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Deadline for Entries is 31st January 2023

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Celebrating UK freelancers by making awards accessible to all

Celebrating UK freelancers by making awards accessible to all

We recognise business excellence on the basis of merit. Free entry across all sectors and categories.

> 100% free to apply
> Only pay if you win an award
> Just takes 15 minutes

Freelancer Awards categories


Freelancers who have shown the most growth in 2022.

Freelancers who work on a global scale with clients all over the world.

For freelancers under 25.

Worked on a worthwhile project that helps communities or people?

For freelancers who started in 2022.


For those freelancers who draw, paint, knit, compose music or are otherwise creative!

For those offering financial, legal and other professional services.

Freelancers offering digital marketing, web design, development etc.

Business to business suppliers and freelancers.

Do you offer a product or service direct to retail consumers?


For freelancers who have made a big splash with their work and made the headlines.

Freelancers with a superb work/wellbeing balance. Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle work schedule?

Aiming for a net-zero and greener workplace? Tell us how you are achieving your goals to be a sustainable freelancer.

Has your work translated into meteoric wins for your clients?

For those freelancers with a beautiful web presence and outstanding user experience.

This is an exclusive category and it’s not available on the main entry form as we only accept 3rd party nominations (others nominating you on your behalf).

Please share the link to this mini form with your customers and wider community.

The full link is https://business-awards.uk/nominate/

It takes 5 minutes of their time and it means you enter this category completely free of charge, even if you win the award, it’s absolutely free.

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