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From Mumbai to London: The Award-Winning Journey of Mohammed Aamil Kolsawala and MAK25 London Limited

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of immigration law, few have made as significant an impact in such a short time as Mohammed Aamil Kolsawala. As the driving force behind MAK25 London Limited, Kolsawala has seamlessly melded passion with professionalism, leading his firm to be honoured as the ‘Newcomer Law Firm of the Year’. His individual efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either, with Kolsawala himself clinching the coveted ‘Immigration Law Firm of the Year’ award. In our latest sit-down, we dive deep into his journey from Mumbai to the bustling streets of London, his challenges, triumphs, and the ethos that drives MAK25 London Limited forward.

The below is a concise transcript, we recommend watching the video for all the details of Aamil’s award-winning story.

Aamil, you’re joining us from MAK25 Limited today. Is it immigration law you mostly work in?

“Yes, that’s right. I’m the director and founder of MAK25 London Limited. Essentially, we are an immigration firm with a focus on both corporate and personal immigration matters. While I’m deeply involved in personal cases, my true passion has always leaned towards the corporate side. It’s mostly a B2B business. I do handle personal immigration cases as well, but corporate immigration is where my heart truly lies.”

Can you provide an outline of your career journey and your inclination towards corporate immigration?

“It’s an interesting tale, to be honest. Born in Mumbai, India, I grew up watching Bollywood movies. You know, the kind that ignites a passion for coming to London, to be independent, to make something of oneself. My journey in this field really started around the time of Brexit. As someone who came to the UK on a student visa, there were a lot of things I wasn’t familiar with. My interest in visas and the processes was amplified by Brexit. I wanted to be on the other side, to truly understand and help. My journey began with my role as a business consultant, followed by two master’s degrees in the UK, and then practising law. My father and grandfather were businessmen, so there was always this entrepreneurial spirit in me. Earning money was never the sole purpose; I wanted to passionately pursue immigration and delve into British politics.”

Did you encounter any significant challenges when diving into the immigration sector?

“Absolutely. I entered the industry during the time when the post-study work visa was abolished for international students. We international students were given a mere four-month window to secure a job or face the prospect of returning home. Those days taught me resilience and patience. I always remained focused and never deviated from my chosen path.”

Do you have any poignant success stories from your career that you’d like to share?

“Certainly. On the corporate front, I recently secured a sponsorship license for a friend’s chain of restaurants and hotels in London. We received the license within an astonishing five working days. On the personal side, I assisted a family of five with their visa applications. They faced a unique challenge – being married for over 20 years without a legal marriage certificate, possessing only a religious one. Yet, in a week, the entire family had their visas. These are amongst my most cherished professional moments.”

Any advice for those aspiring to join the immigration industry?

“Two crucial things: First, one must have genuine passion. Immigration law isn’t just any other law; it’s deeply personal. Whether it’s a corporate or personal case, you’re handling someone’s future. Secondly, stay informed. Be aware of global happenings, understand the nuances, and be prepared for continual learning.”

You’ve recently been honoured with two Business Awards UK accolades. Why did you opt to participate in these awards?

“I’ve always held these awards in high regard. When the opportunity presented itself, I thought, “Why not give it a shot?” Winning the “Immigration Law Firm of the Year” was especially emotional for me. It’s an immense recognition for both me and my company. Being crowned “Newcomer Law Firm of the Year” has provided me with an unparalleled motivation boost.”

Since your award victories, have there been noticeable changes in business dynamics?

“It might be premature to comment on business growth, but the appreciation and motivation from the community have been overwhelming, especially on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. I’m optimistic that when we converse next time, I’ll have more success stories to share.”

Would you advocate for Business Awards UK to other businesses?

Without a doubt! Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a seasoned professional, recognition is always heartening. It’s not just about business growth; it’s about feeling appreciated for your hard work.

What’s on the horizon for you and MAK25?

“Jokingly, I’d say awaiting the Business Awards 2024! But on a serious note, I aim to focus on my existing clientele, showing them the respect they deserve. Expanding my team and business is also on the cards. After such prestigious awards, you inevitably gain more renown in the market.”

Before we wrap up, any final remarks or shoutouts?

“I live by a quote: “Expect from the Creator and not from the creation.” Regardless of our business engagements, I believe we all end up where we’re destined to be. People can follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook at MAK25 London Limited. And a huge shoutout to Business Awards and to you for this insightful conversation. Thank you so much.”

Brilliant, Aamil. Thank you once again for taking the time today.

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