trophy, or have run out of space on the old awards shelf, you don't need to buy one.

All award holders will receive a digital badge which they can proudly display on their websites and post on social media.

Top 5 Reasons To Enter UK Business Awards

1. Your company’s profile and reputation may be enhanced by being a finalist or winning UK business awards.

You may be surprised to learn that winning UK business awards can actually have a significant impact on your company’s profile and reputation. This is because the accolades legitimise your business and help to promote it to potential customers, partners, and employees. In addition, being honoured by prestigious organizations and trusted awards companies like Business Awards UK can lead to new opportunities for growth or partnerships. Whether you’re looking for an advantage in the marketplace or just want to show off your success, winning awards can be a great way to achieve both goals!

2. UK business awards can increase sales, create new partnerships, and attract new customers.

Receiving awards for your business can increase sales by showing potential customers that you’re a reputable company with a strong track record. Additionally, winning awards can create new partnerships and collaborations with other businesses or organizations. As mentioned earlier, being recognised as an esteemed award recipient can lead to increased interest from potential investors or partners. If your strategy includes boosting your company’s image and growing your business in the short term or long term, UK business awards are a powerful toolkit!

3. Winning UK business awards can lead to higher employee retention rates and a better work-life balance for you and your team.

Since winning awards can be appreciated both by third parties and internally, it can help to retain your top talent. Everybody wants to be proud of the place they work, and being able to say you work for an award-winning company is a huge bonus. In addition, businesses that win awards often have more flexible work schedules and better work-life balance policies in place, as this is one of the main factors that separates good companies from the best. This means that employees are incentivized to stay with the company for long periods of time and feel appreciated both professionally and personally. As a business owner, this is an important advantage to keep in mind!

4. By entering and winning UK business awards as a director, owner or CEO, you’ll be recognised as a top player in your field.

Being recognised as a top player in your industry can have a number of benefits, the most important of which is increased visibility. Although this may not be enough on its own to bring you new customers or investment, it will certainly help to build your reputation and improve brand awareness. Additionally, winning awards can highlight specific areas that you’re excelling at and offer potential employers an overview of your skills and experience. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a leadership position in your field, entering UK business awards is one way to do just that. It’s not just the winning that counts, either. Even being a finalist in a business awards category is extremely helpful to your personal career profile.

5. You’ll learn how to improve your marketing strategy, customer service, branding, or finance skills.

One of the unsung benefits of participating in business awards is that you’ll learn how to improve a vast range of skills that are useful in running a business. This can be invaluable if you want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your company remains profitable and successful over time.

Awards communities are often made up of by industry experts who can offer helpful tips and advice on how best to run your business. By invovling yourself in awards community events and forums, you’ll also have a chance to network with fellow entrepreneurs and gain valuable insights into the latest trends in your field.

All in all, business awards can be a great way to boost your profile, learn new skills, and build relationships with influential industry figures.

Enter now for free with Business Awards UK.

how much does it cost?

You can apply to as many awards as you wish across the various categories.
All 100% free of charge at ZERO risk to you.

EntRy Fee

£ 0

And what happens if I win an award? If you win an award we’ll charge you a fee (see below).


Category Winner

Best in Category
£ 375 Nothing to pay unless you win the award


Runner up (up to 2 businesses)
£ 0 Free of charge from 2022

Only pay if you win the top award in your category!

Early entries

£ 199 Nothing to pay unless you get an award

Standard Price

£ 375 Nothing to pay unless you get an award

Early entries

£ 199 Nothing to pay unless you get an award

31st July 2021

days to go

31st July 2021

days to go

optional Add-On


£ 99 This is entirely optional
Virtual badges will be issued free of charge

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s absolutely nothing to pay! Only entries that subsequently win the top award within their category will be charged. Finalist (runners up) awards will be offered for each category free of charge.

There is no official limit on the amount of awards or award categories a company or individual may enter.

First of all, we don’t run awards in areas / sectors in which we may have a commercial interest in to reduce bias on our part.

Right now the judging panel is composed by a mixture of internal staff members and guest/external subject matter experts.

We follow a stringent scoring process which has been carefully designed to ensure entries are judged fairly and consistently within each category.

We are constantly reviewing our practices and procedures to further strengthen the process.

We score entries on a number of areas but the key ones are uniqueness, if an example was provided, quality of example provided (if any), likely validity of the claim and so on.

The best way for you to stand out is to be as succinct as possible while providing enough detail and ideally a specific example which is highly related to category.

If you win an award we’ll send you a private email (typically 45 days ahead of the official announcement) congratulating you on your achievement.

The same email will ask you if you’d also like to acquire an optional physical trophy (electronic badges are included).

The next step is for us to forward the payment options – payment link, bank transfer or 30 day invoice.

We are unable to announce you as a winner before we receive the full payment. Should the payment not be received before the official announcement date you’ll forfeit your award and it will automatically go to the next highest scored entry.

The applications deadline will be announced and when this is reached, no additional applications will be accepted.

The awards will be announced 30 days after the final deadline date.

We frequently launch new awards across additional sectors. The deadlines and scheduling may be different depending on the award so please visit the relevant award page on the website for more information.

We are not your parents and we don’t run a nursery. This means you’ll only get an award if you deserve it! :-)

Even if you’re the only entry in a particular award category, we won’t automatically give you the award – we’d invite additional entries instead.

We’ll never accept any money or offer of payment upfront (before you are offered the award).

Yes, we are VAT registered so need to charge VAT also.

Final Deadline for Entries: 30th September 2021

send me a reminder

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We won’t contact you with anything else

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