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Derbyshire’s Business Trailblazers: 2023 Award Winners

The 2023 Derbyshire Business Awards bring into focus the industrious spirit of a region steeped in a rich heritage of manufacturing and innovation. This year, we celebrate the exceptional businesses in Derbyshire that have not only excelled in their sectors but have also contributed significantly to the economic landscape of the county.

Award-Winning Businesses

AHBS Ltd, the epitome of excellence in accountancy services, has earned the coveted title of Accountancy Firm of the Year. Their expertise and dedication have set a high standard in the financial sector.

When it comes to pet care and boarding, Reservoir Doggy Resort & Spa stands out as the go-to choice. They’ve secured the title of Best Pet Boarding Facility for their commitment to providing top-quality pet care.

Training Aquatic Courses has made a remarkable entry into the field of business training and education. Their innovative approach and dedication have earned them the Newcomer Business Training and Education Award.

In the realm of removals services, O’Connor & Co Removals Ltd is a name synonymous with excellence. They’ve been recognised as the Removals Service of the Year for their exceptional service.

Blue Arrow Derby, the prominent recruitment agency, has claimed the title of Best Recruitment Agency of the Year (Permanent). Their expertise in connecting talent with opportunities has made them a standout choice.

The 2023 Derbyshire Business Awards have celebrated excellence, innovation, and the profound impact that businesses and individuals can have on our local community. These winners exemplify the potential for growth, positive change, and success in Derbyshire’s vibrant business landscape.

Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements!

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