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Cornwall’s Business Excellence: The Winners of 2023

Cornwall, with its stunning landscapes and robust entrepreneurial spirit, has always carved its own path in the business world. The 2023 Cornwall Business Awards are a celebration of this unique region’s ability to blend tourism, heritage, and innovation, creating a thriving hub for businesses of all sizes.

Recognising Outstanding Businesses and Leaders

Blossom Home Care Cornwall has earned the prestigious title of Best Home Care Provider. Their unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier home care services has significantly improved the lives of Cornwall’s residents. This award is a reflection of their dedication and the positive impact they’ve had on the community.

In the realm of business consultancy, UK Growth Coach – Cornwall secures the honour of Business Consultancy of the Year. Their invaluable expertise and guidance have been instrumental in driving growth and success among Cornwall’s businesses. They are true champions of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Recognised as the Car Leasing Business of the Year, Ignition Credit PLC has provided accessible and efficient vehicle leasing solutions for Cornwall’s businesses. Their outstanding service has made a significant difference to the region’s business community.

Bostraze Recycling stands out with the Clean Energy – Sustainability Award for their exceptional contributions to clean energy and sustainability in Cornwall. Their commitment to a greener future is commendable and aligns with Cornwall’s environmental goals.

Finally, the award for Small Business Leader of the Year celebrates the visionary leadership of Jack Gear from Jack Gear Financial. His financial expertise and leadership have left a significant impact on small businesses in Cornwall. He exemplifies the qualities of a successful business leader.

We take immense pride in sharing the achievements of these outstanding businesses and leaders. Each of them has demonstrated unwavering commitment and excellence in their respective fields, exemplifying how businesses and individuals can drive innovation and contribute to Cornwall’s prosperity.

Let’s applaud these diverse stories of dedication, innovation, and success – the cornerstones of Cornwall’s thriving business community.

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