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We know that many small business owners, entrepreneurs and larger organisations don't like to pay up front for awards, where fees range from £99 to more than £250 per category. With us, all your entries are free.

You only pay a fee if you win an award

It just makes sense. Why pay an entry fee when you get nothing in return? If you enter an award sector with Business Awards UK and win, you pay an Award Acceptance Fee, then enjoy a raft of benefits for winning.

Publicity Package

As a winner or finalist, you get credible industry recognition & publicity from National press releases, Google and Yahoo! News features, content marketing and case studies.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing is important for all businesses, which is why we announce your accolades on social platforms, and regularly engage with you and your followers.

Interviews & PR

We can create quality, in-depth content with your team, making you a trusted voice in your industry, and highlighting the achievements & success of your business or enterprise.


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Was £425
£375 +VAT
(Award Acceptance Fee)
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£99 +VAT
(per additional trophy)

* Trophy included: The Award Acceptance Fee includes 1x Winner’s trophy only. If you win multiple awards, additional trophies may be purchased at £99 +VAT.

** Interviews & PR: We will contact you regarding all publicity and PR opportunities based on the options you select in the entry form

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Legal Awards Categories


For teams that have provided expert guidance in arbitration for private or commercial entities.

An award for innovative or novel and effective management of multiple risks in a time of crisis.

For teams that have excelled in resolving disputes for their clients, using innovative approaches and maintaining high levels of client satisfaction.

Acknowledging a law firm that has shown outstanding expertise in immigration law, providing compassionate, diligent representation to clients navigating complex immigration issues.

Recognising a law firm for its personalised, exceptional service, expertise, and commitment to clients.

Celebrating a law firm that demonstrates exceptional skill in intellectual property matters, successfully protecting and enforcing clients’ intellectual property rights while fostering innovation.

Recognising outstanding performance, international reach, and commitment to excellence.

Recognising a law firm’s exceptional marketing efforts and their success in promoting their services and brand.

An accolade awarded to a law firm that has rapidly gained recognition for its excellent service, expertise, and dedication to clients within the legal industry.

Honouring a law firm that has made a significant impact in the commercial law sector, delivering excellent results for businesses, and contributing to their success and growth.

This award honors a team within a company that actively promotes a culture of compliance, responds positively to regulatory changes, and has had a significant impact in making their organization a leader in new compliance standards.

Special Category

An accolade for a group of paralegals who have excelled in their role and shown exceptional dedication to supporting the legal process.

An accolade recognising a legal aid team for their exceptional work in ensuring access to justice for those in need.

This is an exclusive category and it’s not available on the main entry form as we only accept 3rd party nominations (others nominating you on your behalf).

Please share the link to this mini form with your customers and wider community.

The full link is

It takes 5 minutes of their time and it means you enter this category completely free of charge, even if you win the award, it’s absolutely free.


For outstanding expertise in finance – for example: bank lending, acquisition finance, structured finance, project finance, and debt capital markets.

For outstanding achievement in both contentious and non-contentious wills and probate cases.

For teams who demonstrate legal excellence for commercial or private clients in the energy and infrastructure sector.

For legal experts in the health, life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Award given to a law firm or legal team for their outstanding work in completing business combination transactions and advising clients on M&A strategy.

For expertise in representing private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

Law firm or legal team recognized for their excellence in representing clients in property transactions and handling conveyancing matters.

An award honouring a legal team for their exceptional work in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry.

An award honouring a group of lawyers for their exceptional work on behalf of charitable causes, and their dedication to making a positive impact in their community.

An award for family law solicitors for their exceptional work in helping clients navigate the complexities of family law and resolve legal issues with sensitivity and expertise.

For personal injury legal teams for their exceptional work on behalf of clients and their dedication to obtaining the best possible outcomes in injury cases.


For exceptional performance, expertise, and dedication to clients as well as a commitment to the higehst standards within a legal practice.

Recognisigng an individual paralegal for their exceptional performance, expertise, and dedication to the legal profession.

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