Dorset’s Distinguished Businesses: Celebrating 2023’s Success Stories

Dorset’s vibrant business landscape, known for its blend of traditional industries and innovative start-ups, takes centre stage in the 2023 Dorset Business Awards. Here, we honour the remarkable achievements of businesses that have not only contributed to Dorset’s economy but also embraced the county’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

We are delighted to celebrate the businesses and leaders who have demonstrated innovation, commitment, and excellence in their respective fields.

Your Award-Winning Businesses and Individuals

Leading the forefront in technology, Planet Numbers Ltd has been awarded the Best Internet and Telecommunications Business Award. Their cutting-edge solutions and customer-centric services have significantly contributed to the telecommunications sector in Dorset. Watch our interview with Alex Deutsch, COO of Planet Telecom, below:

In the family business category, Little Tokens Studio has made an impressive debut, winning the Newcomer Family Business Award. Their unique approach and commitment to quality have set a high standard for new family-run ventures in the region.

The Small Business Leader of the Year Award is deservedly won by Tim Buckley of PIÑA POKÉ. Tim’s innovative leadership and strategic vision have played a pivotal role in shaping the small business landscape in Dorset.

Recognising young leadership, John Webb of WEBA Electrical Contractors takes home the Young Business Leader of the Year Award. John’s dynamic leadership and forward-thinking approach have marked him as a prominent figure in the business community.

In the care sector, St Ives House stands out as the Care Home of the Year. Their dedication to providing high-quality care and creating a nurturing environment for residents has earned them this prestigious recognition.

The 2023 Dorset Business Awards highlight the diversity and vibrancy of the business community in Dorset. Each winner’s commitment to innovation, quality, and leadership serves as an inspiration to all. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and look forward to witnessing their continued success and contributions to the Dorset business landscape.

Celebrating these achievements reflects the dynamic spirit and resilience of Dorset’s businesses and leaders, who continue to set benchmarks of excellence in their fields.

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