Pioneers of Small Business: The Small Business Awards 2023 Winners and Finalists

A New Dawn of Business Excellence

With the announcement of the Small Business Awards 2023 winners and finalists, all of us at Business Awards UK are thrilled to have this opportunity to highlight the exemplary achievements of small businesses across the nation. We salute these businesses for their significant contributions to the UK’s economic fabric. Their dedication, adaptability, and innovation are hallmarks of their success, proving that even in challenging times, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence.

Spotlighting the Best of Small Business 2023

It’s a monumental achievement for Alternative Vision Ltd, bagging the titles for Best Small Business Transformation and Best Marketing Campaign. The live event streaming and video production experts thoroughly deserved their wins, setting a high bar for this year’s awards. Ambitions Travel Recruitment and eLearning stood out as the Lone Wolf Business of the Year, showcasing their independent strength and prowess.

We witnessed the resilient spirit of Blue Bull Recruitment Ltd as they clinched the Triumph Over Adversity Award. The Best Newcomer Small Business accolade was rightfully claimed by Blush medical aesthetics, marking their commendable debut in the business realm.

Fraser Dove International was crowned as the Mid-Sized Business of the Year, while Geopace Training emerged as the Best National Small Business. The dedication and expertise of HJH Commercial Consultants Ltd earned them the Small Consultancy of the Year award.

InfraFit Studio has been a beacon of innovation, securing the Most Innovative Small Business title. Jet Social Ltd‘s leadership was recognised as they were named the Small Business Leader of the Year.

The commitment of LayerTree to our planet and its future was evident as they took home the award for Sustainability and Environment. Lyfeguard epitomised the essence of close-knit business, winning the Small Family Business of the Year award.

Magnetar IT showcased disruptive strategies and solutions, earning them the Small Business Disruptor Of The Year accolade. Mitchell & Stones crafted an enviable workspace, receiving the Best Work Environment award.

The CRM / Communication Award was gracefully won by Music Workflow Academy, a testament to their impeccable communication strategies. Navigator proved their global prowess by being named the Best International Small Business.

Precision Management Consulting set the bar high with their unparalleled customer service, while Racing Mentor championed the cause of Diversity and Inclusion. Sapience leveraged technology to its best, winning the Best Use of Technology award.

And not to forget, Sealantonline‘s rapid ascent in the business world was recognised as they were named the Fastest Growing Small Business.

In the realm of nutrition, The Nutrition Consultant Ltd stood out, receiving the accolade for Micro Business of the Year. The Small Business Handbook made a lasting impression with their impactful initiatives, claiming the Most Positive Impact / CSR award.

Thumbsie Ltd‘s consistent excellence and leadership in the small business sector was celebrated as they were named the Small Business Of The Year 2023. Local businesses form the backbone of many communities, and South West Removals Ltd showcased their supremacy in this category, winning the Best Local Small Business award.

Honouring the Finalists

The journey to success is often paved with challenges, hard work, and sheer determination. While we’ve celebrated our winners, it’s equally important to acknowledge those who showcased exemplary performances and reached the finalist stage. Here’s to the businesses that made it to the final lap, setting benchmarks and inspiring many.

  • Ayre Property Services for Lone Wolf Business of the Year, Fastest Growing Small Business, and Best Customer Service
  • Blue Bull Recruitment Ltd for Small Business Of The Year 2023 and Best Social Media Marketing
  • Blush medical aesthetics for Fastest Growing Small Business and Best Newcomer Small Business
  • Bond HR for Best Small Business Transformation and Best National Small Business
  • Crafts by mama for Best Local Small Business
  • Digia for Small Business Disruptor Of The Year
  • Geopace Training for Best National Small Business
  • GLOW&be for Best International Small Business
  • HJH Commercial Consultants Ltd for Small Business Leader of the Year
  • InfraFit Studio for Best Newcomer Small Business
  • iota-ML for Micro Business of the Year
  • LayerTree for Best Small Business Website and Best Local Small Business
  • M&K Imaginarium for Best Social Media Marketing and Best Small Business Transformation
  • MAK25 London Limited for Most Positive Impact / CSR and Best Training and Development
  • Masterteck Repair Ltd for Most Innovative Small Business and All Round Hero
  • Music Workflow Academy for Triumph Over Adversity Award, Most Positive Impact / CSR, Micro Business of the Year, and Best Marketing Campaign
  • Navigator for Best Use Of Technology
  • Off The Wall Creative Ltd for Best Work Environment
  • Purple Story Ltd for Mid-Sized Business of the Year
  • Redimeer for Best Work Environment
  • Soap Creative for Sustainability and Environment and Best Customer Service
  • South West Removals Ltd for Most Innovative Small Business
  • Thumbsie Ltd for Best International Small Business
  • Vault Data for Small Business Disruptor Of The Year
  • White Horse Energy for Small Business Of The Year 2023

Recognising Individual Brilliance

On the individual front, the Rising Star Award illuminated the potential of Phillipa Nicholson from Blue Bull Recruitment Ltd. The finalists, Maisie Trelfa from Digia and Dale Anderson from Fabrik Invest Ltd, showcased their incredible talent, promising a bright future in the business domain.

The Best Newcomer Director title was jointly won by the dynamic trio of Daniel Harris, Kieran Holland, and Dylan Johnson from HJH Commercial Consultants Ltd. Paul Bond from Bond HR was a deserving finalist.

Wrapping It Up

The Small Business Awards 2023 has indeed been a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, and innovation. As we applaud the winners and finalists, we are reminded of the immense talent and potential that the UK’s small business community brings to the table. Their stories inspire, their achievements resonate, and their journeys motivate countless others. Here’s to another year of business brilliance, and to the pioneers leading the way. Until next time, keep dreaming big and pushing boundaries.

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