Celebrating Craftsmanship: The 2023 Maker Awards Winners and Finalists

We’re thrilled to celebrate the remarkable talent and dedication of the winners and finalists of the 2023 Maker Awards. This year’s awards spotlight the artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have showcased excellence in their craft, bringing innovation and traditional techniques to the forefront of the industry.

The 2023 Maker Awards Winners

An exceptional achievement for Fan The Glory With Tori, awarded the Diversity and Inclusion Champion. Their dedication to reviving the art of fan making has not only preserved a timeless craft but also represents the values of peace, love, and goodness.

Fan The Glory With Tori, Winner of Diversity and Inclusion Champion

North Product Design Ltd has been recognised as the Industry Leader. Their commitment to creating products that are good for people, businesses, communities, and the planet sets a benchmark for sustainable innovation.

In the category of Best Youth Development, Wood & Wire stands out for their dedication to crafting exquisite and customised plywood kitchens, furniture, and upholstery, while keeping sustainability at the core of their operations.

The Wood & Wire team
Wood & Wire, recognised for Best Youth Development

The Triumph Over Adversity Award goes to Enamel on the Yarrow. Their unique exploration of fire, metal, and glass, coupled with a commitment to using recycled materials and supporting heritage crafts, makes their work truly inspiring.

Winning the Best Customer Focus award, Vanlife Conversions Ltd has transformed the concept of travel and lifestyle with their premium contemporary van conversions, offering freedom and new perspectives to their clientele.

Vanlife Conversions, Winners of the Best Customer Focus Award.

Laura-Louise Winterbourne of The Giftie Company is recognised with the Rising Star Award. Their approach to making people smile through gifts, homeware, and stationery, along with their commitment to exceptional customer service and community support, truly sets them apart.

For Best Customer Experience, Vanlife Conversions Ltd is honoured again, affirming their dedication to creating memorable and life-changing travel experiences.

Christopher Leslie Bespoke Ltd clinches the Best Artisanal Business award. Their passion for keeping furniture personal and crafting bespoke pieces that resonate with individuality and harmony is exemplary.

And for Fastest Business Growth, The Giftie Company Ltd is honoured once more, showcasing their rapid ascent in the industry while maintaining a focus on personal touch and community values.

Honouring the Finalists

The 2023 Maker Awards also celebrated a talented group of finalists, each contributing their unique flair and innovation to the industry:

  • Wood & Wire – Finalist for Best Customer Focus
  • The Marquetry Shack – Finalist for Industry Leader Award
  • Enamel on the Yarrow – Finalist for Best Youth Development
  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Finalist for Rising Star Award
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke Ltd – Finalist for Triumph Over Adversity Award
  • Cuecard Productions – Finalist for Most Positive Community Impact
  • QAWAYA LIMITED – Finalist for Best Digital Creation
  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Finalist for Best Customer Experience
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke Ltd – Finalist for Best Customer Focus
  • Cuecard Productions – Finalist for Industry Leader Award

In conclusion, the 2023 Maker Awards have not only celebrated the pinnacle of craftsmanship but have also recognised the ingenuity, passion, and dedication that these makers bring to their crafts. Their influence extends far beyond their workshops, shaping both the economy and culture, and setting the highest standards of excellence in the maker community. We look forward to their continued contributions and the vibrant future they will shape in the world of craftsmanship.

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