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Welcome to the 2023 Property Awards, building on the success of the 2022 Property Awards. Achieving recognition in the property sector is a testament to a solid foundation of excellence. As the UK’s fastest growing awards platform, our aim is to bring recognition to excellence in the property sector, championing innovative property ventures and highlighting the dedication professionals bring to the ever-evolving property landscape. Step forward and stake your claim today.

Celebrate your journey with the 2023 Property Awards.

Before You Enter: What You Need To Know

Free entry in all sectors and categories

We know that many small business owners, entrepreneurs and larger organisations don't like to pay up front for awards, where fees range from £99 to more than £250 per category. With us, all your entries are free.

You only pay a fee if you win an award

It just makes sense. Why pay an entry fee when you get nothing in return? If you enter an award sector with Business Awards UK and win, you pay an Award Acceptance Fee, then enjoy a raft of benefits for winning.

Publicity Package

As a winner or finalist, you get credible industry recognition & publicity from National press releases, Google and Yahoo! News features, content marketing and case studies.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing is important for all businesses, which is why we announce your accolades on social platforms, and regularly engage with you and your followers.

Interviews & PR

We can create quality, in-depth content with your team, making you a trusted voice in your industry, and highlighting the achievements & success of your business or enterprise.


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Was £425
£375 +VAT
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£99 +VAT
(per additional trophy)

* Trophy included: The Award Acceptance Fee includes 1x Winner’s trophy only. If you win multiple awards, additional trophies may be purchased at £99 +VAT.

** Interviews & PR: We will contact you regarding all publicity and PR opportunities based on the options you select in the entry form

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UK Business Experts

Our judging panel are business experts with a wealth of knowledge in various industries. They lend their experience and business acumen to the many award sectors we cover.

Our panel consists of dozens of private & public guest judges; below are a few of our business experts who will be selecting shortlists, winners and finalists in our awards!

Interested in being a guest judge? Contact us here.

Our Judges

Property Awards 2023 Categories

TypeCategoryDescription / Criteria
PrimaryUK Estate Agent of the Year 2023The most prestigious title in the UK real estate industry, awarded to the estate agency that stands out above the rest.
PrimaryBest Small Estate AgentFor agencies and companies of less than 5 staff
PrimaryBest Mid-Sized Estate AgentFor agencies and companies of up to 20 staff
PrimaryBest Large Estate AgentFor agencies with more than 20 staff
PrimaryBest New Estate AgentAn award for estate agents who launched in the last 2 years
PrimaryBest Online Only Estate AgentAn award given to the top performing real estate agency that excels in solely utilising online platforms (websites, apps etc.) and technology to assist clients in buying or selling properties.
PrimaryBest Hybrid Estate AgentA recognition for the estate agent that has mastered the art of balancing online and traditional methods to provide the best service to clients.
PrimaryBest Regional Estate AgentA title awarded to the estate agency that serves a specific region for their exceptional performance, expertise and client satisfaction.
PrimarySustainability & Environment AwardA recognition for the company that prioritizes sustainability and takes concrete steps towards a greener future.
PrimaryInnovation AwardA recognition for the company that brings new and innovative ideas to the table, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
PrimaryBest Use of TechnologyAn accolade for the company that effectively leverages technology to improve their products, services and processes.
PrimaryBest International Estate AgentA recognition for the estate agency that excels in serving clients across borders and provides top-notch service to clients worldwide.
IndividualBest Young Estate AgentAn award for the up-and-coming estate agent who shows promise and potential in the industry.
IndividualLeadership AwardAn award for directors and managment who lead by example, and excel in their field
IndividualRising Star AwardThis award is to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and success of those who are well on their way to becoming a top-performing estate agent.
Marketing & SalesBest Social Media CampaignAn award for the company that executes the most creative, impactful and effective social media marketing campaign.
Marketing & SalesBest Customer Service AwardAn accolade for the company that provides the best customer experience, going above and beyond to satisfy clients.
Marketing & SalesBest Marketing CampaignA title for the company that executes the most effective, creative and impactful marketing campaign.
Marketing & SalesBest Photography and PresentationAn award for the estate agency that effectively uses visuals and presentation to market properties, showcasing them in their best light.
PeopleBest Training & Development Estate AgentAn award for the estate agency that invests in the growth and development of their employees, leading to better results for clients.
PeopleBest Workplace AwardA title for the company with the best work environment, fostering a positive and productive atmosphere for employees.
PeopleDiversity & Inclusion ChampionA recognition for the company that promotes diversity and inclusion, creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment for all.
VerticalsBest Residential Estate AgentAn accolade for the estate agent who excels in handling residential properties and providing top-notch service to the public.
VerticalsBest Commercial Estate AgentA distinction for the estate agency that specialises in commercial properties and excels in delivering results for clients.
VerticalsBest Property Management Estate AgentAn award for the estate agency that provides exceptional property management services and goes above and beyond for their clients.
VerticalsBest Lettings Estate AgentAn award given to the estate agency that shines in the lettings market, providing superior service to both landlords and tenants.

Entry Form

Property Awards 2023

Entries Closed: Deadline Reached

If you need any assistance completing this form, please contact us:

Award winning entries typically provide over 500 words providing meaningful and relevant details related to the categories they have entered. Telling us why you are entering these particular categories tends to help. Be specific: for example, if the category is Fastest Growing Company, provide details of how your company has grown and include basic revenue figures (eg. YoY £/%) so we can get a feel for the business growth you’re experiencing. Where possible and relevant to do so, including links to reviews/testimonials and digital assets to support your entry will also help.

Example Entry in Travel Awards:

Best Travel Company – Adventure Holidays

Excursionists UK is a travel company that specialises in adventure holidays designed to challenge and inspire our customers. Our range of adventure activities, including mountaineering, trekking, skiing, and scuba diving, are carefully curated to offer unique and unforgettable experiences.

At Excursionists UK, we believe that adventure holidays should be about more than just adrenaline-fueled activities. Our approach to adventure travel is to provide immersive and authentic experiences that connect our customers with local communities, cultures, and environments.

One of our standout adventure holiday packages is our Everest Base Camp Trek. This 14-day trek takes you through the stunning Khumbu region of Nepal, with expert guides and porters on hand to help you navigate the challenging terrain. Along the way, you will experience traditional Sherpa culture, visit ancient monasteries, and enjoy panoramic views of the world’s highest mountain.

Another popular adventure holiday package is our Arctic Expedition Cruise. This 8-day cruise takes you on a journey through the icy waters of the Arctic, with opportunities to see polar bears, walruses, and other Arctic wildlife up close. You will also have the chance to visit remote Inuit communities and learn about their way of life.

At Excursionists UK, we are committed to providing high-quality adventure holidays that are safe, sustainable, and responsible. We work closely with local communities and conservation organisations to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the environment and the people who live there.

Our commitment to providing high-quality adventure holidays has been recognised with previous accolades including the Best Adventure Travel Company award at the 2020 British Travel Awards and the Best Small Tour Operator award at the 2021 Adventure Tourism Awards.

Rising Star Award:

Samantha Jones, Sales Manager at Excursionists UK

Samantha Jones is a dynamic and innovative sales manager who has helped to establish Excursionists UK as a rising star in the travel retail industry. Her commitment to personalised travel planning and sustainable travel has set her apart and made her a strong candidate for the Travel Retailer Rising Star Award.

Samantha’s innovative approach to travel retail, including her personalised travel planning service, has helped to increase revenue for Excursionists UK. By offering tailored travel solutions that meet the specific needs and interests of our customers, Samantha has been able to drive repeat business and attract new customers, ultimately contributing to our bottom line.

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