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2022 Freelancer Awards

Our Exceptional Winners and Finalists – 2022 Freelancer Awards

It is our great pleasure to share the line-up of winners and finalists of the 2022 UK Freelancer Awards. We are immensely proud to be witnessing the strides of these independent professionals, relentlessly changing the game in the ever-expanding universe of freelance work.

These accolades are an embodiment of our appreciation for the entrepreneurial audacity, creativity, and the ceaseless perseverance shown by freelancers who are revolutionising their industries. Join us in celebrating the freelancers who are not just shaping their own futures, but are building new paths for others to follow.

Your Award-Winning Freelancers

An incredible achievement for the ever versatile Beatriz Jardim. Beatriz earned the coveted Best Freelancer Award, recognising her unparalleled expertise and service quality in the freelance industry.

Next up, Attila Szelei took the Notable Project Award, Big Impact Award, and the Best B2C Freelancer Award. Attila’s creative strategies and effective project management made him stand out, leaving an indelible impression in his areas of expertise.

The impressive work of Helen Hill garnered the Health & Wellbeing Award, Sustainable Freelancer Award, and Rising Star recognition. Her innovative work in promoting wellness and sustainability is a beacon of inspiration for freelancers.

Moving onto the digital world, Simon Pykett and Hello HQ secured the Digital Freelancer Award and UK Freelancer Best Website Award. Simon is an acclaimed freelance web and graphic designer, SEO specialist and heads up the Hello HQ digital marketing agency in Plymouth, Devon.

The accolade for the Young Freelancer Award was bestowed on Laura Potter for her outstanding achievements. A remarkable future awaits this rising star.

Lorna Simpson shone as the Newcomer Freelancer Award winner. Her innovative approach and fervour leaves an indelible mark on the freelance industry.

Next, we have the creative titan and scooper-upper of many previous awards, Scott Green of Motion Videos, sweeping the Creative Freelancer Award and Best B2B Freelancer Award. His compelling storytelling and engaging visuals have shaped a new narrative in creative freelance work, proven by his impressive previous client list.

WooExpert took home the Global Freelancer Award, recognising their international reach and appeal in the freelancing realm, and showing their expertise in all things WordPress and web development.

The final spotlight lands on Nick Fenwick and Yavin Ltd, bagging the Professional Services Freelancer Award, which testifies to their commitment to offering high-quality services.

Our Incredible Freelancer Awards Finalists

Our 2022 Freelancer Awards did not stop at recognising just the winners. It was equally thrilling to celebrate the finalists; the professionals who gave the winners a run for their money with their sheer brilliance and undeterred efforts.

Nominated for both the Creative Freelancer Award and the Digital Freelancer Award, we have the ingenious Attila Szelei. Already crowned with three accolades, Attila’s dynamic skill set saw him shortlisted for these additional awards, amplifying his creative proficiency and digital savoir-faire.

The exceptional Beatriz Jardim, who seized the Best Freelancer Award, was also a finalist for the Professional Services Freelancer Award and the Best B2B Freelancer Award. Beatriz’s substantial contribution to the freelance arena and the B2B landscape is truly commendable, reflected in these prestigious nominations.

Our triple award-winner, the remarkable Helen Hill, was also on the shortlist for the Best Freelancer Award. Helen’s relentless dedication towards health, wellbeing and sustainability, along with her rapid rise in the freelance industry, earned her this well-deserved recognition.

Finally, we have Lorna Simpson, a beacon for newcomers in the freelance industry. While Lorna took home the Newcomer Freelancer Award, she was also a deserving finalist for the Best Freelancer Award. Lorna’s fresh perspective and fervour make her a force to be reckoned with in the freelance world.

These finalists, like our winners, serve as shining examples of the tenacity, creativity, and entrepreneurial prowess that thrive in the freelance industry. Each of their stories is an inspiration, reflecting the enormous potential and diversity that freelancers bring to the table.

We are immensely proud to share the achievements of these outstanding professionals. Each of them has rewritten the rulebook, exemplifying how freelancers can redefine industries and the future of work. We look forward to seeing their growth and success in the coming years.

Here’s to celebrating these stories of talent, tenacity, and triumph – the cornerstones of freelance success.

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