Northumberland’s 2023 Business Elite: Recognising Success

Northumberland, with its rugged landscapes and rich history, is home to a diverse and resilient business community celebrated in the 2023 Northumberland Business Awards. Here, we honour the businesses that have embraced the challenges and opportunities of this unique region to achieve outstanding success.

Your Award-Winning Businesses and Individuals

Bounce Coaching & Development Ltd has been awarded the Best Professional Development Training Award. Their commitment to enhancing professional skills and personal development has significantly contributed to the professional landscape in Northumberland.

The Small Retail Business of the Year Award goes to The Gift Pod. Their unique selection of products, exceptional customer service, and community engagement have set them apart as a standout retail business.

Stephanie Ward of Stephanie Ward Online Business Services has been honoured with the Young Businesswoman of the Year Award. Stephanie’s entrepreneurial spirit, innovative approach, and business acumen have distinguished her as a rising star in the digital business world.

Summerhill Care Home takes home the Care Home of the Year Award. Their dedication to providing compassionate and high-quality care for residents has earned them this prestigious accolade.

Finally, Hays Travel Morpeth has been recognised as the Best Travel Company for Summer Holidays. Their expertise in creating memorable holiday experiences and commitment to customer satisfaction have set a high benchmark in the travel industry.

The 2023 Northumberland Business Awards celebrate the innovation, dedication, and entrepreneurial drive of the Northumberland business sector. Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and for setting new standards of success in their respective fields.

We look forward to their continued growth and the positive contributions they will bring to the Northumberland business landscape.

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