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In conversation with Tasmin Schöpp: 2023 Training & Tuition Businesswoman of the Year

Tasmin Schöpp, Business Development Manager at Geopace Training, recently sat down for a Q&A session with our own Trem Ogley to shed light on her impressive journey in the world of education and training. Recognised for her outstanding contributions to the sector as part of our 2023 Women in Business Awards, Tasmin was honoured with the “Training & Tuition Businesswoman of the Year” award, and reached the final stages of the “Coaching Businesswoman of the Year”, a testament to her dedication, innovation, and impact on businesses seeking top-tier training solutions. In this interview, Tasmin delves deep into her career trajectory, the challenges she’s faced, and the vision that drives Geopace Training forward. Read on to gain insights from the mind of an award-winning businesswoman who’s making waves in the education industry.

The below is a concise transcript, we recommend watching the video for all the details.

Can you give a brief outline of your career journey?

I have a degree in neochemistry from the University of Lincoln. I previously have worked for the police in a civilian role and in various healthcare positions within a hospital, the community, and private mental healthcare. This is all before becoming the business development manager for Geopace. My expectations for my career going forward with Geopace Training are to be successful with advancements in the company. I’ve been asked by my MD to work with him to establish a stronger hierarchy in respect of business development. We do plan within the next few months to recruit a business development specialist to work alongside me to achieve those goals.

Can you give a brief description and history of Geopace Training – when did you start and what have you done since then?

Geopace Training was established in 2010 as a phlebotomy training provider to meet the demands of specialist training within the healthcare sector. Geopace identified early on that many healthcare professionals were compromised on their continual professional development and in some areas, they were not receiving adequate training. We recognised the need for training compliant with UK governing bodies such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Skills for Health. The demand grew as hospitals and medical institutions in the UK recognised the value of our training. Our portfolio of courses grew with it.

During the global pandemic, we pioneered a virtual classroom training option, allowing students to continue their professional development from home. We also introduced a vaccination course to support COVID vaccination hubs, training almost 2,000 vaccinators across the UK. This course covers all routes of administration, preparing students for any future vaccines. We’ve introduced cannulation, healthcare end of life, PRP, and ECG courses. We’re also working on advanced ECG and neonatal and pediatric courses.

Can you discuss some challenges or problems you face in the education industry?

One of our biggest challenges has been with some of the longer-serving members of the healthcare profession, those who haven’t adhered to structured training programs. Convincing them of the value in accredited training has been challenging. However, they often end up becoming our biggest supporters after experiencing the value of our courses firsthand.

What would you attribute as the main reason for your success?

“Interestingly, I would attribute our success to word of mouth. Until the global pandemic in 2020, we had never used any form of digital marketing. Our principal client base was generated through word of mouth, mainly between hospitals and GP surgeries.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to enter your industry?

Ensure that the standards of training are excellent. Align yourself with existing government guidelines and aim to exceed them.

Why did you choose to enter awards?

We felt that the award categories were well aligned with our values, and Business Awards UK seemed like an excellent platform for recognition.

Has winning affected your business or yourself?

Winning has been motivational for our staff and team. It’s amazing to get that recognition. We now use the award badges on our social media, websites, and staff email addresses, which I’m confident will reassure our existing and potential customers of our credibility.

Would you recommend Business Awards UK to other businesses?

Yes, absolutely. We feel that it’s an excellent scheme and would not hesitate to recommend Business Awards UK to any business.

What is the next big step for your business?

We’re currently exploring the international market. We’ve recognised that a lot of clients are attending our courses from outside the UK, either travelling into the UK or attending virtual classes. We’ve also seen a huge increase in private organizations asking us to train their staff, including companies like Johnson & Johnson and Care UK. Many universities such as Oxford University and research organizations are also requesting training from us, so we anticipate an increase in business-to-business sales.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming women in your industry or business in general?

“Be true to yourself. Don’t rush decisions, be kind to others, and remember that collective power is stronger than flying solo. There’s a solution to every problem. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to do.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share or promote?

“Check out our website at We have a large portfolio of courses and more coming up throughout the end of this year into next year. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We also offer awards and prizes so if you aren’t familiar with us, please follow us and take a look at what we do.”

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