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Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards Awards

Celebrating Cybersecurity & Resilience by making awards accessible to all

Celebrating Cybersecurity & Resilience by making awards accessible to all

We recognise business excellence on the basis of merit. Free entry across all sectors and categories.

> 100% free to apply
> Only pay if you win an award
> Just takes 15 minutes

Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards categories

There’s no limit to how many awards you can enter.

If you win in more than one category, there’s no obligation to pay for all of the awards – you only pay for the awards you want.


Best overall cybersecurity company in the UK.

Does your backup solution stand out from the crowd?

How do you ensure your clients have a resilient strategy that constantly adapts?

What separates your ransomware solution from others?

How do you ensure devices are protected when clients are using 3rd party tools & networks or using IoT devices?

Tell us about your exceptional protection at the edge.

How have you helped a client after the worst has happened?

How do you deliver training that works exceptionally well for your clients?

Have you helped by sharing the message of cybersecurity with the wider community on social media etc.?

Do you operate internationally? Why is your company outstanding at this?

Tell us about your exceptional public sector work.

Tell us how your company has been innovative in cybersecurity.

How do you support clients exceptionally well?


This is an exclusive category and it’s not available on the main entry form as we only accept 3rd party nominations (others nominating you on your behalf).

Please share the link to this mini form with your customers and wider community.

The full link is https://business-awards.uk/nominate/

It takes 5 minutes of their time and it means you enter this category completely free of charge, even if you win the award, it’s absolutely free.

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