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2022 Content Creator & Influencer Awards Shortlist Announced:

Although entries for 2022 are now closed you can still apply but your entry would only be considered for the next round which will officially open in March 2023.

Deadline for Entries is 30th November 2022

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CONTENT Creator & Influencer Awards

Celebrating CONTENT Creators & Influencers by making awards accessible to all

Celebrating UK CONTENT Creators & Influencers by making awards accessible to all

We recognise business excellence on the basis of merit.

> free ENTry
> Only pay if you win an award

only pay if you win an award

Content Creator & Influencer Awards categories


Why are you an exceptional creator?

How have you helped a community or cause effectively?

Worked with a small budget and got great results?

Tell us how you created content that worked perfectly well with affiliate offers

Worked with someone and got awesome results? Tell us who and how!

How have you analysed society with your content?

An award for outstanding creative content

How did your content get exceptional reach and win the hearts & minds of a huge audience?

Lone wolf? Do you write the theme tune & sing the theme tune?

For those creators who work as a team to create awesome content.

For creators who started in 2022.

For creators who understand what production value means!

How does your content convey a message through telling a story?

For creators who use the short form – under 1 minute. Which video stands out?

How did you create content that helped educate and teach new skills/information?


Nominate a creator or influencer who deserves recognition as a rising star.

This is an exclusive category and it’s not available on the main entry form as we only accept 3rd party nominations (others nominating you on your behalf).

Please share the link to this mini form with your customers and wider community.

The full link is

It takes 5 minutes of their time and it means you enter this category completely free of charge, even if you win the award, it’s absolutely free.

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