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Crafting Success: The 2024 Trades Awards Showcase Top UK Talent

The 2024 Trades Awards have spotlighted the remarkable talent within the UK’s trades sector, celebrating those whose innovation and dedication are shaping not only buildings and homes but also the future of their respective industries. From sustainable practices to unparalleled customer service, this year’s winners are truly setting the benchmark for quality and responsibility in the trades.

Our 2024 Trades Awards Winners

Andy James Conservatories, the Window / Conservatory Installer of the Year, is renowned for blending traditional aesthetics with innovative, sustainable practices. Their conservatories not only add stunning visual appeal to properties but are also crafted to boost energy efficiency, showcasing a commitment to both beauty and environmental responsibility.

Shaw’s Plumbing and Heating has earned the Plumber of the Year award through their unwavering dedication to customer service and technical excellence. They have established themselves as leaders in the plumbing sector by consistently delivering reliable and efficient solutions, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

As a leader in environmentally-conscious pest management, Green Rock Pest Control won Excellence in Pest Control. They employ pioneering methods that safeguard both properties and the planet, proving that effective pest control can also be eco-friendly.

Green Rock Pest Control, Winner of Excellence in Pest Control

Regal South East Limited, our Removal Service of the Year, simplifies the moving process with their exceptional organisational skills and customer-focused approach. They handle each move with the utmost care, ensuring that every transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible, which has set a new standard in the removals industry.

JMR Heating and Energy was named Gas / Heating Engineer of the Year for their innovative and energy-efficient heating solutions. Their projects not only improve home heating but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable living solutions.

In the specialised field of tree care, Wiles Tree and Garden Care was recognised for Excellence in Tree Surgery. Their expertise ensures that every tree and garden they manage is nurtured to thrive, reflecting a deep understanding of arboriculture and a commitment to the health of the environment.

Wiles Tree and Garden Care, Winners of Excellence in Tree Surgery

Property Painters, our Painter and Decorator of the Year, enhances homes and businesses with high-quality finishes and meticulous attention to detail. Their dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has solidified their reputation as the top choice for painting and decorating services in their region.

Property Painters, Winners of Painter and Decorator of the Year

Sunshine Home Improvements has been named Family Run Business of the Year. This accolade recognises their passion and integrity in providing home improvement solutions that not only improve living spaces but also foster a sense of community and support for local causes.

Lambert & Wade Rendering received the Excellence in Plastering / Rendering award for their exceptional skill in providing high-quality finishes that protect and beautify buildings. Their work is a testament to the precision and care they bring to every project, setting the standards for the industry.

Lambert & Wade Rendering, Winners of Excellence in Plastering / Rendering

Tranquil Construction, awarded Carpenter / Joiner of the Year, showcases exceptional craftsmanship in every aspect of their construction projects. From intricate joinery to robust building works, their attention to detail and dedication to quality craftsmanship stand out in the competitive construction sector.

Tranquil Construction, Winners of Carpenter / Joiner of the Year

Honouring the Finalists

Our finalists have shown exceptional dedication and innovation across various trades:

  • Andy James Conservatories – Family Run Business of the Year
  • Shaw’s Plumbing and Heating – Gas / Heating Engineer of the Year
  • Hooks Removals – Removal Service of the Year
  • Highfield Furniture Moving & Building – Removal Service of the Year
  • DTW Improvements – Window / Conservatory Installer of the Year
  • Selwyn Plumbing and Heating – Gas / Heating Engineer of the Year
  • Hooks Removals – Family Run Business of the Year
  • Selwyn Plumbing and Heating – Plumber of the Year

Looking to the Future

As we celebrate the achievements of the 2024 Trades Awards winners and finalists, it’s clear that the trades sector is not just about maintaining standards but setting new ones. Our winners are not only participants in their industries but leaders who drive innovation, quality, and sustainability. Their efforts are ensuring that the trades remain vital and responsive to the needs of both today and tomorrow.

Here’s to continuing the pursuit of excellence in the trades, where every tool, technique, and task is a step towards a better, more efficient, and sustainable future.

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