Dash Couriers Shantell Moore Interview

Charting Success with Resilience: An Interview with Businesswoman of the Year 2023 Shantell Moore of Dash Couriers

In our latest feature, Business Awards UK sits down with Shantell Moore, proud recipient of the “Businesswoman of the Year 2023” accolade from our 2023 Women in Business Awards. As the driving force behind Dash Couriers, Shantell has navigated a remarkable 30-year journey in Accounts & Finance, proving that she’s far from a one-dimensional professional. Beyond crunching numbers, she wears many hats, expertly juggling roles in HR, team management, and overseeing the growth of marketing and sales. Dive into our conversation as Shantell shares insights from her storied career, the challenges she’s overcome, and the opportunities that lie ahead following her recent award win.

The below is a concise transcript, we recommend watching the video for all the details.

From your entry we learned that you have 30 years of experience in accounts and finance. Can you talk us through the timeline of your career so far?

Yes, certainly. Basically, I’ve been in business with my husband for the last 30 years. So before Dash Couriers was born, we owned a used car garage and I used to do the old pen and paper sales ledgers and stock books. I’m basically self-taught. I left school with very minimal GCSEs. I was highly judged at school and everywhere I went, so I always used that as a force behind me to prove myself and to others.

Over the years, I’ve taught myself to the point now where my accountant even says that I’m better than all his degree graduates. I’m thorough, I understand numbers, and because I deal with accounts and finance daily, I understand the ins and outs of the business better. Anyone thinking they can’t do something, you can. I was told I would be nothing when I was at school, but now I’ve been the financial director of two successful businesses. Dash is growing rapidly, and my award is a testament to my hard work over the last 30 years.

Also, in your entry, you mentioned that a lot of your skills come from your own research and training. It mentions that you also do HR, team management, marketing, sales growth. How do you balance all these different roles with your main role in accounts and finance?

I think I’m like an octopus. I have many arms and I can juggle a lot of things. I’m very dedicated and devoted. When I have tasks and deadlines, I make sure to structure my working week.

The reason I do all the HR stuff, payroll, marketing, and social media is that we’re a family-run business. We started Dash with just my husband and me. In the beginning, we worked endless hours. That has now become a routine. Marketing is simple for us as we have great stories to share. HR is very important to me, especially driver welfare. I ensure they are well looked after. They can contact me anytime, and I often treat them to little things to show appreciation.

During your time, what challenges and problems have you faced and what have you learned from these experiences?

We’ve had a lot of experiences. I don’t believe in the word ‘mistakes’ because everyone is human. We’ve had ups and downs. Business isn’t always easy. There are times when drivers leave and recruitment is hard, which puts pressure on meeting client needs. But I always turn negative experiences into positives. I believe in accountability. At Dash Couriers, we hold ourselves accountable for everything. If there’s an issue or problem, it gets dealt with immediately.

What would you attribute as the main reason for your success?

Honesty and transparency. My husband and I ensure that everyone who works with us knows that we’re honest and transparent. We don’t hide anything. If we think something won’t work, we’ll be honest about it. Trust in our teams and management is essential. They know they can approach us and they will get an honest answer.

What advice would you give to someone who maybe isn’t looking for a career in accounts and finance, but wants to start their own business or venture into the areas you’ve explored?

If you have a goal, pursue it. Ask for help and advice. Expect rejections, but use them as motivation to push through. I’ve always been told I couldn’t achieve certain things, but that only fueled my desire to prove naysayers wrong. If you’re passionate about something, even if you don’t have qualifications, you can still achieve success. I’m proof of that.

Why did you choose to enter our award?

It was my husband’s idea. He saw all the hard work I put in, especially during the challenging times when I was a carer for my parents. After my mother passed away, I threw myself into Dash and the business grew. My husband felt I should be recognised for my efforts. I applied, shared my story, and to my surprise, I won! It was an incredible honour.

Since winning the Business Woman of the Year for 2023, how has it affected you and Dash Couriers?

Winning the award has had a tremendous impact on the business. Being award-winning gives us credibility. Our clients see that we’ve been recognised by a judging panel and it adds to their confidence in us. We’ve seen an increase in new clients and I’ve been given opportunities for interviews and speaking engagements. Since the award, my career trajectory has skyrocketed.

Would you recommend Business Awards UK to other businesses?

Definitely. I’ve recommended it to many of my connections. Many people are hesitant to apply for awards because they’re unsure about the process or feel out of their comfort zone. But with this award ceremony, it’s all about recognising the work you do. Winning an award can have a huge impact on your business, branding, and social media presence.

Since winning the award and with all the subsequent opportunities, what’s the next big step for you and Dash Couriers in the coming years?

The next few months are going to be busy for us. We’re attending about nine exhibitions around the country. I have more interviews lined up and speaking opportunities. I’m also investing in myself, taking courses, and joining networking groups. Our goal is to double our turnover, profits, team, and fleet in the next year. We want to grow at a steady pace while retaining our core values.

If people want to find Dash Couriers or connect with you, where should they look?

We are on every major social platform – Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also find us on our website at www.dashcouriers.co.uk. We’re a family-run logistics courier company, offering services from same-day to regular routes. We work with a variety of clients and always welcome new ones. We are dedicated to ensuring 110% customer satisfaction.

Thank you so much for joining us, Shantell. Your journey and insights are truly inspiring. Best of luck in all your future endeavours!

If like us, you’re inspired by Shantell’s success story, you can visit the Women in Business Awards page to find out more about the awards and how you or your business can enter next time.

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