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Food Industry Award Winners 2023

Culinary Champions: Serving Up Success at the 2023 Food Industry Awards

The 2023 Food Industry Awards have rolled out the red carpet, and it’s time to shine a spotlight on the culinary geniuses who have taken the UK food scene by storm. These awards are a testament to the innovation, commitment, and unparalleled talent of the nominees and winners alike.

The 2023 Food Industry Award Winners

The Pizza Post has been honoured with the Excellence in Food Service award. Rooted in the traditions of Naples-influenced pizzas, this venture, founded by two pizza-loving brothers, brings a slice of authenticity to every event.

For those who have had the pleasure of dining at Greens at Gretna, it’s no surprise they’ve bagged the Best New Restaurant title. Dubbed as “The First Restaurant in Scotland”, this establishment promises an experience infused with romance and history.

Aberdeenshire’s pride, Marshall’s Farm Shop, has been recognised with the Best Farm to Table Initiative award. Their farm-fresh produce and commitment to local communities set them apart as culinary trailblazers.

Specialising in an extensive range of street foods and barbeque catering, Swansea-based Caswell Catering has been awarded the Best Catering Services award. They tailor their offerings to various dietary needs, ensuring both large-scale corporate events and private functions are served with a touch of elegance and a burst of flavours.

Located in County Durham, WL Distillery is a family-run business that has been crowned for the Best Craft Brewery/Distillery. The essence of local North East traditions is encapsulated in their meticulously crafted spirits, standing out due to their unique distillation process and regional flavour infusions.

With over a decade in the street food domain, Hull-based Dope Burger Limited has been recognised for their Outstanding Contribution to the Food Industry. Their diverse menu, deeply rooted in gourmet recipes, promises that there’s a delightful culinary experience awaiting every palate.

Shining with their Innovative Food Product award, Enduosports Ltd is renowned for their energy gel. This natural product, tailored for the needs of endurance athletes, is gluten-free, vegan, and devoid of artificial additives, providing a sustained energy source that aligns with modern dietary preferences.

Enduosports, Winner of Innovative Food Product Award

Nicha Group, has been recognised for their Best Health and Nutrition Product. Founded by a Thai entrepreneur with a passion for helping her target audience have a healthier, happier, and positive lifestyle, the company has consistently prioritised health and wellness. Their curated range of products stands as a testament to this commitment.

Celebrating the 2023 Food Industry Award Finalists

Our finalists have showcased exemplary talent and dedication. The Sussex Ox Trading Company Ltd. was a close contender in the Best Farm to Table Initiative. Caswell Catering showcased their versatility, being nominated in both the Excellence in Food Service and Best Lone Wolf Catering Company categories. The Pizza Post and WL Distillery were both recognised for their Outstanding Contribution to the Food Industry. PINA POKE made waves as a finalist in both the Innovative Food Product and Best New Restaurant categories. Enduosports Ltd was acknowledged for their Best Health and Nutrition Product, and Memories Catering was a standout in the Best Catering Services category.

In conclusion, the 2023 Food Industry Awards have celebrated the crème de la crème of the UK’s culinary scene. Their achievements reflect not just their individual passion but also highlight the vibrant and evolving landscape of the UK food industry. We look forward with anticipation to the culinary delights they will serve up in the coming year.

Here’s to culinary excellence and innovation!

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