Lighting the Way: The 2024 Business Consultancy Awards Winners and Finalists

In a year that has showcased exceptional adaptability and insight, the 2024 Business Consultancy Awards have proudly celebrated the achievements within the consultancy sector. Reflecting on the challenges and opportunities that have shaped our industry—from the digital transformation waves to the strategic empowerment of niche markets—this year’s winners embody the commitment to excellence and innovation that drives businesses forward. Their contributions are a clear reflection of the sector’s vital role in navigating the complexities of today’s business environment, highlighting a collective drive towards sustainable growth and impactful solutions.

Celebrating the Winners and their Impact

Changeology Group has redefined what it means to prioritise people, both within teams and amongst clients, embodying a culture that thrives on balance, knowledge, and integrity. Their award for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction underscores their success in leveraging these values to drive meaningful change.

Kene Partners stands at the forefront of fostering UK innovation, particularly through their adept navigation of R&D tax credits. Winning the Best Financial Business Consultancy award, their client-first approach has not only maximised value but also solidified their position as leaders in supporting breakthrough innovation.

Group Photograph of the Kene Partners Staff, winners of the Best Financial Business Consultancy Award at the Business Awards UK Business Consultancy Awards.
Kene Partners, Winners of Best Financial Business Consultancy

Durhamlane‘s recognition as the consultancy with the Biggest Commercial Impact reflects their decade-long commitment to transforming sales and accelerating business growth. Their unique ‘Selling at a Higher Level’ methodology underscores a dedication to outperforming expectations and achieving client success.

With Mark Sweeny of de Novo Solutions securing the Industry Leader In UK Business Consultancy award, their pioneering stance on digital transformation showcases a future-oriented approach. Their expertise in Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow technologies is driving innovation and empowering businesses for long-term success. Find out more about de Novo Solutions with their video below.

McCosh Communications‘ achievement as the winner of our Lone Wolf Business Consultancy award highlights their creative prowess in delivering impactful content strategies across various platforms, from digital campaigns to print editorials, showcasing the power of tailored communications.

As winner of Best Newcomer Business Consultancy, Octavis has quickly distinguished itself with cutting-edge web design and security services. Their expertise and CREST accreditation affirm their commitment to excellence in digital solutions.

JGP Consultancy Services Limited, honoured as the Best Family Business, exemplifies the significance of a personalised approach to consultancy. Their dedication to tender success and collaborative growth strategies underlines the value of family-driven business models in the consultancy realm.

Navigate The Noise‘s award for Industry Leader In International Business Consultancy shines a light on their mission to empower female entrepreneurs globally. Their actionable strategies and confidence-building efforts are paving the way for a more inclusive and successful business consultancy landscape.

Emma Blake, CEO of Navigate The Noise, Winner of Industry Leader In International Business Consultancy

Recognised for having the Fastest Growing Team, Chrysalis Partners‘s growth is a testament to their effective business coaching and consultancy, which emphasises high-value, low-cost solutions tailored to SMEs, fostering development and expansion.

Meta Smart Systems Ltd wins the Best Use of Technology for disrupting traditional consultancy models with their innovative IOT lean business transformation solutions. Their approach has revolutionised the way businesses achieve operational excellence, marking a significant leap towards digitalisation in consultancy practices.

Lead Careers, awarded for the Most Innovative Business Solutions, demonstrates a profound understanding of the landscape architecture and recruitment sector. Their contributions have significantly enhanced career opportunities, reflecting a deep commitment to innovation and professional development.

Winning Best For Customer Focus, Tratech Consulting exemplifies excellence in delivering positive change and improved operational processes. Their client-centric approach and embrace of a DevOps culture highlight their innovative spirit in consultancy.

Presman & Colard International Advisory‘s recognition as the Rising Star Award winner underscores their strategic expertise in global business expansion, offering a comprehensive suite of services that empower businesses to navigate the complexities of international markets with confidence.

EvokeU, taking home the Best Business Consultancy For Marketing award, distinguishes themselves with a human-centred approach to consultancy. Their focus on nurturing client relationships and tailoring strategies to individual needs stands as a beacon of innovative and empathetic practice in marketing consultancy.

EvokeU, Winners of Best Business Consultancy for Marketing

Our Finalists for 2024

Closing Remarks

The 2024 Business Consultancy Awards not only honour the exceptional achievements of this year’s winners but also spotlight the sector’s crucial role in driving business innovation and success. As we celebrate these remarkable successes, we look forward to the continued innovation and leadership of the winners and finalists, whose expertise and vision are instrumental in navigating the complexities of the business world and shaping a prosperous future.

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