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Not Just Silver Linings: The 2023 Cloud Computing Awards Winners & Finalists

We’re delighted to recognise the exceptional talent and innovative spirit of the winners and finalists of the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards. This event honours the pioneers who are reshaping the digital landscape through cloud computing, offering cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled service in this dynamic sector.

2023 Cloud Computing Awards Winners

A significant accomplishment for our double award winners C365Cloud, awarded Best Use of Cloud Technology and Best Cloud Management Software. Their bespoke service provides ‘Software-as-a-Service,’ ensuring flexibility and rapid response to legislative changes, aimed at reducing the administrative burden for their clients while maintaining top system performance.

C365Cloud, Winners of Best Use of Cloud Technology and Best Cloud Management Software

Candy Management Consultants is celebrated for the Most Innovative Cloud Application. Their vision to streamline compliance processes aligns seamlessly with the day-to-day activities of businesses, simplifying international standards and compliance legislation for easier understanding and implementation.

The Exceptional Cloud Service Provider Award goes to The Adaptavist Group. They empower organisations to embrace continuous change as business as usual, delivering change through modern, iterative approaches to development, deployment, and application lifecycle management.

For Exceptional Customer Service in Cloud Computing, Resolution IT is our winner. Their values-led approach, combined with industry-leading technology and exceptional service, helps clients grow their businesses, increase productivity, and enhance client experiences.

My Cloud PA clinches the Most Efficient Cloud Operations Award. Their integrated platform optimises day-to-day business activities, providing a simple, easy-to-use tool to manage businesses all in one place, streamlining processes to allow business owners to focus on what they love.

My Cloud PA, Winners of Most Efficient Cloud Operations

Honouring the Finalists

The 2023 Cloud Computing Awards also acknowledged the outstanding achievements of a group of finalists, each setting high standards in the industry:

  • Candy Management Consultants LTD – Finalist for Exceptional Customer Service in Cloud Computing
  • The Adaptavist Group – Finalist for Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • Resolution IT – Finalist for Exceptional Cloud Service Provider
  • My Cloud PA – Finalist for Best Use of Cloud Technology, Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • Fairtech Solutions – Finalist for Best Use of Cloud Technology, Most Efficient Cloud Operations

In conclusion, the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards, presented by Business Awards UK, not only celebrate the remarkable contributions of these distinguished professionals and firms but also showcase the vital role they play in driving innovation and efficiency in the digital era. Their commitment to leveraging cloud technology enhances operational capabilities and sets new benchmarks for service excellence in the cloud computing sector.

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