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Welcome to the 2024 Health And Wellbeing Awards

Welcome to the 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards, celebrating the pinnacle of healthcare and wellness excellence across the UK. These awards are dedicated to honouring the remarkable achievements of individuals and organisations who have made significant contributions to improving health and wellbeing.

From innovative healthcare solutions to extraordinary personal care, the 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards are a beacon of recognition for those dedicated to enhancing lives. Join us in spotlighting the leaders and pioneers in this vital sector.

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Our judging panel are business experts with a wealth of knowledge in various industries. They lend their experience and business acumen to the many award sectors we cover.

Our panel consists of dozens of private & public guest judges; below are a few of our business experts who will be selecting shortlists, winners and finalists in our awards!

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Health And Wellbeing Awards Categories

Award/categoryDescription / Criteria
Best Employee Wellness ProgrammeCelebrates a company that has implemented an outstanding wellness programme, enhancing employee health, wellbeing, and productivity through comprehensive support and initiatives.
Best UK GymHonours a UK-based gym that offers exceptional fitness facilities and programmes, promoting health and wellbeing within a supportive and motivating environment.
Personal Trainer of the YearRecognising exceptional personal trainers who demonstrate outstanding commitment, expertise, and results in health and wellbeing.
Best Team Building RetreatCelebrates a retreat that offers innovative team building experiences, fostering collaboration, communication, and camaraderie within a relaxing and inspiring environment.
Best Mental Health Support ServiceAcknowledging the most impactful mental health support services for their dedication, effectiveness, and compassionate care in health and wellbeing.
Best Use Of TechnologyAcknowledges a health or wellbeing company that effectively leverages technology to enhance services, streamline operations, and foster innovation in the pursuit of improving health outcomes.
Best Customer ExperienceAwards a health or wellbeing service provider that consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences, prioritising customer satisfaction and service quality in all interactions.
Best Company To Work ForHonours a company in the health and wellbeing sector that provides an exceptional work environment, fostering employee growth, satisfaction, and wellbeing through supportive policies and practices.
Most Positive Community ImpactCelebrates a health or wellbeing organisation that has made significant positive contributions to its community, whether through outreach programmes, accessible services, or health education initiatives.
Best Hotel GymHonours a hotel that offers top-notch gym facilities, enabling guests to maintain their fitness routines while enjoying their stay.
Most Influential On Social MediaAcknowledges a health or wellbeing professional or organisation that effectively uses social media platforms to influence trends, engage audiences, and advocate for healthier lifestyles.
Best Health And Wellbeing CoachRecognises a coach who provides exceptional guidance, empowering individuals to achieve their health and wellbeing goals through lifestyle changes and personal development.
Best Health SpaAwards a spa that offers superior wellness treatments and facilities, providing guests with a tranquil setting to relax, rejuvenate, and improve their health and wellbeing.
Best Wellbeing RetreatHonours a retreat offering immersive experiences that foster physical health, mental wellbeing, and personal growth, set in an environment conducive to rest and renewal.
Best Aromatherapy ProviderCelebrates a provider that offers superior aromatherapy products or services, enhancing wellbeing through the therapeutic use of essential oils.

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Health And Wellbeing Awards

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Health And Wellbeing Awards 2024

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