Eco Innovators: Showcasing the 2024 Environmental Award Winners

The 2024 Environmental Awards have cast a spotlight on the incredible initiatives and commitments within the environmental sector. This year, we’re thrilled to honour those who are not just participating in, but leading the charge towards a more sustainable and greener future.

Our 2024 Environmental Awards Winners

At The Printroom UK Ltd, the winner of the Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award, excellence in sustainable printing practices isn’t just a part of their business model—it’s their entire ethos. By integrating eco-friendly materials like biodegradable inks and recycled paper, they lead by example in the printing industry, setting high standards for environmental responsibility.

SF Taylor grabs the title for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction by integrating sustainability deeply into their customer relations and operational efficiencies. Their proactive approach in reducing carbon emissions and offering sustainable product options have set them apart, proving that eco-friendly practices and client satisfaction can go hand in hand.

NatWest Group, clinching the Best Waste Reduction Initiative, illustrates the power of large corporations to lead change with initiatives that significantly cut down on waste and promote recycling across their operations. Their efforts in eliminating single-use plastics and enhancing their recycling capabilities demonstrate a commitment to sustainable banking practices.

With PSH Environmental Ltd winning the Innovative Environmental Technology Award, their groundbreaking work with the world’s first solar-powered electric shredder showcases how they are transforming waste management sustainably. This technology not only reduces their carbon footprint but also serves as a benchmark for innovation in recycling practices.

Taylor Made Refills Limited shine this year with two awards –Sustainable Community Initiative Award and Family Run Business of the Year, exemplifying how deeply rooted sustainability can drive impactful community engagement and business success. Their innovative refill systems and zero-waste solutions demonstrate the tangible benefits of sustainable practices at a local level. Their approach goes beyond environmental impact, fostering a strong community connection that resonates through their family-oriented business model, making sustainability a shared goal within and beyond their enterprise.

Taylor Made Refills, Winner of Sustainable Community Initiative and Family Run Business of the Year Awards

Harwell Science & Innovation Campus, our Environmental Awareness Campaign of the Year winner, exemplifies leadership in promoting sustainable practices through educational programs and green community initiatives. They actively encourage campus-based businesses and researchers to adopt greener methods, significantly contributing to environmental awareness and action.

An impressive double win for BWB Technologies Ltd, who take home both our Best Green Energy Initiative and Rising Star Award. BWB have made remarkable strides in reducing carbon footprints through innovative green technologies and sustainable practices. Their dedication to developing environmentally-friendly solutions in the field of chemical analysis is helping industries reduce hazardous waste and improve safety.

Greenlink Interconnector Ltd. takes home the award for Best Sustainable Business Practice. Their work on the Greenlink interconnector project showcases a monumental effort in enhancing energy security and sustainability between nations. By facilitating more efficient energy use and supporting renewable energy sources, they are paving the way for international energy cooperation.

Finally, Fleetsauce wins the Best Sustainable Transport Initiative for their efforts to decarbonise corporate fleets and make green vehicles more accessible. By promoting the use of electric vehicles and improving fleet management practices, they are significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with corporate transport.

2024 Environmental Awards Finalists

  • SF Taylor – Innovative Environmental Technology
  • PSH Environmental Ltd – Family Run Business of the Year
  • Little Ones Preloved – Exceptional Customer Satisfaction, Sustainable Community Initiative
  • Harwell Science & Innovation Campus – Best Sustainable Transport Initiative
  • Rubbish Ideas – Best Waste Reduction Initiative
  • Earthly – Innovative Environmental Technology, Rising Star Award
  • GingerMay – Best Sustainable Business Practice
  • Pambo – Best Sustainable Business Practice, Rising Star Award
  • NatWest Group – Environmental Awareness Campaign of the Year
  • BWB Technologies Ltd – Best Waste Reduction Initiative
  • Fleetsauce – Best Green Energy Initiative
  • PSH Environmental Ltd – Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award

Reflecting on Our Achievements

As we conclude the 2024 Environmental Awards, we are inspired by the profound impact that each winner and finalist has had on their communities and the environment. Their dedication to sustainability shows that responsible business practices and environmental stewardship can indeed go hand in hand.

The innovative approaches and sustainable solutions championed by this year’s awardees have not only contributed to their sectors but have set inspiring examples for others to follow. We look forward to the continued innovation and leadership these eco-visionaries will bring to the global challenge of environmental sustainability.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists. Here’s to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for environmental excellence!

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