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Cheshire’s Commercial Triumphs: Honouring 2023’s Winners

In Cheshire, where tradition meets contemporary enterprise, the business community continues to flourish with an impressive blend of established firms and emerging start-ups. The 2023 Cheshire Business Awards are a reflection of this vibrant economic landscape, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments across a spectrum of industries.

These accolades represent our deep appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and dedication to excellence of the outstanding businesses and leaders who are not only setting new standards but also shaping the future of business in Cheshire.

Recognising Remarkable Businesses and Leaders

In the category of Agricultural Business of the Year, the spotlight falls on Oxbury Bank PLC. Their exceptional services and financial solutions have been a cornerstone of support for Cheshire’s agricultural community, demonstrating a commitment to rural prosperity that’s truly commendable.

Next, we acknowledge the exceptional achievements of Elements Cryo Spa Ltd, our Best Health and Wellbeing Facility. Their dedication to holistic well-being and their pioneering cryotherapy services have transformed the lives of many in Cheshire.

Moving to the category of Best Pet Boarding Facility, the award goes to Early Paws. Their unwavering commitment to providing pets with a safe and comfortable haven has made them the preferred choice for pet owners throughout Cheshire.

In the realm of talent acquisition, AvA-V shines as the winner of the Best Recruitment Agency of the Year (Permanent). Their exceptional ability to match talent with opportunities has been a driving force behind Cheshire’s workforce development.

Our Businesswoman of the Year is the inspiring Hanna Sillitoe, the driving force behind Hanna Sillitoe Ltd. Her visionary leadership and remarkable contributions to Cheshire’s business community make her a true role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

My Little Bear Club Ltd takes the crown for Ecommerce Business of the Year. Their innovative approach to e-commerce has transformed online shopping into a delightful experience for customers across Cheshire.

Turning our attention to hospitality, we celebrate the success of Sutton Hall, our Hospitality Business of the Year. Their unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality and culinary excellence has made them an indispensable destination in Cheshire.

In the category of Most Innovative Fitness Program of the Year, the accolade goes to Civvy to Commando Ltd. Their pioneering fitness programs have not only transformed the lives of individuals but have also pushed the boundaries of innovation in the fitness industry.

In the realm of technology and IT services, the title of Most Innovative IT Service of the Year is bestowed upon ebb3. Their cutting-edge IT solutions have driven efficiency and innovation across Cheshire’s businesses, redefining the tech landscape.

Finally, for Young Business Leader of the Year, we applaud the visionary leadership of Ryan Guthrie, guiding Lionbridge Wealth Management Ltd. Ryan’s financial acumen and leadership skills make him a rising star in Cheshire’s business community.

We are immensely proud to share the achievements of these outstanding businesses and leaders. Each of them has demonstrated unwavering commitment and excellence in their respective fields, showcasing how businesses and individuals can drive innovation and contribute to the prosperity of Cheshire.

Let’s applaud these diverse stories of dedication, innovation, and success – the cornerstones of Cheshire’s thriving business community.

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