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Welcome to the 2024 Fintech Awards

The 2024 Fintech Awards are now open! Enter today and showcase your achievements, connect with peers and gain the recognition that you and your business deserves for your innovation, dedication and hard work. It’s time to get your award entry together and show us why your name should be on a 2024 Fintech Award trophy.

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Fintech Awards Categories

TypeAward CategoryDescription / Criteria
PrimaryFintech Business of the YearHonouring an exceptional financial technology firm, this award recognises a company that has consistently demonstrated stellar growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the UK’s thriving fintech landscape.
PrimaryFintech Startup of the YearCelebrating a promising newcomer, this accolade is granted to an up-and-coming fintech venture that shows great potential, ingenuity, and market disruption capabilities.
PrimaryBest Customer ExperienceShining a spotlight on a fintech company that offers an unparalleled customer journey, this award distinguishes a business for its commitment to user satisfaction and unwavering attention to consumer needs.
PrimaryBest Fintech AppThis accolade acknowledges a mobile application that has revolutionised the fintech space with its innovative features, seamless user experience, and outstanding functionality.
PrimaryBest Fintech Website / PlatformRecognising a digital platform that has excelled in the fintech sphere, this award honours an online destination that offers its users a sublime browsing experience, robust security, and a wealth of resources.
PrimaryBusiness Growth AwardRecognising a fintech company that has demonstrated remarkable growth and expansion, this award showcases a firm that has truly made its mark in the competitive market.
PrimaryFintech Innovation AwardSaluting the pioneers of the industry, this accolade is reserved for a fintech company that has developed ground-breaking technologies, systems or processes, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
PrimaryFintech Employer AwardAcknowledging a fintech company that values and nurtures its employees, this award highlights a firm that offers an outstanding workplace environment, employee benefits, and growth opportunities.
VerticalsBest Banking TechCelebrating a fintech solution that has transformed traditional banking, this award acknowledges a cutting-edge technology that improves banking services and enhances customer experience.
VerticalsBest Blockchain TechHonouring a company that has developed an exceptional blockchain-based solution, this award spotlights trailblazers who have advanced distributed ledger technology and its applications.
VerticalsBest Investment TechRecognising a fintech company that has revolutionised investment platforms, this award lauds firms offering innovative tools and services to help users make informed financial decisions.
VerticalsBest Personal Finance TechCommending a fintech solution that empowers individuals to take control of their finances, this award praises companies for their efforts in simplifying money management.
VerticalsBest Cryptocurrency TechCelebrating a firm that has developed a superior cryptocurrency-related technology, this accolade distinguishes innovations in digital currency, trading platforms, or security features.
VerticalsBest Trading TechHonouring an advanced trading platform or tool, this award recognises a fintech company that has greatly enhanced the trading experience and facilitated seamless financial transactions.
VerticalsBest AML/KYC SolutionRecognising a company that has excelled in anti-money laundering and know-your-customer compliance solutions, this award acknowledges innovations that protect both businesses and consumers from financial crimes.
VerticalsLendTech of the YearRecognising a fintech company that has transformed the lending space, this award recognises advancements in peer-to-peer lending, alternative finance, and credit services.
VerticalsInsurTech of the YearCelebrating a firm that has disrupted the insurance sector, this accolade acknowledges an insurtech company that has developed innovative products, services, or technologies.
VerticalsRegTech of the YearRecognising a fintech solution that has significantly improved regulatory compliance, this award salutes companies offering cutting-edge tools and technologies to streamline regulatory processes.
VerticalsBest B2B TechHonouring a fintech company that has excelled in the business-to-business sphere, this award acknowledges a firm that has developed exceptional products or services for corporate clients.
VerticalsBest B2C TechRecognising a fintech company that has made a remarkable impact in the business-to-consumer market, this award recognises a firm that has developed outstanding products or services for individual clients.
VerticalsBest AI/ML TechCelebrating a fintech firm that has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this award acknowledges innovative solutions that have advanced the industry and enhanced user experience.
IndividualRising Star AwardShowcasing the talents of a rising industry leader, this accolade recognises an individual who has demonstrated exceptional commitment, innovation, and achievements within the fintech sector.
IndividualDirector of the YearHonouring a company director who has displayed exemplary leadership, strategic vision, and dedication, this award highlights a fintech executive who has made a significant impact on their company’s success.
PeopleDiversity & Inclusion AwardAcknowledging a fintech company that has championed diversity and inclusion within the workplace, this award lauds firms that embrace varied perspectives, foster an inclusive environment, and promote equal opportunities for all employees.

Fintech Awards Entry Form

Deadline: 15th January 2024

If you need any assistance completing this form, please contact us: –

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Award winning entries typically provide over 500 words providing meaningful and relevant details related to the categories they have entered. Telling us why you are entering these particular categories tends to help. Be specific: for example, if the category is Fastest Growing Company, provide details of how your company has grown and include basic revenue figures (eg. YoY £/%) so we can get a feel for the business growth you’re experiencing. Where possible and relevant to do so, including links to reviews/testimonials and digital assets to support your entry will also help.


At FinTech Innovate, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of financial technology has enabled us to develop state-of-the-art solutions that have revolutionised the industry. We are proud to present the following case study, which we believe exemplifies our dedication to innovation.

Case Study: FinTech Innovate Platform Our FinTech Innovate platform is a revolutionary solution that securely and transparently connects borrowers and lenders. Advanced algorithms and machine learning are utilised to match borrowers with lenders based on their creditworthiness and borrowing requirements. Borrowers have the flexibility to customise their loan terms and receive competitive rates, while lenders can diversify their investment portfolios and earn attractive returns.

Our platform also provides borrowers with a digital wallet, which enables them to receive and manage their loan proceeds. This eliminates the need for borrowers to physically visit banks, thereby facilitating quick and easy access to their funds. Our platform has transformed the lending landscape and has helped thousands of individuals and businesses to access much-needed funds, facilitating the achievement of their financial goals.

At FinTech Innovate, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of financial technology. Our team of experts is continuously exploring new technologies and developing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our passion for fintech has enabled us to achieve remarkable success and recognition in the industry.

In addition to our innovative platform, we have been recognised for our contributions to the community. We have previously received the Financial Inclusion Award for our efforts to provide access to financial services to underserved communities. This recognition has motivated us to continue our mission of using technology to create a more inclusive financial system.

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