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Moving into the Spotlight: The 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards Winners

The 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards have concluded, and it’s time to shine a spotlight on those who are steering the industry towards an innovative and efficient future. Recognising the movers and shakers of the logistics world, these awards applaud the commitment to quality and service that keeps the wheels of commerce turning smoothly.

Business Awards UK Haulage and Logistics Awards 2023 Winners

Dash Couriers (Wiltshire) Ltd has been honoured with the Rising Star Award. A testament to their family-run ethos and swift growth, they have become a pivotal player in the UK’s courier services, boasting a robust operation that delivers everything from urgent documents to pallets with precision and care.

Staci stands out with a double win for Best UK Logistics Business and Best International Logistics Business. Their 30 years of dedication to client and customer satisfaction have not only set them apart but have also seen them develop an expansive and award-winning network of fulfilment centres.

Clockwork Removals and Storage clinches the title of Best Home Moving Business. With over a quarter of a century in the industry, their wealth of experience ensures that every move is as seamless and stress-free as possible, truly living up to their promise of service that works ‘just like clockwork’.

The Industry Leader In Transportation accolade goes to Trimline Group, whose commitment to exceeding industry standards in tiling and sustainable practices marks them as a company not just moving goods, but moving towards a greener future.

P2P Customs, Dean Swift Building, has been awarded Best Import/Export Business. Formed in response to new customs regulations, their team’s expertise has quickly led them to become an essential partner for businesses navigating the complexities of international trade.

Business Awards UK Haulage and Logistics Awards 2023 Finalists

The finalists of this year’s awards deserve acclaim for their exceptional service and contributions to the haulage and logistics sector.

The 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards underscores the dynamic nature of this critical industry and the innovative spirit of its leading figures. As we congratulate the winners and finalists, we anticipate the exciting developments they will bring to the global stage of commerce and transportation in the future.

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