Counting Success: Unveiling the 2024 Accountancy Awards Champions

The 2024 Accountancy Awards have cast a spotlight on exceptional talents and efforts within the accounting sector. This year, we’re thrilled to celebrate those who have not only excelled in their practices but have also set the benchmarks for innovation and client service in the financial world.

Our 2024 Accountancy Awards Winners

At Huque Chaudhry Associates Accountants, the winner of the Family Run Business of the Year, excellence is at the heart of their operation. Through a combination of inherited expertise and modern practices, they’ve etched a path of success, demonstrating that familial dedication can indeed be the cornerstone of professional achievement.

For Innovative Accounting Technology, Wolters Kluwer is our winner, pioneering solutions that drive forwards efficiency and accuracy in financial management. Their commitment to staying ahead of the curve not only benefits their clients but also sets new standards for the industry as a whole.

Our Accountant of the Year, Studio Andrea Matera, epitomises the spirit of professional excellence and client dedication. Through a blend of technical prowess and personalised service, they’ve earned the trust and admiration of clients worldwide, proving that expertise coupled with empathy can truly transform financial outcomes.

Andrea Matera, Founder and Managing Partner of Studio Andrea Matera

Best Newcomer Accountancy Firm honours go to Berrys Accounting, marking a remarkable journey from inception to industry recognition. Their meteoric rise is a testament to the power of innovation and client-centric approaches, illustrating that even newcomers can make significant waves in the accounting landscape.

In the realm of advisory services, DMP & Partners takes the spotlight as the Advisory Team of the Year. Their multidisciplinary approach and unwavering commitment to client success have positioned them as trusted advisors, navigating complexities with finesse and foresight.

AccountsIQ receives the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to the Accountancy Profession award, lauding their exceptional efforts in shaping the future of financial management. Their innovative solutions and thought leadership inspire professionals worldwide, driving excellence and efficiency across the industry.

AccountsIQ – Winner of Outstanding Contribution to the Accountancy Profession.

As our winner for Rising Star Accountant, Kimson Accountancy shines brightly, illuminating new pathways to success in an ever-evolving financial landscape. Their fresh perspectives and dynamic strategies promise to shape the future of accounting, challenging conventions and sparking innovation.

An Accounting Gem stands tall as the Accountancy Firm of the Year, a beacon of excellence and reliability in a competitive field. Their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and ethical practices underscores their position as industry leaders, setting benchmarks for others to emulate.

For Exceptional Customer Satisfaction, Total Advisor takes centre stage, embodying the essence of client-centric service and trust. Their personalised approach and proactive solutions have garnered acclaim and loyalty, reaffirming the pivotal role of customer satisfaction in accounting excellence.

In the realm of taxation, Ultra Tax emerges triumphant as the Tax Team of the Year, showcasing unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions in navigating complex tax landscapes. Their commitment to client success and compliance sets them apart as trusted advisors in the field.

Jaccountancy secures the title of Boutique Accountancy Firm of the Year, a testament to their bespoke services and tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of clients. Their agility and personalised approach redefine boutique accounting, offering a blend of expertise and intimacy that resonates with clients.

Jay Wilson, founder and MD of Jaccountancy, Winner of Boutique Accountancy Firm of the Year

MCO TAX DIGITAL LTD wins Tax Advisory Firm of the Year for their innovative approaches to tax advice, particularly in harnessing digital solutions to elevate client service and compliance standards. Their forward-thinking strategies and technology-driven methodologies have not only streamlined tax processes but have also empowered clients to navigate complex tax landscapes with confidence.

Finally, Brand Accountancy earns the accolade for Start-up Accountancy Firm of the Year, symbolising the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the financial world. Their rapid growth and disruptive strategies showcase the transformative power of new ideas and fresh perspectives.

2024 Accountancy Awards Finalists

  • Monx UK – Tax Team of the Year
  • Studio Andrea Matera – Boutique Accountancy Firm of the Year, Accountant of the Year
  • DMP & Partners – Boutique Accountancy Firm of the Year
  • Tax Care Certified Accountants – Outstanding Contribution to the Accountancy Profession
  • Total Advisor – Advisory Team of the Year
  • Ellen Drewett, Ultra Tax – Rising Star Accountant
  • Jaccountancy – Start-up Accountancy Firm of the Year, Tax Advisory Firm of the Year
  • Brand Accountancy – Best Newcomer Accountancy Firm, Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • PBT Accountancy – Accountancy Firm of the Year
  • Mihaela-Carmen Oltianu, MCO Tax Digital – Rising Star Accountant
  • AWM Accountant – Tax Advisory Firm of the Year
  • Tax Care Certified Accountants – Start-up Accountancy Firm of the Year
  • Ultra Tax – Best Newcomer Accountancy Firm
  • MCO Tax Digital – Innovative Accounting Technology

Reflecting on Our Achievements

As we conclude the 2024 Accountancy Awards, we’re filled with pride at the remarkable accomplishments of our winners and finalists. Their dedication to excellence and innovation underscores the transformative power of the accounting profession, shaping industries and driving growth. We look forward to continued collaboration and celebration of excellence in the years to come.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists. Here’s to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in financial excellence!

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