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Driving Excellence in the Automotive Industry: The 2024 Automotive Industry Awards Winners in Detail

The 2024 Automotive Industry Awards have cast a spotlight on the leaders and innovators within the automotive sector, honouring those who have driven forward with remarkable advancements in technology, customer service, and sustainability. This year’s event not only recognises the incredible efforts across various facets of the industry but also reflects the collective ambition to shape a future where excellence and innovation lead the way.

Our 2024 Automotive Award Winners

Dean Crook Car Body Repairs, clinching the Best Automotive Body Repair Shop award, stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. With a legacy of transforming commercial vehicles and private cars alike, Dean Crook and his team have proven their mastery in restoring vehicles to their peak condition, earning widespread acclaim for their meticulous attention to detail and swift, transparent services.

Ninety2 Automotive has been celebrated as the Leading Automotive E-commerce Platform, a testament to its community and ethos. Mel Higgins’s vision has evolved from a passion project into a cornerstone for automotive enthusiasts, merging high-quality photography with an inclusive community spirit. The brand’s commitment to social responsibility, as demonstrated by their contributions to MIND UK and a focus on sustainable practices, underscores the essence of Ninety2 Automotive.

Ninety2 Automotive, Winner of Leading Automotive Ecommerce Platform
Ninety2 Automotive, Winner of Leading Automotive Ecommerce Platform

In the category of Top Tyre and Wheel Service, Next Wheels and Tyres Ltd has emerged victorious. From its humble beginnings during the challenging times of Covid-19 to becoming a beacon of reliability and customer trust in Gloucestershire, their journey is a narrative of resilience, quality, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Next Wheels and Tyres, Winners of Top Tyre and Wheel Service

For Best Private Vehicle Hire Service, Acre Cars wins, securing the award through its dedication to honesty, punctuality, and exceptional customer care. Tristan Priddis’s vision has grown from a single vehicle to a formidable fleet, showcasing two decades of commitment to redefining the standards of vehicle hire service.

Best Glass Repair and Replacement was deservedly awarded to Southern Car Glass, for their exceptional service and lifetime guarantee on all work. Their dedication to exceeding expectations and their impressive array of positive customer reviews showcases their pivotal role in ensuring vehicle safety and customer satisfaction.

Nomads Mobile Mechanics UK, awarded for Best Mobile Auto Repair Service, began as a voluntary service during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their evolution into a business that exceeds the norms of mobile auto repairs by tackling a wide range of vehicles and conditions exemplifies their commitment to innovation and exceptional service.

Nomads Mobile Mechanics UK, Winners of Best Mobile Auto Repair Service
Nomads Mobile Mechanics UK, Winners of Best Mobile Auto Repair Service

S & J Autos, named the Leading Independent Mechanic, epitomises transparency and customer-focused service. Founders James and Steven have created a mobile service that reassures customers through clear communication and a comprehensive approach to vehicle repair and maintenance.

Exceptional Automotive Interior Restoration was awarded to Wilson & Co, Classic Car Restoration LTD. Joe Wilson’s foray into the world of classic car restoration demonstrates a blend of passion, expertise, and a dedication to preserving automotive heritage with unmatched quality.

For Exceptional Automotive Paint and Spraying Service, Dipitautocare takes home the trophy. Their focus on delivering high-quality repairs alongside exceptional customer service illustrates their integral role in enhancing vehicle aesthetics and customer trust.

Dipitautocare, Winners of Exceptional Automotive Paint and Spraying Service
Dipitautocare, Winners of Exceptional Automotive Paint and Spraying Service

Pitstop Motors NI, earning the Rising Star Award, has demonstrated extraordinary growth and innovation in the automotive dealership space. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, community engagement, and industry leadership sets them apart as a model for success and growth within the automotive world.

Midlands Auto Fix has been recognised as the Best Family Business, showcasing the power of resilience and passion. Founded by Matt and Tara during uncertain times, their venture into self-employment has flourished into a reputable and beloved automotive repair service, symbolising the strength of family and dedication.

RabsCV Limited, celebrated for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction, showcases the critical importance of transparency and reliability in the car sales industry. Their approach to selling cars based on trust and comprehensive aftercare is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Richard A Branston, owner of RABS Commercial Vehicles, Winners of our Exceptional Customer Satisfaction award.

For Best Mobile Valeting Service, Mobile Auto Detailing exemplifies innovation and customer-focused service. Their attention to detail, use of advanced technology, and commitment to excellence have made them a leader in mobile detailing and valeting, offering convenience and quality to their customers.

Finally, Jigsaw M2M Ltd receives the Best New Automotive Technology Implementation award for their design and supply of a new type of fuel management system. Their innovative approach utilising real-time data communication has significantly enhanced fuel efficiency and management for fleets worldwide, marking a significant contribution to automotive technology and offering a positive impact on both operations and sustainability for their users.

Recognising the Finalists

In Closing

The 2024 Automotive Industry Awards spotlight the remarkable strides in innovation, customer service, and sustainable practices within the automotive industry. Celebrating the achievements of this year’s winners, the awards underscore a shared commitment to driving the industry forwards, marking significant contributions towards technological advancement, safety improvements, and environmental stewardship.

This year’s accolades reflect a keen focus on customer-centric innovations and the development of safer, more efficient vehicles. Recognising the efforts of those who have introduced groundbreaking technologies and practices, the awards highlight the essential role of innovation in enhancing user experience and sustainability. The recognised achievements demonstrate how addressing real-world challenges through inventive solutions leads to substantial industry advancements.

Moreover, the awards celebrate the dedication to excellence that propels the automotive sector towards a future where safety and customer satisfaction are paramount. The recognition of these contributions not only honours current accomplishments but also sets the stage for ongoing innovation and improvement. It’s this spirit of continuous progress that promises to shape the future of the industry, with an eye towards more sustainable practices and technologies. This forward-looking approach ensures that the industry not only meets the needs of today’s consumers but also anticipates the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

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