Leading with Care: Celebrating the 2024 Business Awards UK Care Awards

The Business Awards UK 2024 Care Awards have once again shone a spotlight on the extraordinary contributions within the care sector, honouring those who have showcased outstanding service, innovation, and dedication. This year’s event was filled with inspiring stories of compassion and excellence, with each winner setting remarkable examples of how care should be envisioned and executed.

Our 2024 Care Awards Winners

This year, Brookfields Private Nursing Home, is our Care Home of the Year, after setting a high standard in residential care with their innovative and person-centred approach. Their commitment to maintaining a vibrant community where residents are actively involved in decision-making truly sets them apart, providing a nurturing environment that celebrates individuality and fosters a sense of belonging.

Liloom Home Care Limited was recognised for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction. This accolade reflects their commitment to delivering bespoke, high-quality care. By implementing a responsive service that adapts to the urgent needs of their clients, such as arranging care at 25 minutes’ notice in emergencies, Liloom Home Care ensures that each individual continues to live comfortably and independently in their own home, exemplifying their dedication to customer-centric care.

Liloom Home Care, Winner of Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Shooting Star Children’s Hospices received the award for Best Family Liaison Team, showcasing their profound commitment to supporting families during the most challenging times. Their consistent, compassionate approach to end-of-life care ensures that families are intimately involved and supported, exemplifying the essential values of empathy and understanding in palliative care settings. Additionally, they were honoured as the Best Palliative Care Provider, a recognition of their exceptional end-of-life care services that provide comfort and dignity to children and invaluable support to their families during the most challenging times.

Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, Winners of Best Family Liaison Team and Best Palliative Care Provider

The Rising Star Award was deservedly won by Katie Nazurally from Northern Healthcare, who has shown exceptional dedication and leadership in enhancing mental health care. Her efforts in spearheading new initiatives have significantly improved the well-being and recovery of service users, making a profound impact within her organisation and the broader community.

For Excellence in Facility Provision, Satori House stood out with their dedicated support for individuals with additional needs, facilitating greater community integration. Their proactive engagement in local events and personalised support strategies have significantly enhanced the autonomy and societal participation of their service users, showcasing innovative care delivery.

AtaLoss, awarded Best Outer Agency Liaison, provides crucial support across the UK for those dealing with grief. Their extensive network and effective coordination of bereavement services demonstrate a profound understanding of the needs of the bereaved, making essential resources readily available and providing a comprehensive support system during critical times.

Amora Care Limited clinched Best Care Company To Work For, thanks to their outstanding commitment to employee welfare and professional development. Their practices not only enhance the skills and knowledge of their staff but also ensure high levels of job satisfaction and well-being, which in turn leads to higher quality care for their clients.

Care Unity Limited was recognised for Best Resident Focused Care, implementing personalised care strategies that significantly enhance the daily lives and independence of their clients. Their thoughtful and flexible approach to care delivery ensures that all service users feel valued and supported in their own homes, reflecting a deep commitment to enhancing quality of life.

Pearl Home Care Ltd received the award for Best Leadership in Care, under the guidance of industry veterans who prioritise compassionate service and innovative care solutions. Their leadership in developing bespoke care packages that address the unique needs of each client exemplifies their vision for a more personalised and effective care delivery model.

Ranger Home Care Ltd is our winner for Best Staff Training and Development, offering comprehensive training programmes that ensure high-quality care and deep industry knowledge among their staff. Their commitment to professional development reflects a dedication to excellence and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the care sector.

Ashwood Children’s Care Homes was named Best Newcomer Care Home, quickly establishing a reputation for excellence and compassionate care within a very short span of time. Their focus on providing a safe, nurturing environment where children can thrive is commendable, and their rapid rise to prominence highlights their commitment to outstanding care.

in the Diversity and Inclusion Champion category, Steps Together was honoured for their contributions, demonstrating their commitment to creating inclusive treatment programs that respect the needs and identities of all individuals. Their approach ensures that everyone has access to supportive and effective rehabilitation services, fostering an environment where all clients can achieve their recovery goals.

Tuition Extra won Best Activity Coordination for their bespoke educational programs that engage and empower students with complex needs, enhancing both educational outcomes and personal growth. Their tailored approach to learning and activity planning ensures that each student’s unique needs and potentials are addressed, fostering an environment of inclusion and opportunity for learning.

New Star Care Limited, winner for Best Newcomer Home Care Provider, has made significant strides in delivering high-quality home care services that prioritise the needs and preferences of their clients. Their rapid response to client needs and their ability to offer tailored care solutions have set them apart in a highly competitive field, marking them as a leader in home care services.

Our 2024 Care Awards Finalists

  • Liloom Home Care – Best Family Liaison Team, Best Palliative Care Provider
  • Brookfields Private Nursing Home – Best Resident Focused Care
  • Certain Care – Diversity and Inclusion Champion
  • HBBA Care – Best Staff Training and Development
  • Pearl Home Care – Best Staff Training and Development
  • Sunbear Care – Best Newcomer Care Home
  • Access Care – Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Radfield Home Care Colchester – Best Family Liaison Team
  • Gianluca and Kamila Valentini, 5 Star Clinic – Rising Star Award
  • Ashwood Children’s Care Homes – Care Home of the Year
  • Mother’s Touch Care Limited – Best Care Company To Work For
  • Help Me Ooh LTD – Best Outer Agency Liaison
  • Pearl Chitongo, Pearl Home Care Ltd – Rising Star Award
  • Radfield Home Care Colchester – Excellence in Facility Provision
  • 5 Star Clinic – Best Leadership in Care
  • Mother’s Touch Care – Best Newcomer Home Care Provider
  • Help Me Ooh – Best Activity Coordination

Reflecting on This Year’s Achievements

As we reflect on the achievements of this year’s winners and finalists, it’s clear that the care sector is not just responding to needs but actively seeking to innovate and improve the quality of life for its service users. This year’s winners have excelled in personalisation, responsiveness, and compassionate care, from enhancing palliative care to pioneering new forms of family liaison and community integration. Their success stories inspire us all and highlight the importance of dedication and innovation in meeting the complex needs of those requiring care.

We are incredibly proud of all our winners and finalists, whose efforts continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in care. Here’s to another year of remarkable accomplishments in the care sector, driven by passion, commitment, and a relentless focus on those they serve.

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